Fading Malaysian dream: Now it is a question of survival


Is this the result of our neoliberal economic policies driven by cronyism and corruption?

Guess who is hurting and suffering the most? Imagine how many Malaysian households are in debt. And if working people are struggling, what about all those unemployed youth?

Malaysian leaders have failed their people, especially the young.

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  1. KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 27 (Bernama) — Younger workers need to save more to ensure that they have enough savings for retirement, ideally accumulating 12 to 14 times their last annual salary, Allianz Asset Management AG said.

    This is crucial as the Malaysian retirement pension scheme does not provide an adequate retirement income, its Head of International Pensions, Brigitte Miksa said.

    “Workers close to retirement age today will have exhausted their assets in the first five years of their retirement.

    “Hence, establishing a planned spending phase with annuitisation as a key element is one way to protect individuals against longevity risk (the risk of outliving your assets),” she told a press conference following a briefing on ‘Retirement Readiness in Malaysia and Reforms Needed’ .


    • The problem is these people despite graduate without paying back ptptn lack relevant job skills and English proficiency to command good paying jobs as their focus has always been civil service.

      No desire to change with Same Old Ways (SOW!) will perpetuate this Malay Dilemma.

  2. The title of the article should be renamed as ‘Fading Bumiputera Dream’.
    Because non-Bumiputeras in Malaysia has acquired the art/skill of survival after being deprived of NEP.

  3. Is this not a joke. First LKS to Mahathir as the new opposition to bring down Najib despite knowing what he has done for 22 years. Then he go shopping to Razaleigh as the new PM. Now Musa is touted as the new PM in his shopping list. LKS is really a joke He think he is the President of BN and I’MNO making decision for them. He should think of his backyard first with PR now demise and Sarawak Pkr DAP now fighting against each other and fading home

    • Umno should be grateful and thankful of the advice since it is in a mess, with its leader suspected of CBT.

  4. Check, check and check again
    The lawyer confirmed that the WhatsApp message claiming that Sirul will reveal in an Australian court next week that Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor had ordered him to kill the Mongolian for blackmailing Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was a hoax.
    “These days, there is so much fake news around. It is highly irresponsible of people to manufacture fake news. Sadly, many fall for fake news and some even act based on fake news,” Yong posted in “news group”. “We have to use our common sense and to verify important news via the credible media.”

  5. Yes, Fading Dream . ““So who do we support, the leader or the cause?““`

    Justice may be delayed but it can never be denied. It took Galileo Galilei 350 years. It took me only five years. But finally Pakatan Rakyat’s death proved what I said five years ago that attracted so much condemnation from those who felt we must choose the leader over the cause.


    It took RPK 5 years. It took me 2 years and so much condemnation
    And hopefully another 3 years to see the demise of CAT and PKR in Penang and Selangor respectively.
    Read it. Its very interpretative. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to those that are still in OBSESSION

  6. There are 3 things that she mentioned that bothers me a lot:
    a). she is not a Pendatang
    b). she is a BUMI
    c). she is a MUSLIM BUMI

    She felt that she deserved a better paying job simply because she belongs to all of the above categories. She is a good example of the failed NEP or any failed social hand out program as it only serves to create incompetent workers and employees .

    She is likely a mediocre law school graduate who was admitted through matriculation instead of the superior STPM A-level exam. She was admitted as a preferable muslim bumi student while all other more qualified non-bumi candidates were rejected. Furthermore, she had likely received a free education. Apa dia lagi mahu?

    • 2 groups of survivalists in the Malaysian labor market:
      Group #1- has all the financial & educational supports to ‘see’ them thro’ from cradle to grave.
      Free education from primary to uni, matriculation selection for ‘easy & fast-track’ entrance to unis, free scholarships, ‘cangih’ computer labs, free school boardings with free food, free lodging, free uniforms, etc., Amanah Saham investment with guaranteed attractive returns, available government jobs (if private sector jobs are too demanding), preferential discounts for home purchases, business loans & funds for bumis. Any any more that I have missed out?
      Group #2 – has nothing to ‘see’ them thro’ except for free education from primary to secondary.
      Limited quota & hard to qualify (too good SPM result doesn’t mean you have the chance) for matriculation selection except for Form 6 which is very tough terrain & no fast-track endeavour or pay your ‘passage’ to higher education in private colleges, tough STPM ‘pointer’ to qualify for chosen degree courses in public unis in Peninsular Malaysia which at times is like throwing a dice to get what you have chosen unless you try your better luck for places in Sabah & Sarawak unis, parents to borrow or sell houses or work longer to support children’s tertiary education fees, limited scholarships & boarding schools, outdated computer labs, no such thing as ‘profitable’ Amanah Saham to invest @ an early age, government jobs as scarce as endangered Tiger, no preferential discounts for home purchases, hard to qualify for business loans & funds. BUT one thing for sure – this group of survivalists have learn the hard way to survive better comes what obstacles thrown at their doorsteps from cradle to grave.

      Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to those who will work hard, will work smart, will thrive & will succeed in life without the damaging crutches invented by MadHatter of Helang Island.

    • Only in a Bolehland of make believe do you fancy a birth-right to a comfy career life guaranteed from cradle to grave.

      The MadHatter Crutches have disappointed many later generations like Zara who thought her life is auto-set for success sans worries & disappointment. (That was true in the early 1980s to 90s of bank jobs & GLC / gomen jobs). Such is the unrealistic survival skills taught to her to prepare for more globally competitive world & high inflation of the new century.

      To compare her own life akin to pendatang is a bit of an excuse & stretched imagination in ignorance.
      Actually, if any pendatang is given what she has enjoyed as a bumi, there would be more Pendatang Success Stories to fill Wikipedia (starting with the Baby Boomer generations) which may open her eyes & mind to learn the ropes from them.
      Looking on the surface, it seems the Group #2 have made it in life for sure. This is further from the truth as some have made it, some don’t. In Group #2, you take more risks, more self-confident, more sacrifices, more focus, more sweat + tears, more resilience & practice “Ai Pia Jia Eh Yia” (To win, you have to struggle & give your all) philosophy as early as your 1st job. Nothing is easy like a straight road laden with privileges without first proving your worth.

      The latest wave of Bangla & Vietnamese pendatang has something for us to learn from them. They speaks multi-lingual, work … hard, are enterprising & fast to adapt to a hostile labor market. They even take public transport (without the Rapid Pass) or cycle to work. Bin chui is furthest from their survivalist minds.

      Maybe Zara should start learning Mandarin to be more multi-lingual for a start to break into the real world of pendatang’s economic ‘survival camps’ at the work place without any exclusive privilege written in the employment contract. And take the Rapid to work to save a few hundred ringgit.

  7. Allow me to make one more comment,
    (I don’t wish to bombard Mr Anil’s blog with too many comments, unlike Mr Yang) 🙂

    Dear Yang

    My wife, a high level private sector banker, says that it is possible to have
    a bank account with an old IC number. So, don’t get your knickers in a twist
    over the postings of Rosie’s bank account with nombor IC lama and
    claim fraud on the part of Rosie’s critics ! 🙂

    • 1LADY Has Confirmed account is here, and Yang can verify if 2Million is the profit from his son’s wall street movie DVD bootleg sales (as actual movie not shown in cinema) in Msia.

  8. If those who have been enjoying the benefits of NEO are now complaining, what about those who have been deprived such benefits?

    When you are relying on handouts, you can never learn to be resilient and independent through hard works.

    When you are given privileges and do not have to compete, you will never excel and have false sense of accomplishment.

  9. Sarawak Report responds to RPK’s attacks on Clare Rewcastle Brown:

    “RPK, the author of this material, lives in the UK.

    He has taken quite a bit of hospitality from his present target, which could be ill-afforded on the limited budget of our radio project RFS at the time.

    He therefore knows that ‘Clare’ lives in the same 4th floor flat (no lift) that she moved into after getting married 20 years ago.

    So much for this “life-style change’.

    The cost in 1992 was £162,000 and that has now boosted to the “multi-million” current estimate of around £1.6m.

    Malaysian money is involved – to the extent that the country’s exported billions have been inflating prices in London’s property market.

    The budget for Radio Free Sarawak comes from a foundation that focuses on rainforest issues in Europe and also from donations from the public.

    ‘Clare’ gets some freelance journalism and consultancy fees, which over the past decade have registered below the UK tax threshold.

    Travel expenses are carried by the budget for the not for profit Radio Free Sarawak, which she also manages.

    So, investigate away RPK and of course the estimable ‘Winifred Poh’.

    By the way, how come you got such a flash new BMW right after you spun on your axis and went from supporting reformasi to being the pet barking dog for Najib Razak?”


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