We shouldn’t be surprised at the RM20m ‘bridge to nowhere’ in Sarawak, as revealed in the Auditor-General’s report. We have seen it happen before – in Putrajaya of all places.

Incomplete Sarawak bridge

Incomplete bridge in Pekan Pantu, Sarawak

Unfinished Bridge Night Shoot
Incomplete bridge in Putrajaya

Perhaps it is time for a guided tour of unfinished, useless and redundant projects in the country? It could be a major attraction for photography buffs as the above picture illustrates. Several people selected that photo for a Flickr Award!

And this one as well:

Unfinished Bridge Sunrise Take

Maybe in a hundred years, people will think we have some stunning ruins.

In case you are wondering, that bridge is from the incomplete Putrajaya monorail project. The “suspended suspension bridge”, as someone put it! Read this Star report for some background:

The elevated track was 90% complete when the project stalled in 2004 because the Government had not approved further funding.

MTrans Monorail Sdn Bhd (MTrans) was appointed to finish the project within 30 months. The plan was to have two monorail lines with a total length of 20km, divided into 13.2km for Line 1 and 6.8km for Line 2.

Unfinished bridge in Putrajaya, Malaysia

We won’t mention the Malacca monorail here.

But, whoa, you folks have found more bridges to nowhere! Click on the links in the comments below to see more wonders of Malaysia.