Let them know what you think of GST


A Goods and Services Tax Bill has been tabled in Parliament today.

The GST is a tax on your consumption/expenditure – though it may be mitigated by tax credits and a range of exemptions on essential items.

Proponents say it will broaden the tax base and ensure that the rich too will pay taxes – especially on luxury items – instead of escaping due to loop-holes in the tax system.

Critics argue that it is a regressive tax that will widen income disparities and result in the poor paying taxes for the first time (whereas under the present income tax system, they are exempted). Unlike in the developed nations, the majority of Malaysians do not pay income tax because of their low income; thus, they cannot receive a tax credit to reimburse them for the GST they would incur on a basic level of expenditure. Critics say it would make more sense for the government to raise money by cracking down on corruption and plugging “leakages”.

Here’s your chance to make your voice heard. If they don’t listen to you, you know what to do at the next general election.

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  1. It is more important and crucial for the government to crack down very hard on corruption at all levels in the government sector instead of asking its citizens to pay more taxes

  2. Wira, in Singapore GST is charged into invoices for final payment.

    I do procurement in my work, so I saw these figures inside them.

    I personally have seen GST increases here from 3% in early 90s to 7% in 2006.
    Each percentage increase really taxes the poor here. Every bill is charged GST and will accumulate over years.

    Even though Govt give GST credits ( a mere pittance ) for citizens, it still not enuff to cover living costs. They only need to increase 1% or more to get them back.

    Hence I am totally against it.

  3. In order to collect and implement GST, the govt first must reduce personal income tax and remove all other double taxation that is being imposed presently like service and govt tax.

    Only when those are removed then the govt can start to talk about having GST to replace those. Looks like the RAKYAT is taken for a ride on their ponzi scheme and made to pay more instead of less.

    all adds up, the rakyat will be the losers and they will be laughing all the way to their banks

    • Singapore income tax is much lower then Malaysia

      First chargeable 20k is 3.5%, above 320k is 20%, GST rate is 7% they increase gradually from 1994 with starting rate at 3%.

      Malaysia first chargeable 2.5k is 1% the highest is 250k with 26%, the proposed GST is 4%.

  4. They need the GST. Why? Scandals after scandals. Petronas money has vapourised. Billions spent on projects which give no added $ value. So much money has been ‘wired out’ of the country through money changers. No action taken against those people. Bank Negara is going after the money changers instead. This is Malaysia Boleh. Billions are sent out of the country by those who have no trust in this country. Yet, they are the people who go round to tell the people, ‘untuk bangsa, negara dan agama.’ The country is ruined. Yet, there are people who go round conning the people that our leaders “berkhidmat untuk rakyat.” These are CORRUPTED people parading in disguise and sucking the nation dry.

    • I see positive direction from PM Najib. See how Nazri stance on BTN against many others. Without PM Najib approval, he will not do so.

      • Gerakan K again!

        You cannot see the forests for the woods, can you really see the positive stand of Najib? Where can you feel the stand is positive? You should know better.

        Najib, for that matter cannot perform, not because he does not want to, simply because he is too weak to act, because of his excessive baggages! He should not have taken the PMs portfolio in the first place! He just cannot do what he wants to, get it, dunggu of the first degree?

        Najib had ascended the PM position 9 months earlier, just what has he done for the country? 1Malaysia? High Income society? Knowledge base economy? Scholars are taken care of? No cover ups with no results? Missing jet engines which shamed us internationally? Investments coming in from US after his trip? What happen to the money from Economic Package 1 and 2? Investments coming in after the trip of the DPM to Japan? All lies and cakap tak serupa bikin! Just one thing is for certain, the GST will be implemented, as it will burden the Rakyat and enriched a few … Bumis.That is what BN is good for, if we cannot get it outside, get it from the Rakyat! Malaysians must once and for all, work in unison to unanimously get rid of this sordid Government! No two ways about it. We appreciate your support as you are Malaysian, and in PR we do not distinguish fellow Malaysians by colours or creed.

        I hope block head dunggus like you will wake up!

      • Gerakan K,

        Constitutional law expert, Abd. Aziz Bari of IIUM, had spoken out without fear or favour that Malaysia is Zimbabwe, with regards to the rotten state of the law and democracy in Malaysia.

        What is your comment? And you see good coming? Do you know Mugabe? I think you must be, judging from you know all attitude.

      • Do you personally attend open day regarding to NKRA? I was there and contributed a lot ideas to the initiative. Do you know what is NKRA? Hey don’t cheat and use google to search for it. Answer me what is NKRA. PM Najib shows his commitment via NKRA. What is PR commitment even they failed to agree to form a formal coalition? Do you know what is PAS President stand on formal coalition? Enough of PR dream and fancy when absolutely nothing in practical. At least with BN, I see thing improving albeit slowly.

      • Hello! My dear Gerakan K,

        Do not be so worked up la. We are exchanging views only, right?

        You must understand that Malaysia today has develop a penchant for abbreviations and sloganeerings, do you agree in the first place?

        What is 1Malaysia? Can you please clarify for the benefit of the rakyat? No Cover Ups? Gerakan K, be careful you know, whole jet engines also goes missing la, are you aware? Also, now they are talking of other wares too la. And, oh God, Altantuya Shariibuuuu’s spirit is still wandering you know, and that of Teoh Beng Hock who is reported to be haunting those MACC officers at MACC office?

        Abbreviation? NKRA? NCRA? PGST? PKM? FYA? NFA is more recognizable la friend.

        Ah… just which one has Najib fulfilled since he became the PM? Just be fair and frank to yourself, Mr. K? Thank you for your comment that things are moving slowly, like the inquest of TBH, Altantuya, PKFZ, VK Lingam……. too long to repeat la Gerakan K?

        Merry Christmas and hope we meet tonight! We are neighbours!

      • Gerakan K,

        Let us not get worked up over silly comments as our comments are viewed by all and sundry. Besides, we are abusing Anil’s blog with our silly comments. Thank you Mr. Anil and sorry for using your blog for unproductive comments.

        Once again Merry Christmas, Gerakan K, Cheers!!!!! Definitely we are neighbours!

        Good that you are actively participating in the NKRA and that you are giving many ideas to the initiative, hopefully productive and sensible contributions.

  5. I have read a variety of piece meal views and since I have the experience of many countries, I will give my view on GST.

    Firstly understand that GST is a tax collected from the consumer or buyer which means

    1. The seller now has a legal right to collect taxes from buyers/consumers on behalf of the gormen

    2. The onus is on the collector to honestly remit these collected taxes to the gormen

    3. The GST will be levied on all invoices, cash bills etc.

    4. With corporate houses, this will work well as they cannot manipulate the books (assuming most large corporate houses are honourable) but the sdn. bhd.’s, the proprietors, the hawkers, the informal business sector, this depends on whether the enforcement and monitoring is efficient.

    5. This final collection also depends on the corruption index, Malaysia is quite corrupted according to the international index. As the number of companies (sdn bhd alone is about 800,000 or so) is large, it will be a very difficult task not to speak about the cost involved in doing so. Further as more hands will be involved, the more the probability of leakage.

    6. With a large tax base, you will need a large bureaucracy. And of course this will result in a large additional operating expenditure but it will also provide jobs for the useless 60,000 unemployed so called graduates with pieces of paper saying they are qualified. Since they dont know their stuff and are not competent, best way is to just accept what the seller gives them, both in accounts and benefits.

    If you look at countries that have establishments that collect tax from the public like the LST (local sales tax) or CST (central sales tax) or GST, they have a big issue of realised taxes. In these countries, the sales tax officers deal with the private companies and mostly there is massive corruption and the actual tax collected is a small percentage of what should be collected, the difference sometimes on a 50:50 basis is shared by the sales tax officer and the private company. Two sets of books are kept and frequently new companies are opened and old ones closed to avoid future scrutiny. In India it is evident by the fact that many amnesties are offered for companies to come clean by declaring a reasonable tax from time to time. The black market thrives as the real revenue becomes illegal money and has to be kept and used illegally. So you end up with a huge parallel black economy. In some countries, tax is collected by issuing tax coupons issued by the government, in this way if the consumer demands (fa piao in China) then it is at least sure that the revenue goes to the gormen.

    Now lets look at what will happen if GST is implemented in Malaysia.

    1. Currently manufacturers and importers pay sales tax at source if the commodity they manufacture and import comes under the category of taxable goods.

    2. In case of importers it is ad valorem, that is the tax paid is on the import price plus freight and import duties etc.

    3. In case of manufacturers, I am not sure but it is either on cost or selling price. If selling price then there is a possibility of manipulation. I.e. selling to a friendly company at low prices and paying tax thereon. In excise duty, it is the same. There are many examples and court cases around the world of such practices.

    4. When any tax like sales tax is abolished, it is never reflected as a reduction of selling prices. Instead this is pocketed by the manufacturer or importer. This is the norm.

    5. Thereafter, if something like GST of 4% is levied, then this is vigorously implemented by the companies and traders, whether or not this finally remitted to the gormen

    6. Now this means that in general, there will be a 4% price increase across the board which translates into a one time inflation jump of 4%. This will happen overnight. Say if you spend RM1,000 today, tommorrow after GST is implemented you will spend RM1,040. The additional RM40 is GST which finds its way into the pocket of the seller and taxman illegally or into the tax office legally. Difficult to say which and the only indication is the corruption index.

    So, you will see 4% on buying prices, let me give you a scenario on the difference between ex-factory (on which sales tax is levied now) and selling prices to the consumer.

    Ex Factory price = RM100
    Sales Tax 10% = RM110
    Tax paid = RM10
    Selling price to Wholesaler = RM110.00
    Wholesaler margin 12% = RM15
    Nett selling Price = RM125
    Retailers Margin say 25% = RM41.66
    Nett Selling Price = 166.66

    Now remember when sales tax goes, prices remain and the difference is pocketed by the manufacturer or importer, therefore

    Selling price to Wholesaler = RM110.00
    Wholesaler margin 12% = RM15
    Nett selling Price = RM125
    GST 4 % = RM5.00
    Total selling price = RM130.00
    Retailers Margin say 25% = RM43.33
    Nett Selling Price = 173.33
    GST 4% = RM6.93
    Gross Selling Price = RM180.26

    Note: 1. Margin is calulated always on selling price and is different from mark up.
    2. Wholesalers margin can be between 12 – 25%
    3. Retailers Margin can be between 15 to 50%

    So hypothetically speaking with assumption as provided above, the current selling price of RM166.66 will be inflated to RM180.26. The following is the resultant factors based on the above scenario

    1. Tax collected currently is RM10 while with the GST it will be RM11.93, so government gets more revenue in quantum (total) but a so called lower percentage.

    2. Using above scenario, consumer now pays RM166.66 in comparision to a selling price of RM180.26 after GST. This translates to an increase of 8.1% over previous prices or nett RM13.60.

    3. Even with exemptions of GST for certain goods, i reckon there will be an inflation of about 4-8% overnight. This added to the annual inflation rate will be virtually unbearable for more than half of our population

    Now how does this work out for our gormen. Using the above example, the gormen revenue is to increase slightly as we see leakages and additional operating expenditure taking up most of the additional revenue. It will be quite borderline and may even result in a lower revenue. But then it will generate loads of jobs and give new opportunities to make some extra money for those who are more susceptible to a dishonest living.

    Finally I think GST is good but should only be implemented when the economy allows for it, when graft is well controlled, when we are geared for the implementation and when our standard of living has improved.

    As for now, one should rock the boat, some smart fellow came up with this very clever idea (possibly he also envisages privatisation of tax collection and hence cronyism) BUT as I see it, it is political suicide for BN.

    Go on, do it and we for sure will have a new gormen come GE13.

  6. come on la, everything chinese? 90% taxpayer chinese? bull…, when everything have ‘malay’ word, it is racist. When ‘malay’ speak, it is racist.

    Then how come chinese always claimed everything, not racist? Come on la, racist is only in politics. Reality, in our normal life, my chinese neighbour is my brother.

  7. I against GST because why normal citizen has to pay more; whereas the corruption still on going. IF they effectively control they budget and eliminate corrupt then the budget will be positive. It makes us look like idiot to pay the UMNO putras buta money every year.Second, it was too sad if they think GST will help the country, by additional income of 10Bil might increase the living cost and reduce the buying power in certain extend.

  8. How to become a rich and civic minded country if along the way, all those who earn less refuse to pay tax to help develop the country? Those who earn more, pay more. Those who earn less, pay less.

    Do your civic duty, fellow citizens.
    Never say don’t want to pay tax.

    GST system of rebates ensures that companies and businessmen will find it difficult to cheat.
    It will plug many leaks.

  9. Raymond do you know that personal and corporate income tax will come down when they impose the GST? It means the biggest taxpayers(chinese and companies) will be the ones who benefit. Unless of course you are a chinese who pays no tax or marginal tax then you suffer. But overall it’s the well to do chinese and companies who come out winners. This will be reflected badly on BN in the next elections.

    • It’s not just the ethnic Chinese companies. The corporates of whatever ethnic group stand to gain from lower taxes at the expense of the lower income group,who will now have to start paying these taxes.

    • Hi John

      I think u have problem in logical thinking, how much gov can cut down income tax? not mistaken is 1%, but don’t forget the 4% is for almost every thing in our daily use and also the chain effects might causes the hawker food hike up etc. so come to the end every one have to pay additional expenditure regardless of rich and poor. So who is the beneficiary?

      btw, do u have any problem with Chinese?

  10. Hello Anil,
    GST, as we know it in New Zealand and Australia, does not discriminate against anybody. Everybody pays, no matter how well-off or how much a person struggles to survive each day. It might work well in a developed Western society like Australia where the average income is comparatively high and where we have a social safety net of income support for the poor and jobless. But in Malaysia, where 85 percent of the population don’t earn enough even to pay income tax, the GST will hit hard, very hard. So, instead of trying to pretend to be a “developed” country and ape the West once again, I agree wholeheartedly with Guan Eng that the Malaysian government should plug their massive corruption leakage instead of making the poor raakyat pay for their own incompetence and corruption.
    Have a safe X’mas and Happy & Prosperous New Year

  11. You as a consumer ARE already paying taxes unknowingly.

    Upon importation there is an automatic 10% sales duty payable. On top of that is the actual tax for the imported item based on its category. Eg. Plastic imported item is 30% tax + 10% sales duty.

    If not mistaken, even if the item is “tax free” (eg. computers, cameras, pens), there is still the 10% sales duty.

    So you are already paying some sort of tax.

  12. To the one named John in his comment, yes the chinese pays for 90% of the country’s taxes,still want to tax more on us. Despite we contributed so much to the countryĆ© coffers, we are still be treated as immigrants, 2nd class citizens, what do the goverment want from. Don’t simply put in your comments if do not understand the unerlining issues.

    • Yup agree, they really treat us like a ….

      So i dun understand why still has so many stupid … support BN…

      … Malaysia will exhausted soon, and they might blame the (minorities) again! That is their culture…..Like Cantonese quote ‘blame the ground as u can’t …!!!’

  13. The coffer must be really dry, otherwise the government will not impose such unwelcomed tax when BN already lost so massively in 12th GE.


  15. There is NO such thing as ZERO rated goods. The GST of supply chain of warehousing, transport, distribution, forwarding, drop off, fuel and others will ultimately flow to zero rated goods such as food and beverages. Only a brainless idiot would believe in zero rated goods.

    Also, has the gomen promised reduction in personal and corporate taxes? Will taxes be reduced by 4% across the board?

    And to all those who are not paying taxes and who voted for BN, Congratulations. You have just made yourself poorer and the tax consultants and BN richer.

    Studies have shown that the poor has been more adversely affected by GST than the rich.

  16. GST will benefit the rich and the poor one will suffer. If GST really implemented, then BN will lose next GE. But it also depends people confidence on PR. Otherwise it is business as usual for BN.

  17. I have yet to come across someone who complained about the possible system leaks, eg. like the 5% Government tax which was collected by some retail outlets but when in fact, they were either unregistered or did not pay the government the amounts due.

    Just like gated housing estates or condominium with so-called security guards, everyone assumes the security aspect has been taken care of.

    To use an example in UK many years ago, someone opened a bank account with an assumed name HM Custom and he collected many cheques drawn in favour of HM Custom & Excise and paid into his account! This may be a case unique in UK but goes to show how people will use ways and means to use the loopholes in any regulation for their own benefit. So much for a foolproof indirect tax compared with direct taxation where people assume taxpayers avoid (legal) or even evade (illegal) tax at every opportunity.

  18. The Government taxing how many times?
    Some times we find one items being double taxed and many do not know them.

  19. Anil, any data available showing the countries that has this GST and what is the amount.

    I believe this GST only applicable to high income earning countries.

    Gomen always says this and that implementation won’t burden the poor, but, I think the peoples have been taken for rides for more than 52 years now.

  20. GST is operating in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. These are not developed countries like the UK, Singapore, NZ or Australia.

    Yes of course some things will cost more. But GST has such things as zero rating and exempt supplies of goods and services. What should be fought for is the extension of the zero rating. Not even exempt supplies.

    The leakage from the tax net with GST on will be so much less. And that is where most of the government’s revenues will come from. Just as much probably from the GST take itself.

    So, hopefully people will get real about this. Of course we got to be a lot more vigilant over government use of our money. That is where the real issue is.

  21. If a GST is implemented then would products like Computers still have a 0% GST? If taxes are going to be introduced to all these tax free items then it is not fair. However the GST is a good way of taxing those who earn big bucks and end up paying minimal or no income tax, especially the businessmen.
    Whether or not the Government introduces GST, I am still voting for PR in the 13th GE

  22. Some proponents of GST have touted the 4% rate as lower than the 10% Sales Tax which it will replace. But sales tax is levied at source on manufacturers and importers on nett prices. Let’s say there is a 10% markup from source to consumer the effect of 4% GST on the retail price is 1.1 x 1.04 = 14.4% of nett price.

    In reality, 10% from source to consumer is marginal. It’s more like 15%-25% so the real GST may range from 19.6% – 30%.

    Furthermore, GST will affect a far wider range of goods and services than sales tax. Don’t forget 4% is only the starting rate, it is set to go up as oil revenue decreases.

  23. The chinese like the GST because they are at the moment the bulk of the taxpayers and this will broaden the tax base to include those who have not been paying tax and at the same time lower the tax rate on corporate and personal income tax. I don’t see why the chinese should complain.

    • Everyone must complain. With everything increasing (petrol, electricity, sugar, etc), my bank balance is quickly running out. Support PR instead if BN really implement GST.

      • Why do (certain people) like GST because now we can have two books and collect tax from public and share with the taxman, minum kopi, all happy.

        Afterall, look at history, this is how it has worked for them all the while and BN being an allegedly supportive corrupt regime, kau kau lah.

      • GL : Earlier I thought you said that your bank balance is very good. So it only show that whatever you talk is not sincere and without substance

      • It is good to know that you remember my comment. The secret to accummulate great wealth is to eliminate wastage and unnecessary spending. GST for me is one of unneccessary spending. Regarding to my bank balance, well I can easily migrate to any country as based on business/investor category.

      • Gerakan K,

        … Wake up block head, whatever balance you have will turn into useless papers if corruption and mismanagement goes unabated, if the system of governance does not improve like Afghanistan. Its election was marred with fraud and there will be further turmoil in this once wonderful land. But one thing, the turmoil will see the early departure of the Americans from Afghanistan. Britain and Russia is testimony of this. When there is a will, there is a way…

        How much wealth have you accumulated? … Even if your holdings now is in USD, it means nothing because the once great country is now printing money practically because of its military power, and if you do not give in, they will bomb you to primitive days! Britain is bankrupt, and the world over is in economic and financial turmoil and mess. …

        The lacked of FDIs is damning to your country. In years to come, you need to export maids to earn foreign exchange and whatever holdings you have, in ringgit will depreciate to unimaginable levels. Understand the seriousness of the situation and work towards improving the conditions in your country which I am sure is deteriorating by the day. I am sure you are well travelled with your “wealth”, but really it is chicken feed… just see how black markets there buy foreign currency at rates many times more than the Government quoted rates. … Remember, China, was once under this category, I am sure, you had visited China much earlier and understand the situation. But, with their checks on corruptions which they identified as a national curse, and started executing corrupt officials and servants, only then did their country progress to what it is today. This country is destined for great wealth and power.

        I am still tired after my long journey, and my short comment on your GST. This tax should be introduced but after personal income tax, sales tax, and all the duplicate taxes that Malaysians are paying are removed!

        Also, the increase in wages in all sectors should improve, otherwise this country will go down the poverty way, and then, there will be turmoil, started by the soaring unemployed graduates! This is a very dangerous situation as those in the villages and rural areas will take this so called graduates to be educated people and will easily be conned by them when hardship rears it ugly head!

        … I foresee the party with the eye, rocket and the moon, now engaging themselves in the name of brotherhood, doing well and a very good alternative to the Malaysians. Remember the national flower when you next vote. Still remember your national flower? Remember those days when everything was so meaningful, instead of today, where you do not even know your direction? I can only do so much to help Malaysians but the rest lies on your shoulders but people like you, Gerakan K, must be more responsible. I will continue to monitor your comments and be a good boy! Assalamualaikum!

      • The party with the eye, rocket and the moon even cannot keep its election promises (eg local election, CAT, Kg Buah Pala, Freedom of Information Act, etc). The most damaging instance, of course is 16th September 2008 nonsense!

        Britain is bankrupt? Mind you, many Malaysians just find any way (legal/illegal) to work there as a low class manual dish washer!!! But with salary equivalent to RM6000++

      • That is why your understanding of what is happening is so shallow. Just ask some of your bankers as you are so loaded, whether what I had volunteered to inform you is correct. Just ask Anil. I do not wish to argue with block heads ok?

        You block head, KBP is the best settled squatter issue in Malaysia and the world! Where on earth can you find squatters ( illegals) being compensated so heftily? Local election is one that is control by the Federal Government, block head, once PR wins over the country, there will be local elections. If 16th September were nonsense why ship 40 BN lawmakers out to Taiwan?

        Sad to say that your connections had to find illegal means to go to Britain to make RM6,000 so it shows your people here are more of brawns than brains. Earning RM6,000 is the equivalent of 1,060 pounds. What can you do with RM 1,060 in Malaysia block head? You cannot convert but more so to treat everything dollar for dollar when you are working and spending in Britain. You get me? If you do not understand please do not hesitate to contact me.

        I think you need not ask your friends to wash dishes to earn that kind of money. Just sell sim cards and reloads at the corner street of London, you will be able to do that. Do it at Chinatown and you will not fail to make the 1,060 which you had been talking of. More than that easily. Just imparting some information for your blokes to earn a living, sorry to say that.

        In the final analysis, the party with the eye, the rocket and the moon is the only alternative left for you. Even the reverred political scientists from UIM qualified the fact that our BN Ministers and law makers behave like Zimbabwean Ministers. Hope you are briefed. And mind you, the knowledgeable man is a Malay Muslim, Gerakan K.

        By the way, your UMNO master is demanding that the BN chairmanship be taken back from Ah Khoon. And Zahid had qualified that Gerakan is sleeping, are you, Gerakan K? Come on, it is real embarassing to have our politcal master saying that we are not active. Impotent la Gerakan in Penang. I think it is only fair for UMNO to helm the BN in Penang, what do you think Gerakan K?

        Sorry, have diverted from Anils subject because of wanting to reply to you. You can contact me at Anil’s blog anytime as I always look forward to your comments.

      • My dear Gerakan K,

        Sorry, missed out two points which you brought up.

        Freedom of Information Act – hallo dunggu! If freedom of Information Act is controlled by the State Government, Raja Petra Kamaruddin need not be charged for sedition, understand my dear Gerakan K? PR do not control the free flow of information, they declassify la, understand my dear dunggu friend?

        CAT What have you got to complain? Condos, Apartments and Townhouses? Well, if PR can accord and build reasonably priced CAT for all Penangnites, which you had concocted then why not? Is it not for the betterment of the Rakyat?

        I am going home now, Gerakan K.

      • Based on your reply regarding to salary/working in England showed that you are possibly just lying in this blog or just plain uninformed if you **ever** step your own legs in England. Maybe you were just joining budget holiday package (by some airlines, LOL!) to England to watch few football matches.

      • Gerakan K,

        Thank you for your reply though it is not meant to be informative.

        I wish to differ, and that I had been to England, perhaps, perhaps, I guess when you were still in school. To accuse someone of lying when you yourself are not well informed is a great disservice to your ownself. Your know all attitude is the cause of the downfall of Gerakan. By the way, what is your comment that your political master had qualified that Gerakan is not active and that the BN chairmanship in Penang be given to UMNO?

        I can walk the streets and corners of London much better than many, and I think I do know London reasonably well, perhaps better than you.

        It is difficult to exchange knowledge with people like you, simply because we are not on the same wavelength. When people talk about the economy of England, you talk about your friends going to work in England illegally and make RM6,000 per month. Can you just see the forest for the trees, dunggu of the first degree?

      • Well PR Man, let’s put any political difference/intention to revenge (because of my previous comments) aside. What I talk about was based on true fact and not based on some stupid economic analysis/reports. I give you real example. Many people including ordinary workers particulary salesman and also bosses complaining about bad economy situation in Malaysia, but every year that the same bosses earn net income after taxes exceeding multiple millions of ringgit (ie disposable income). Is that sounds logical? From individual perspective, who cares about overall economy situation or specific sector situation? Let’s stay true to the practical world and not acted like academician discussing some stupid theory. Regarding to Malaysians working in England, some people able to buy luxury cars, houses and starts his own businesses after some years in England doing extremely low class job. Some people I know already involved in bakery business. Mind you not the low cost single shoplot unit operation, but a chain stores that spread over several states in Malaysia with his own factories. This is what I call practical thing and not based on stupid analysis/report from certain organizations/journals.

        Finally who told you economy in England and Malaysia are so bad?

        Are you personally involved in business experienced that or just read it from report?

  24. My vote is a “Yes”, but….

    I support GST per se.
    It is a fair tax.

    However, I am against the raising of additional taxes unless the government makes a serious effort to rid this country of corruption.

    The RM 1 billion to be collected through GST in the first year cannot even cover 10% of the loss in PKFZ.


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