New documentary on hazards faced by Penang pedestrians just released


A new documentary Road Wars: Pedestrian Strikes Back by Farhana AS has just been released in Penang highlighting some of the obstructions and hazards faced by pedestrians in Penang.

Many of them are forced to share the road with speeding motorists as pavements and “five-foot-ways” are often obstructed. Although some progress has been made in clearing five-foot-ways in places like Chulia Street and Campbell Street, I hear there are over 600 obstructions along pavements all over George Town.

Then, there are the dangerous pedestrian crossings, many of them without proper lights.

So, still a long way to go. It is time to return the streets to the people.

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  1. Too many pedestrian crossings (to placate jay-walking compulsion) on a single road like Chulia Street, if MBPP were to create more of these may hamper traffic flow on a busy day.
    Pedestrians should also be mindful not to take own sweet time cat-walking across the p. crossing esp if there happens to be only one making the crossing.

    • Yes 4wds are king of the road. Too bad Ah pek. Overhead crossing to weak to climb. Forced to use level crossing and 4wds drivers said you are too slow. They are heartless and sipinners. Solution is ask someone to drive and bring 4wdsyou to the other side of the road.

      • zorore???
        It’s a no-brainer to guess!
        But still, welcome to the world of Absolute Vodka spinning!
        But too bad the real you have to assume another name!
        Kay Bo to spin but still want to spin (for who?).
        I would be ashamed to spare any more Dedak for your relentless spinning gone multiple split personality!!!

    • All you can say is spinning and no other justification… No Wonder pedestrians have no rights when crossing the road and must do fast to please the 4wd war lords. What pg sch teach tun lang?

    • Dedak complain too many pedestrians delaying his 4wd as every seconds is causing him $£¢€¥? When people use less cars and start to Jonny walk, this dedak orso complain. Dedak only complain when does not serve his purpose. Complain that mbpp is building too many pedestrian crossing. Why not orso complain crossing is carried out without consultation? Pedestrian friendly not important

      • Too incoherent for public comprehension!
        Because of dedak effect on thy brain???
        Simple English writing (without hallucinated cross references) will do!

  2. Public corridors and sidewalks are uneven and slippery. The obstacles include shop stock/furniture, water meters (on pipes at shin level), altars (at face level), flower pots, stalls, phone/electricity structures, foreign beggars and fortune tellers, stray dogs, drunks, parked motorcycles, open manholes, shrub/tree branches, sharp drops at lane entrances, needless resurfacing, illegal construction, and garbage. Another sign of a very sick, hypocritical society.

  3. Kaki Lima Penang mostly although a public access but reserve by shop owners for them to display selling items, park motorcycles etc.


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