Blog visitor Kevin sent in this photo of a pedestrian pavement in Ipoh. Not perfect, the idea is there. But still see what look like obstructions in the path that might hinder wheelchair movement.

Photograph: Kevin

Photograph: Kevin

The following photo, taken a few years ago, is from the Esplanade in Penang. This pavement is the best I have seen around: it is easily accessible by wheelchairs, wide, lined by trees. Overall, it looks inviting and makes walking a pleasure. (But there needs to be a pedestrian crossing at the junction where the pavement begins.)


The improvements in the walkway were recommended by a UNDP-Government of Malaysia project on Accessible Public Transport. Some RM70,000 was spent by the MPPP in 2009 on enhancing the path. If more of the recommendations are implemented elsewhere in the state, Penang could have a very accessible pedestrian network.