Old Penang: Maxwell Road

Old Penang: Maxwell Road

Reader Grandma sends us her recollection of how well public transport was organised around Maxwell Road (next to present-day Prangin Mall).


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I lived in Maxwell Road which is parallel to Prangin Road until the demolition to make way for Komtar.

The Municipal bus from Weld Quay passed through this part on its way to Bagan Jermal.

On Maxwell/Prangin Road were Penang’s bus shuttle hubs – the green bus that served the Ayer Itam route, the yellow bus that served the Jelutong (and further) route, the blue (Hin Co.) bus that served the Tanjung Bungah route.

On one end of Maxwell Road near the Great World Park was the trishaw ‘stand’ and on the other end nearer to the ‘Sia Buey’ (Prangin Market) was the bullock cart ‘stand’. (Yes, in those days, bullock carts were used for goods transport).

It was so organised back then and I suppose the concept could still be used today.

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