Pro-BN media claim 80000 attended BN’s CNY-Psy bash


Despite observers on-the-ground observers pointing out that the attendance at the BN’s Chinese New Year open house bash fell short of 50000 people, that did not stop the mainstream media reporting that 80000 or more turned up.

During the mammoth rally ahead of 308, when the Han Chiang field was packed to overflowing, the consensus on the turnout was about 50000 to 60000.

Yesterday, large sections of the field were covered by the stage and canopies, and yet today’s mainstream media (and last night’s prime time TV bulletin mostly seemed to have settled for a figure of 80000 (or more) for yesterday’s turnout.

Contrast that with their low estimates for the #KL112 ‘People’s Uprising Rally’ at Merdeka Stadium, and you really have to wonder how low they can go…

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  1. I didn’t know stupidity is a must hv trait for BN boot lickers.Don’t respect ngo la,activist la…who gives a s… what a wasted … like u think……..u clearly don’t understand msian mentality where free makan or entertainment is concerned….even if there were 500k there…..who cares…pink lips is scared..!…beready to clean pink lips …. come ge13 boot lickers…tunggu dan lihat…….

  2. CalvinSunkaran Before you open you mouth do check your facts and figures first. For the many many years I have known Anil – he has been critical across political lines. He has slammed PR and BN at the same time. He has also taken a strong stand against a no of PR policies.
    Meanwhile, tried to lie your way thru’ by misquoting Anil, and put your foot in your mouth. Padan muka!

  3. Hahahaha…based on your own reporting during 0308, there were 30K people attended the Han Chiang ceramah. Now you seems to have developed a memory lapse and claim 50 to 60k ppl attended it.

  4. Anil, if you want to be seen as neutral, please do behave as neutral. If you want to campaign for Pakatan, at least be honest about and admit it.

    You seems to indicate that 80k (or 50k as you claim) as a failure. When Pakatan promised a million people and end up with 40k marchers, you declare it as a triumph and a victory.

    You say Najib is playing politics and naive for using PSY for attracting voters. But you seem to dancing along when DAP produce a tasteless video of PSY’s song attacking Najib’s family and make outrageous claims.

    You seemed to be upset when pro-BN media claim 80k crowd but never question why alternative media’s and PR’s numbers are far higher compared to most neutral observers and foreign media.

    You gloat when a few hundred turn up for Anwar’s ceramah but dismiss when 80k turn up for Najib’s visit.

    Had PR organised a concert with PSY and 50k people attended, you would have claimed it as a master stroke and evident of PR’s understanding of people’s needs. You would have declared there and then that PR will win 13GE.

    I am sorry Anil, I no longer respect Penang NGOs or so-called activists like yourself. I think you guys better off pack up and move in to Komtar Level 28 and work full time for the Cheap Minister – for free.

    • Agree. To save the country and ourselves, wherever you can (in your sphere of influence), practise strict censorship on the propaganda from the censors.

  5. Najib is definitely on his way out as PM and a politician. Even a student campaigning against him in Pekan, a Najib’s constituency, has been beaten up. Why is he so afraid of losing to even a student activist? Now he is making a mockery of himself, knowing so well that by beating a drum and wearing the traditional costume on CNY, will not make him more trust worthy, sincere and honest in his deeds and words delivered to the Chinese community. He should be attending church services on Christmas like what Arafat did to foster goodwill between Muslims and Christians.

  6. Psy must have thought that the organisers chiak s… (eat … in hokkien), to pay so much for him just to sing that one song twice. Maybe the organisers have only s… in their brains

  7. I say the bigger the number the better because then it looks like Najib and BN got ‘Psy’ by an even bigger crowd. People like Mat Sabu bought multiple copies of Chinese papers with big pictures and the headline to show in the heartland and the words got around in every mamak stall and kedai-kopi when they read Utusan making it worst.

    The thing is a train-wreck from the start-to-finish AND AFTER..Its not just the Emperor and the royal court has no clothes – THE PEOPLE SHOUTED THREE TIMES AND it went out throughout the land.

    A psychological barrier has been broken. Pakatan CAN FORMALLY CALL BN-STYLE A TRAIN-WRECK IN THE MAKING and all they have to point to this.

  8. These mainstream media must be dumb to play up the number of attendees at Psy function. What it indirectly shows is that more people are not ready for BN and we heard it loud and clear from the video.

    If I were Najib, I would have told the mainstream media to lower the number substantially so that it will show that the number of people that shouted no to his question Are you ready for BN is not that many.

  9. Whether 80,000 or 100,000 or even one million turn out does not mean that all will vote for BN. They came to see Psy and ignore the other Sai

  10. for pro-bn events, 1, 20, 30, 200, 300…..100,000
    for anti-BN events, 1.1.1,2.1,2.2,2.3..200 turnout though thousands are present.
    go on Utusan and Star with your delusions.

  11. Never mind the exact number of attendees. However, the 3 ‘Yes’ and 3 ‘No’ are very clear.
    No dispute.

  12. So what ? In fact the important thing was how many of those who attended are Umno/BN supporters, also there were 80,000 of them who attended the show responded no to Najib’s question. Najib could not have a peaceful night after the answer was not what he had expected and wanted. What a … shamble, Najib, you don’t have to pay for insult, there are plenty in store waiting for you and they are free. Just wait for them when after you have announced the date for the GE. Or are you prolonging it just for the glamour for as long as you can and while you and your wife can. Just for the last hurrah ! My heart and those of the million of Malaysians bleed for you. Remember the advice I gave you ,have the shenanigan Mahathir indicted for the abuses of his power during his tenure as the watchdog of this country. That is all you need to do to stay as P.M. for another five years as AB did in his first GE as P.M.winning over 90% of the votes. He was able to win such a big majority because all the voters was in the believed that the shenanigan had retired and came out in full to rejoice such a happy occasion. But similarly AB lost big time and subsequently his job as P.M. when the people realised they were conned by … Mahathir when he showed that he had not retired indeed !

  13. Last 5 years I took the trouble to talk to 2-3 Gerakan flers. One was Wong Mun Hoe, the other is our church guy. Both are so convinced that Gerakan and BN did nothing wrong in the 18 years rule under KTK. They attest PR have been a total screw up in the last 5 years in Penang and Selangor. Invariably, the biggest truimph of MB Khalid was to kick out Alam Flora out of Selangor and make mega savings.
    The 2 Gerakan *&*)&)@$ are so disgusting to talk to as are so stubborn and adamant. Their response. “We forgive Penangites for the mistake of voting in PR, give us another chance to make amendments” –

  14. The first news on TV reported 100k. After that the report go down to 80k. Like I said before we cannot trust the BN UMNO and their sycophants media anymore. From using doctored photo and now trying to pop up the figure through the Psy, it failed miserably. Can we afford to have a govt and leaders that keep on lying and deceiving the people.

    Let us all say No to BN .

    No to BN . No to BN . No to BN .


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