Packing them into the Penang Hill Railway trains


Yesterday, 11.30am Penang Hill at the summit waiting inside the train to go downhill.

The photo was sent to me by a concerned Penang resident, who added:

The guy just keep loading people on. A (tourist) refused to go in… so (the guy) waited for another two to come in to my coach. The doors closed and we waited for what felt like 15 minutes before moving… treating people like cattle. This was around 11.30am going downhill. Not even peak (hours) yet. Is there a weight limit?…

Some things never change, it would seem.

Meanwhile, has the carrying capacity of Penang Hill of 10,000 people per day – as laid out in the Penang Hill Local Plan – been exceeded by now?

Speaking of Penang Hill, if you can, get hold of Mike Gibby’s brilliant book Penang Hill: A Journey Through Time, tracing the history of Penang Hill as a getaway from the sweltering humid tropical weather.

Lots of old photos of Penang Hill in this book not seen before. It may be a tad pricey at RM95, but Mike has done plenty of research and has some fascinating stories to share.

For instance, one English couple spent their honeymoon 1866 at Fern Hill, which employed cook, cleaners, and even groomers for ponies. And because the bride enjoyed playing the piano, a piano was brought up to the hill-top in advance, and after the honeymoon, 16 ‘coolies’ had to carry it all the way back down again.

Mike also discovered the remains of the Spout resort, which had a stone-lined bathing pool once filled with water that was “deliciously cool and not very deep with a sandy bottom” on a ridge overlooking the valley of the Botanic Garden waterfall.

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Back then, many loved it up Penang Hill, which provided a stress-free cool getaway from the humid and bustling crowds from the city below.

Has Penang Hill lost that early charm? What do you think?

Blog visitor tunglang reminisces:

The revamped Penang Hill Railway, which I call Speedy Gonzales Fridge Train because of the packed air-con coaches travelling in haste, is unlike the magical old days. Back then, the slow rides allowed passengers to take in the cool air while enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of Nature and quaint colonial traces.

The present-day fridge coaches are time synchronised to the ka-ching ka-ching @ ticket sales counters. Make money while the hill railway cables can still stand the strain of overweight of excess passengers and overworked stress schedules.

I have never taken a ride on these Fridge coaches since its day one and I think (twice) before contemplating it as I don’t have nine lives unlike CAT. Better to still recall good old memories of my slow rides than to be marred by a nightmare of a Speedy Gonzales ride downhill!

For nearly six years, I have not hiked up Penang Hill. I wonder if Ubah has make any difference to its charm, for better or worse.

I truly miss:

– the cool early morning air and mist rising from the wet hill road,
– the old colours of century-old tree tops,
– the cockerel wind-vane of a quaint bungalow,
– the old colonial street lamps with tungsten bulbs covered by spider webs,
– the huge flowers by the roadside,
– the migratory birds booking nests in the trees,
– ferns, ferns, ferns everywhere,
– the quiet and narrow road to Tiger Hill,
– the whispering bungalows,
– the rare wild boars tip-toeing across the path,
– the busy bees or hornets competing with the cicadas,
– the RMAF radar station (a white dome) @ Western Hill,
– the waving fern leaf of Cik Pon (Pontianak), and
– of course sipping hot Kopi-O kau-kau-kau and munching fried rice at the misty cafeteria (opposite the police station) while my body was still wet and lungs cooled after an hour’s hike from Botanic Garden.

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  1. “Is more state-land being transferred to CMI?” Chant asks Penang government

    GEORGE TOWN: The Citizens Awareness Chant Group (Chant) has urged the Penang government to come clean on whether it intends to transfer two plots of state land to Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI).

    The two plots of land are prime land measuring 3.2 hectare bordering Lebuhraya Codrington, Lengkok Burma and Jalan Burma, while the other plot is on Penang Hill where the unused Convalescent Bungalow currently sits.

    While rumours are rife that the plot of land on Penang Hill will be used to build a 200 to 300-bedded hotel, it is not known what the other piece of land will be used for.

    Chant adviser Yan Lee said he had obtained information about the proposed transfer of both plots of land to CMI, and wanted the Penang government to clarify the matter.

    “We don’t want what happened to the Peel Avenue land to also happen to the two plots of land. In the Peel Avenue saga, it was also Chant which had exposed that the Penang government had transferred the prime state-land to CMI and later sold to a third party for a development project without any public consultation.

    “So now, we want to ask the Penang government whether the two plots of land will be transferred to CMI, and if yes, for what purpose? It seems more and more pieces of land have been transferred to CMI.

    “If the state government has nothing to hide, why not come clean on the matter? The land belong to the rakyat and we have every right to know its status and usage,” he told newsmen during a visit to the 3.2 hectare land bordering Lebuhraya Codrington, Lengkok Burma and Jalan Burma.

  2. Penang govt under fire over heritage rules for hotel approvals

    “According to the SAP, only certain traditional trades, religious and cultural activities and buildings are allowed on the areas so that the heritage outstanding universal values can be preserved…

    I wouldn’t mind the decently done revamping of old houses to look presentable but the direction we are seeing of heritage valued buildings after buildings turning into cafes, hotels, museums, all kinds of parlours, while the original occupants + cultures are transmigrated elsewhere is killing the outstanding universal values of George Town heritage site.
    All b’cos of the attitude of CAT Gomen – “choi nie gong koi”.
    In 10 years time, we will see no souls but expensive plastics (surgery) of Cosmopolitan Frenzied Penang that no experiencing tourists would want to consume b’cos there is no authentic culture life in it. The same for Penang Street Food which name our Venerable Tokong wants to reserve for Penang only but will soon taste like plastics! Lonely Planet, mark my words.

    • Why ‘original occupants + cultures are transmigrated elsewhere’ ???

      Possible reasons:
      1) business not viable (digital disruption) due to drop in consumers’ demand
      2) descendants not keen to continue, prefer to cash in
      3) descendants prefer to reside outside old heritage zone
      4) descendants converted to Christianity.
      5) insufficient parking space

      • 1) business not viable (digital disruption) due to drop in consumers’ demand?
        Some traditional trades like handicrafts (nyonya beaded shoes, clogs, rattan furnitures) are in great demand. In fact many SingLanders come here or order by mail to buy them better & original than spirits-offs sold in SingLand!
        2) descendants not keen to continue, prefer to cash in?
        Half truth! Look at Teochew Chendol, no need to explain.
        3) descendants prefer to reside outside old heritage zone?
        Given the surreal price of housing & traffic jams, who would in their right minds want to stay as far away as Balik Pulau(?), given the cost-saving chance to stay in George Town?
        4) descendants converted to Christianity?
        Halleluja! Halleluja! Halleluja! You claim that as the truth? You may land LGE in double!!!
        5) insufficient parking space?
        More than half truth, but then it depends on where one stays. Season parking preference for town residents is available from MBPP.

      • All complain. If you give solution and stand fir election you are somebody. Now you are just like ah pek full of grumbling. Everyone can grumble and talk big but they are only big talkers. Doers are somebody.

  3. Qatar Airways will have direct flights to Penang three times a week beginning February next year. Expect more middle-east tourists to Penang.

    • Tunglang will say more prices will go up. No good for pg. Simple econs. Demand is more than supply. Afterall, how many will return? Good time for abbatiors even no need to jack super high.

      • Very difficult to understand what you wrote incoherently!
        What has abbatiors to do here???

      • High inflation has put paid to the prime minister’s boast that Malaysian cost of living is the lowest in Southeast Asia, The Edge Markets reports today.

        In the report, MIER executive director Emeritus Professor Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid said high inflation had curtailed Malaysians’ buying power in the first half of the year.

        “2017 is a year of high prices. The high inflation phenomenon has contributed to lower real income,” he said.

        The inflation rate has averaged 4% in the first eight months of the year, which is considered high. For comparison, Malaysia’s headline inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, was 2.1% last year.

      • I read on Nanyang Siang Pao recently that billionaire Vincent Tan has turned vegetarian after visiting Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan.

  4. I want to share an observation of a Penang tourism service industry ‘towkay’ about the behaviour & expectation of local vs foreign tourists in the vicinity of Armenian Street famed for the mural paintings & to me a more like a hurried touristy enclave of circus.
    This is what she said:
    The local tourists are so busy to catch selfie photos of famed mural paintings, so glued to their digital guide maps in the smart phones while walking to the next venue, so hurried to catch the next selfie.
    They fail to enjoy the essence (sight, sound, smell, touch) of the heritage sites. Some never understand the places & cultures while visiting in a haste. When they finally get home to download their photos, some may lament the lost opportunities to truly enjoy the essence of Heritage Penang.
    The foreign tourists are different. They take the time to soak in the essence (sight, sound, smell, touch), ask the locals & share their travel experiences & expectations. One Englishman so liked the printed mural in this ‘towkay’s kopitiam which displayed old montage archive photos of Weld Quay. “That was exactly what I saw when I stayed in George Town in the early 1910s.” A walk back to the past of oldie Penang for him? He was so impressed at the huge mural photos, which he said was lacking anywhere in the world, he asked for permission to take some photos of them. These foreigners will probably go back & share their soak-in experiences with long lasting memories.

    • Selfie with murals, then quickly post them in Facebook to show friends they are there.
      Typical of domestic tourists.
      Also posting with real chendols and giant replica ones at Beach Street.

    • British who lived in old Penang now few survivors.
      They can tell stories just hope their grandchildren care to listen
      If they have Pontianak encounters, they can relate to UK residents to come to explore Penang
      Somehow all those creepy stories just dongeng no scientific proven so not tourisr attractions.

    • One is blind and ignorant to the age and time of foreign and local visitors. Any malaysian ah peks or pakchik holding a selfish? Or only yuppies. Tunglang carries a selfish? Pg will not flood

      • It seems you never been to Armenian Street to see what’s happening.
        Old or young tourists, they are all selfie-ing.
        Pls try harder to tell the truth, not trolling!

      • Typical spinning of a troll!
        How shameful of not being at Armenian Street to comment the truth!
        Better stay put in PJ & continue to shriek!

    • You troll people will only selfie in Armenian Street and other streets none? Please see who is is the social trader.

      • Come to Penang, open your eyes to streets attracting tourists for selfie.
        Besides, street mural paintings, there are 3-D sculptures, wrought iron cartoon sculptures by Reggie Lee worth enjoying.
        And stop shrieking – bad for health, mind & soul.

      • Ah pek, forget that selfie confine to Armenian Street. Ah pek better open your eyes and ears. Pg is not only the place with Street mural and old town. Ipoh is better.vl Ipoh has bigger and better Street murals. Other cities like Hk and Sydney also has Street murals and sculptures. Ah pek has forgotten in the past with historic concubine Street in Ipoh.

    • Same old ah pek. Blind too can see I give example of ipoh old town with its murals and you can go and stay in concubine Street. Only good in call people names and show no grey matter

      • Spin some more…!
        Showing no respect to all readers, what a troll!
        But can’t blame a shiok sender from PJ, so far away!
        Still dare not come to Armenian Street to see the truth against own spinning!

  5. Please get real. Next time Pensng LRT likely you have to stand in congested environment. Do not expect comfortable spacious seating. Just look at the MRT of major cities like Tokyo, HK and Spore.

    Not happy stick to your cars and pollute the city.

    • Remember the bus drivers shouted Belakang Masuk to ask passengers to move to the rear of the bus to pack more people?

  6. I hear shrieking, shrieking, shrieking!
    Wait a minute, is it Cik Pon or is it Zorro?
    Waiting another minute for bau Bunga Melur from as far away as Hong Kong!

      • Why so sarcastic?
        So wanna be part of so-called advanced societies with packed sardine transportation yet so ‘ulu’ in mentality towards others.
        Is that appreciating the reality of outside world of diverse cultures & people?
        My goodness!

      • Did you not understand what Honey commented?
        Sardine is no different from HK packed transport.
        Pls try not to spin ‘sardine in Pg only’.
        Were you not squeezed like sardine in HK?
        Good gracious! Tell the truth & spare the squeeze!

    • Goodness do you really understand simple English? Pg has Lrt as mentioned by Honey? Can you wait to see Lrt in pg?

      • Penang has LRT? Are you kidding everyone?

        Pls go to back to grammar school to understand plain simple English:
        “Next time Pensng LRT…”

  7. We think we are better than the operators of pg funicular? We are only kataks. Why no complain about Hong Kong funicular to Hk peak? Thousands of mainland ah chans, Asian and western visitors are making they way up the Hk peak almost everyday as compare to bendera. The peak is even lower than bendera and is served by buses too. The place is even smaller. Only 2 shopping complex. One house the funicular and the other buses. AA is cheap. Fly there and have a good look and give your comments here.

    • Problem is some readers are really katak never travel out of Penang and fail to appreciate the reality of outside world. Can only complain.

    • First time I went up to Hk peak, I was squeezed like sardine. I can even see anything except people as I was surrounded by northern Chinese and Caucasians. The funicular ride was expansive.

    • The problem with some who travelled to foreign lands & claimed to have seen the world & experienced or suffered jam-packed sardine transports, on their return to home-sweet-home expect Penang to cultivate & suffer the same jam-packed sardine lifestyle?
      What morbid mentality!
      At the very least, should cultivate a proactive mind to help make Penang (a better place to live) better than HK, instead of comparing to kayaks when the mentality is so morbid due to bad self-experiences overseas.
      LGE, how’s that for thought munching on your way up Penang Hill to enjoy Halloween?
      Cosmopolitan Penang need not be jam-packed sardine living.

      • When people and tourists come in thousands per day, what do one expect to pg Hill. The Beijing palace so big and is visited by hundreds of thousands a day for more than 300 days per year for than 50 years. Please do complain as recently Chinese gomen imposed daily quota? I You want gomen to do so to pg Hill?

      • You think Penang is a circus ah!
        Just open the door wide to many without a care for the occupants.
        After the damages done, let Penangites pick up the pieces.
        The same mentality of Tokong CM who came from Melaka who cares not for Penangites & heritage assets but his own political portfolio to shout to the world on every overseas trip.
        You are from PJ, an outsider who doesn’t know what’s going on @ ground zero.
        But feel beholden to Tokong for some reasons. What right have you to speak down on Penangites who don’t share the same feeling about Tokong & his state management?

      • Implying outsiders are not qualified to manage local affairs. Then tell all malaysians in Singapore to come back as they are not qualified too. There are many like chief judge, foreign minister and even a cook did well for Singapore. Like Uncle Sam. Hong Kong, Down Under, migrants are the help in the success. Only locals think it is their right. Pg lang if just complain will be left behind. Bangla, Nepali and burmese will move ahead of pg lang. Just have a good look in KL petaling Street.. It is not Chinatown but migrant town. Original people has move away

  8. Based on folklore, real Pontianak to surface if someone plays pranks infuriating “her”. If Penang Hill creates a Pontianak trail, probably paranormal sightings can occur. This will give extra “oomph” for adventure seekers, and create additional job oppotunities for people who treat this as hobby telling tales s as a guide for extra income to cope with barang naik high cost livings.

    • Why not you try some folklore pranks & shake legs while enjoying the night view from Penang Hill & hopefully expect Cik Pon will come flying to sit beside you offering Kopi-O kau kau?
      You want to hear the real shrills of Pontianak, come to Kelantan rainforest where at 2000 ft a.s.l. she (the Malay Banshee) will not fail to arrive at a logger bridge @ Waktu Maghrib. A seasoned forest ranger in situ told me just to pretend & not to ‘teguh’ or else the night would be a sleepless night for all of us!
      “Jangan teguh” prank or no prank.
      Anyway, Cik Pon doesn’t care if one is infuriated by other’s comment. She would be glad to suck the boring life blood out of you, more deadly than Naik Jeep’s barang naik! Why not give her a chance, no need to create a Pontianak trail for her to crawl!

  9. I remember those old wooden carriages of the Penang Hill Railway and the sights, sounds and smells as it slowly ascended the hill and the stop at the halfway station. That was way back in 1962.

    I cannot remember when I last went up again.

    • You should take the present ferry, still slow moving with sea breeze for nolstagic sake, before RapidFerry come onboard.

    • 1962? So long ago yet you want to comment on Penang? Your paradigm is out dated lah! Maybe he thinks Gerakan is still the government? Zoro please enlighten him.

      • Gin or Ginny of the lamp?
        This is CAT Penang, so allow for democratic speech otherwise you are as hideous as the Jin of Saudi deserts!
        Intolerance breeds hatred or worst character assassination, a habit of Zorro.
        Wanna try shrieking?

    • You mean freedom of speech has no right for others to reproo?Freedom can chinchai write rojak? Your meaning of freedom of speech allows the speaker to take no own responsibilty? your habit of godfather and love to challenge people to duel.

    • You are not contribute any useful comments on the subject but on personal criticism such as troll, try harder. People can see you are vengeful and only talk big on others. Ah pek not shameful and not showing good examples to younger generation. … I am surprise such words are allowed.

      • Look at what you have responded to many & ask yourself why people responded to you in ways only you feel ‘offended’.
        Where is your tack?
        And pls if you have not been to Penang, don’t simply shriek like Pontianak to shiok your big ego without substance of truth about Penang.
        What a troll!

      • Ah pek grumble, ah pek thinks he is right. When ah pek is disproved, ah pek feels hurt by truth and ah pek now tried to say no tack.

    • What so great about unesco status? The more unesco status the more commercial it become. Go and see dali and lijiang in yunnan. Further see the letter by Dr. Lim to unesco. What happen so many sun and moon have pass.

    • People think unesco and pg status very great. Only kataks if they have really travel the world. Once unesco status, business will exploit the the potential. More airport, highways and migrants will flock there in search of green pasture

      • People complain when their personal space is intruded by high density people brought from outside?

      • They complain with intrusion of space. But they also enjoy shopping in mega malls, clean food courts surrounded by all kinds of food. In past eating next to road is acceptable as there is less cars and spread of disease is slow. Now hygiene and food handing has been raised. Try eating next to very heavily traffic road?

      • Penangites still enjoy eating & drinking by the roadside, go to Love Lane, go to New Lane (legendary food paradise waterhole), see for yourself in situ.
        So, what’s the problem with you…?

        People are not getting sick from frequenting these places of heavenly makan-makan.
        People love to eat outdoor than inside dangerously slippery + expensive food courts. Now, see what has happened to ‘chap-lap’ Great World Park Foodcourt. No customers, no business in expensive rental foodcourt.
        Fyi, the Great Ori-Maestro of Swatow Lane Ice Kacang fame opposite this failed Great World Park Foodcourt has moved from this failed foodcourt to Weld Quay’s Lim Jetty (by the roadside entrance) to ply his prosperous trade to serve gleeful, thirsty tourists.
        Before you go berserk with more shrieking, do come to Penang to do some reality checks!
        It’s 9-Emperor Gods 9-day celebration. Go tell the vegetarian food traders not to trade by the roadside @ Burmah Road + Madras Lane. Its unhygienic. See what the appropriate response from them!

  10. The revamped Penang Hill Railway which I called Speedy Gonzales Fridge Train b’cos of the packed & air-con coaches travelling in a haste. Unlike the magical old days of slow rides allowing passengers to take in the cool air while enjoying sight, smell & sound of nature & quaint colonial traces, these Fridge coaches are time synchronised to the ka-ching ka-ching @ ticket sales counters. Make money while the hill railway cables can still stand the strain of overweight of excess passengers & overworked stress schedules.
    I have never taken a ride on these Fridge coaches since its day one & I think (twice) before contemplating as I don’t have 9-lives unlike CAT. Better to still recall good old memories of my slow rides than to be marred by a nightmare of Speedy Gonzales ride downhill!
    For nearly 6 years, I have not hiked up Penang Hill, I wonder what UBAH has make any difference to its charm, for better or worse.
    I truly missed the early morning cool air & mist rising from the wet hill road, the old colours of century-old tree tops, the cockerel wind vane of a quaint bungalow, the old colonial street lamps with tungsten bulbs covered by spider webs, the huge flowers by the roadside, the migratory birds booking nests in the trees, ferns, ferns, ferns everywhere, the quiet & narrow road to Tiger Hill, the whispering bungalows, the rare wild boars tip-toeing across the path, the busy bees or hornets competing with the cicadas, the RMAF radar station (a white dome) @ Western Hill, the waving fern leaf of Cik Pon (Pontianak), & of course sipping hot Kopi-O kau-kau-kau + munching Fired Rice at the misty cafeteria (opposite the Polis Station) while body still wet & lungs cooled after an hour hike from Botanic Garden.

    • No wonder you have not mentioned The Habitat on the hill since you have not been there too long.
      Seniors like us go there after 6pm to get further discount. We chit chat enjoying the cool breeze and city lights (better view than Komtar The Top) before catching last train down around 11pm.
      May be there should be a haunted mansion (real one) to thrill adventure seekers there with pontianak gimmicks.

      • Don’t laugh at Pontianaks. Until you see one or hear her cries!
        Recommend you try the old Penang Maternity Hospital (now abandoned) after 7.30pm (Waktu Maghrib).
        These entities still come looking for “uri” (placentas) & “darah manis” (sweet blood) of first born child even though the facilities have been relocated to the GH opposite.
        Go hiking with paranormal adventure instead of taking the easy-way-up via Speedy Gonzales Fridge Train. Good for your health & alertness of mind (cool air + fresh blood circulation to brain). Plus fine tune your sixth-sense if you have one ‘opened’. Hike from Botanic Garden, enjoy FREE Kopi-O kau kau @ Station 84, after which about 100+ meter (passing 4 bends) you may see a waving fern leaf (welcoming you?) @ the roadside to the right – you may see Cik Pon + hear her baby cry!

        More of Cik Pon + hear her baby cry – try out Madam Pykett ruined [email protected] Pykett. The last time I heard was when I went photo shooting from outside the perimeter fencing at noon. The baby cry at first sounded like cat’s cry but became more distinctly baby & nearer with no sight of Cik Pon. Should have looked up at the dark & shady tree branches.
        Mungkin merangkak di atas pohon!

      • Other entities supposedly haunting old Penang Maternity Hospital include the ‘Hantu Penanggal’, a flying head vampire with intestines (without torso & limbs).

        There was an urban legend of a flying ‘Hantu Penanggal’ whose intestine hit the roof of a car which was travelling on the flyover (opposite Masjid Negeri) towards GreenLane @ 3am. Upon stopping @ Penang Free School, the driver found blood traces (flight direction?) lining the car roof!
        Was the ‘Hantu Penanggal’ on her way home from Penang Maternity Hospital after a hearty binge of “uri” (placentas) & “darah manis” (sweet blood) & couldn’t manage her flight well?

      • This revamped Penang Hill Railway was an initiative of Federal Gomen.
        Satu Lagi Projek Kroni?
        Was it open to public viewing before work proceeded?
        But CAT Gomen kept quiet, no objection??? Of course, “hands (or paws) were tied!” the SOP of CAT excuses.
        Remember Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen handing over the Railway to LGE?
        “You take good care of it” something like that as she said.
        Of course anything that is free from the Feds & can make more money can also do lah!
        Who cares for Penang Hill & its uniqueness but monetising it for all it has beyond redemption.
        Who cares for safety after the many breakdowns? Even by dog barking!
        The last thing to sell when there’s nothing left to sell in Mother Nature is GrandMother Nature!

      • Anil, where’s the difference between Federal Gomen & Penang CAT when it comes to destroying priceless heritage assets just to make more money?
        Where’s the creativity to sustain & extend a proven & loved tourism brand beyond destroy & build a new?
        Still cannot move away from the Satu Lagi Projek mentality to make more money without destroying the ‘goose that lay the golden eggs’.

        Did China attempt to ‘revamp’ the carless Great Wall of China just to accommodate Formula 1 street racing b’cos it can make more money?

      • Even if pg Hill is rolling with profit infra does not decay or breakdown or upgrade? No wonder we still have first class infra but third world mentality. No wonder our houses, flats and apartments are score eyes after 5 or 10 years and owners are not willing to put the money for maintenance.

      • Do you know how many times did the upgraded Penang Hill Railway breakdown since day one of operation? Even broke down by dogs’ barking as claimed by the maintenance workers.
        More than what happened before upgrading, which breakdown was previously a rare occurrence except for maintenance works which happened once in several years.
        Even the 100+ years pulley machinery worked fine like good old heartbeat until the Feds decided to take them away & sold off to foreigners who gleefully bought it & its history.
        So, you support Satu Lagi Projek (of Feds) who doesn’t care what is ‘still-working’ heritage assets?

      • Why ah pek buy 4wd? Where is your old British Austin, Morris minor, Cooper. Anglia car or Datsun 1000. Why ah pek remain silent when pg trams are taken away from service? Why ah pek don’t use type writers. Even old house, owners difficult find them difficult to maintain. Ah pek talk about and he himself quietly stay in modern building – condo. Talk big but do oppose.

    • Ka-ching while Penang can since UNESCO heritage status will be gone very soon. Pat yourself on your back for voting D(evelopers) A(bove) P(arty) into the gomen. The bad thing is Malacca’s heritage will be gone as well due to status being bestowed on two sites simultaneously. Because of that Malacca ppl could be indirectly screwed by Penang.

      • What’s the alternative you can propose in your “blueprint” to revitalise heritage Penang to sustain UNESCO recognition? More “donated” money to keep heritage trade from relocating out by encouraging more vintage authentic pasar malam (minus illegals) activities 24/7? Yet to hear from Teng about the reengineering plan, so you can pull in votes by announcing in

      • Perhaps Melaka may lose it but Melaka can apply again separately and hopefully regain the status.

    • You mean pg Hill is the heritage or Georgetown is heritage recognised by unesco? BN will change GT name? Siamese malaysians are doing nothing. In past there is a strong Siam influence. Now they only complain opposition

      • Siamese folks in Penang now speak more hokkien than Thai?
        They watch HuaHiDai Astro 333 now that Thai tv transmission cannot reach the island.

      • Come Try, Come Try! Come to McDonalds for a taste of Thai Fish Burger!
        But don’t expect the lady service crew to wish you “Ah Hia, come Krap”

      • You patronised because of Lady service only? Not surprise over you. Today we have male waiter and male steward in mas. Anil also mentioned about a male waiter who spoke good english

      • A troll can never hide his spinning habits, grammarrrr & repetitions.
        But can upgrade to shrieking to get max attention!
        Still, he falls back to spinning to twist matters & others’ comments.
        Not enough dedak?

      • Truth is hard to dispute but attack and calling names on writers is easy. No surprise on person trying to be pg no 1

      • If one cannot speak the truth, pls avoid spinning to confuse.
        Much less to tag names on others.
        If one is not courteous to others, how does he expect others to be respectful (esp. of trolls, young or old). Don’t give the unwarranted excuse the young should be given leeways to speak nonsense!

      • When you are cornered and no way out to rebut, you sifu in calling names troll and try harder trying to justify ah pek is still superior. Just don’t call cm to make way, ah pek must orso make way.

  11. I see it as more tourists entering Penang. Not a bad thing as manufacturing sector is leaving Penang island. Need to improve tourism infrastructure else locals might complain outsiders invading their private space.

    • Then we have only service industry. How much can service industry charge? Too expensive, will kill the goose laying golden eggs. To keep cost low, boss will employ bangla, Nepali and burmese.

    • leg reflexology also service industry, mushrooming in your neighbourhood, trading besides online gaming centres !
      in 100 yeras times, people look back as new culture of Georgetown to gain UNESCO cerification.

      • So it is better vote back umno and kick out tokong. Or you stand for coming election if you have visions and can do for pg. Otherwise you are just another nobody and mppp needs to round up all stray CATs and DOGs

      • Rest assured, UMNO will not win in Penang, but nothing can assure your Venerable Tokong Deity will stay at the Altar any longer.
        Pray daily from now for its longevity or 9-Lives!
        Stop shrieking & you may find some allies, zoro!

    • Come to Penang to see the truth about Penang tourism.
      Commercialisation has to a certain extent robbed it of its Old World Charm & profitable service industry. Robbed its affordability from Penangites.
      There is no control, no planning but laissez faire circus (just like the housing industry).
      Imagine tourists taken to tourists spots by tourist agencies based on commissions. No comm. money, no tourists!
      Imagine cafes after cafes in a row. How to survive but ending up as cut-throat cafe industry.
      Imagine cannot afford to bring family to visit some tourist spots b’cos it cost more than Rm100 per entry.
      Imagine after the mural art craze has died down (some day), what’s next sustainability? Cat Art?
      Imagine everything is commercialised, the ‘cannot afford to’ will be marginalised.
      That’s the unavoidable price to pay (by Penangites) for someone’s dream of Cosmopolitan Penang?
      Someone who still has the power to make Penang Tourism better than it is now (for both locals & foreigners).

    • If you are not a katak, name a tourist place which is not commercialised? Why not you take over? If you are CM 1 and the place is rented out cheaply and the trader is making tonnes of money from visitor taxpayers, you CM1 will raise the rent after end of contract. If you Cm1, you mean the rent for shop nearest to the site will be the same as shop at another sector further away? Just another dedak best in attacking person rather than counter or rebut the opponent’s opinions. Ah peks thinks eating salt is more than rice.

      • For your information, you can visit one unassuming shop which is not gentrified to cost more in rental & services (in other words, not overly commercialised):
        Nyonya Beaded Shoes at Armenian Street
        Many have visit the master shoe maker for genuine beaded shoes (handmade).
        The prices are not too expensive, given his crystal beads are not of the plastic types which you can get such knock-offs widely in Singapore & Melaka.
        With nearly 5 decades of mastery, customers are assured of well crafted shoes instead of slippery beaded shoes. No need all the hoo-haa (shrieking) of advertisement or slippery interior makeover like in some neighbouring shops.
        His passion is not to make super-profits but to share Penang’s old world culture.
        The house owner & him share the same passion, not like what you fantasise about making tonnes of money!

        Since our Penang CM wants to totally control Penang Tourism activities & direction, he should do a better paid job & not expect others to take over.

        Armenian Street, George Town

      • I dare you to visit this Nyonya Beaded Shoes shop to verify or rebut what I have written.
        Otherwise, stop shrieking & swallow PJ kataks you can catch in a pond in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

      • Ah pek loves challenge people to duet. In past, Chinese martial art and cowboy films are very popular. Like colt 45, Clint Eastwood to draw guns. Ah pek still had the traits to challenge to draw guns.

      • Spinning is the way out of your sicko argument of a classic troll.
        Go pray to your Deity for sanity of mind, soul & spirit!
        Dare not admit you are zoro, but shamelessly want to spin some more!
        B’cos you have to eat your words!

      • What you said clearly show you are good insulting and name calling others. This is what our country is head and to kleptomaniac


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