Show of support for #AtTheEdge campaign


More than a hundred people, about half of them from the press, turned up at The Edge office this afternoon in a show of solidarity.

About 70-80 people gathered at the Esplanade in Penang on 27 July to express solidarity.

About 9000 people have ‘liked’ the Solidarity with The Edge and Sarawak Report Facebook page.

And almost 30000 people have signed an online petition calling for the suspension of The Edge and the block of Sarawak Report to be lifted.

And you can also follow campaign updates via Twitter @attheedgemalaysia

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  1. I hope Anil could emulate The Malaysiakini website that is going black for 24 hours today to protest the Home Ministry’s 3-month suspension of The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily.

    This is also in support of the #AtTheEdge campaign, which seeks to lift the suspension, as well as the Internet block on whistleblower site Sarawak Report. The campaign also demands that the government respects the right of Malaysians to information about the debt-riddled sovereign wealth fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd.

    • This blog coincidentally has a black and blue theme, those also being the colours of the #AtTheEdge campaign.

  2. Yang Super troopers could have been the redeployed paid staff from Penang Headlines blog created by Gelakan to recruit regulars like t-lang?

    • tunglang is neither drunk nor blind!
      Can see thro the current issues of 1ManaDuitBelah? affecting all Malaysians (thro’ hardship GST+reduced subsidies) even if SR, The E are silenced & buried.
      tunglang doesn’t get anything for moral-support of the righteous souls, including the …. one (who was found dead outside) the window.
      tunglang doesn’t get a pat from Niao Kong for show of support for PR.
      tunglang never hope to be rewarded with a street food museum for giving credit to our Penang accountant politician.

      tunglang only feel sorry for brother Yang who cannot see the rotten worms for the Malaysian Bonnie+Clyde combo.
      Drink more Kopi-O kau kau to get morally-inspired for Tanah Air Cinta Ku Baru, a better place to live.

      • Tung I can see very.very clearly more than you can imagine. 2 billion or what, that not important when the Cat and senior can cohabit and sleep with people like defacto M that cause our country to lost hundreds of billion. The most important thing is to finish of Dap,.Pkr Pas and Ghb to save from going the way of.Iran and the middle.east country.

      • tunglang please steer clear and away from the black hole of Yang (see his black logo assigned by Anil), that is sucking away your positive qi.

      • Umno sleep with pas in kelantan single bed to support umno. Umno happy to have pas supporting the pm

      • Everytime I paid a bill, I saw 1MDB (SekaliManaDuitBelah) burden.
        To declare 1MDB is not using taxpayer money, then we shouldn’t be paying GST to save a failed misadventure of national investment. This the Finance Minister still cannot differentiate?
        Maybe he should learn to use the abacus, a hard learning curve to avoid miscalculation of investing & discipline of money flow.

      • I feel very sorry for Yang.
        For whatever his personal reason, I would not judge him.
        Everyone is entitled to his own opinion & preference, whether he or she has learn a thing or two from 58 yrs of Merdeka.
        Time will tell where this nation is going, for broke or for prosperity for all (& not just for one race).
        But I believe, collectively we Malaysians are awaken now for proactive actions to rid of this beloved Tanah Air Cinta Ku of evil corruption, money laundering, election cheats, misuse of power & trust, murders, religious bigotry & not least, racist policies that benefits no Malaysians.
        Being apathy will make the evil ones too happy to carry on their misdeeds.

      • Tunglang, you do not have to feel sorry for me or for anyone. I trust and believe in the current administration rather than the Cat and Pakatan which I do not give a damn anymore. I won`t simply be an anti establishment just like the many Chinese do and which I have been for so many years. I believed in REALITY not unlike those that keep on Ah Mah Mah.. Like I have said, Who the hell is not for SELF INTEREST. Yes and that include me. I do not need to be a hypocite like many do. Misdeed are everywhere as long its is not in the extreme. In the US trillions are also been lost so is in the West, India and most of the worlds. Its good that the people make some hue and cry but not by breaking law through tampering, stealing and fabrication. Are these not the same.

        GST does not really affect me. I believed that in the long run when our currency stablize, GST would be streamlined to such that the people will not be much affected. Face the fact. GST has been implemented in more than 160 countries out of 200 countries in the world. The opposition are just using this issue for their political mileage. Even if Pakatan become the govt, do you think they will not implement GST. You really believe them. See the lies of the CAT.

        As for the suffering of people go to some of the most advance like Singapore, Hong Kong & Japan and the West like UK, Spain Portugal and those former Soviet bloc countries. They are still living by the day just like many of us here. In fact I would say we are even better off than many in UK, Hong Kong and those countries. Currency down, check and see, almost country currency is down to extreme level and worse than us. We are not alone.

        It could fill a book talkingand explaining. Very seldom did I REBUT in your comments. You know that You got your own view and brain, I got mine. Let it be that way until one day that your comment may change my mind just like mine that may change yours. This is a DECEITFUL world. There are many who will always drive a wedge in between when they see their supporters and opponent view and comments start concurring. BEWARE

  3. Zahid: Full brunt of law to be used against Sarawak Report.

    Zahid should first demonstrate the prowess of our law enforcement capability outside our shores by bringing the party responsible for the downing of MH17 to bear ‘the full brunt of the law’. He should be getting the IGP/PDRM to instruct the leaders of the pro-Russian separatist in Ukraine to avail themselves at the Bukit Aman police station to facilitate investigation, failing which a warrant of arrest would be issued against them.

    Zahid should also revisit the Alvin Tan’s case by taking the IGP to task for his seemingly inability to extradite him (Alvin) despite the earlier promise ‘to get him until the wormhole’.

    And of course, there is the convicted ‘murderer without motive’ who is in the custody of the Australian authority. Being the DPM now, shouldn’t he be pressing ‘through all proper channels available’ to bring the convicted ‘murderer without motive’ to face the brunt of the Malaysian justice.

    If any one of the above is even beyond the ability of the Malaysian government, what is the chance of getting a British citizen in the British soil to face the brunt of the Malaysian law (or more precisely the wrath of some Malaysian leaders}? Besides, is the Malaysian government prepared to bring its case to the British court to file for an extradition? Or more precisely, is any of the concerned parties wiling to be cross examined in the British court?

  4. Ironically Prime Minister Najib, in his speech at the National Press Club Award last year said this:

    “A strong and vibrant media is an essential part of a mature democracy. When journalists are empowered, society can benefit. The press can hold governments, corporations and people to account. At its best, the media holds a mirror up to society; so that we may see our flaws, and fix them.”

  5. Latest actions carried out by the 1PM shows his willingness
    to risk civil war within UMNO Baru, just to stay in power.

    (Also, to keep the wife happy?)

    • When shopping therapy from buying spree of coloured diamonds, branded handbags, personal airplanes & annual holidays (to escape from answering to national crisis) become habitual, do you think these irresponsibles would repent & change?
      Woe be to Malaysia Tanah Air Cinta Ku since the advent of this couple of power mismanagement & cheats.

      God, Siong-Te, Thi-Kong, Shiva/Vishnu/Shakti, Tuhan, Waheguru, be merciful & look to our woes when nothing in the laws of the land can help but punish the helpless, discontented & righteous.

    • You are trying to deflect from the issue of Pakatan that is now in disarray. DAP is trying so hard to woo PKR and GHB into the fold of Pakatan 2 without much success. Azmin and Azizah has said PKR would still be working with all parties including PAS while DAP is rattled with GHB whose policy and agenda is still hudud and an islamic state. Now that DAP has snatched one of PKR members, I wonder how would PKR leaders and supporters feel. Pakatan is POOCHIT so is Pakatan 2 oop, Pakatan might not be poochit after all. PKR and PAS may continue to work together considering that Azmin need to return the favour back to Pas for putting his name in as MB.

    • Yes, in order to stay in power, 1pm said it “at all costs i will take back selangor” and an innocent guy at 30 was tormented and (fell) out of the window…

      Yes, … a mongolian beauty had to be c4 into powder so that no traces of evidence can be found…

      In his greed for power and billions and diamon, may i add, he has forgotten that humans have souls, they are not cats and dogs.

      These two souls are constantly crying
      out from the ground…

      See, all the hidden billions are in the open now, not only in this topsy turvy land but in
      the glare of the world even to the extent of being told off by the UK prime minister –
      clean up your acts !!!

      Why his Chief Police didnt threaten and arrest Mr Cameron and asked him to go back to the UK ??? Guess he is still licking his wound inflicted by the Thai General – follow proper channel !!!

      A shameless land indeed but dont forget the Almighty is not dead yet if you can fight HIM !!! More to come, more popcorns…

      • Hollywood style. There is always 2. Badman n robin. Lone ranger n tinto. Malaysia has ah tee n ah yang to spin for dumno.

  6. Zahid like the rest here are blowing water and cow. Malaysians can only be cowed. Angmois they say semua okay. Gomen is getting a taste of its medicine from Nicholas russians

  7. About 70-80 people gathered at the Esplanade. About 9000 people have ‘liked’ on Facebook page.
    Almost 30000 people have signed an online petition. We have a population of 30 millions

  8. Zahid: Full brunt of law to be used against Sarawak Report

    On Sarawak Report and its report on a supposed arrest warrant for Najib, Khalid said there was no need to bring the former Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail in for questioning.

    “The current A-G has already made a statement, so why must I ask the former A-G?

    “But the actions of Sarawak Report’s Clare has violated several laws. So a police report has been lodged and we will investigate her baseless allegations,” he said.


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