300 journalists, well-wishers march for media freedom #AtTheEdge


This was the scene at the solidarity gathering with The Edge this morning.

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  1. Tony Fernandez told BN to focus on resolving the ringgit’s free fall instead of preoccupying itself with other matters such as restricting social media.

  2. The authority always says that such street protest affects the the business of KL traders.

    Then why have road closure for 3 days to host the KL GP in city centre?

    The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) has questioned the necessity of hosting the inaugural Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix in the heart of the city that had very much affected businesses in the area over the weekend.

    Its executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan said it was not fair to businesses that were affected by the event, which took place from Aug 7 to 9, as they had to conform to their losses.

    “They had to suffer in silence, there was nothing they could do about it,” he said when contacted by theSun today.

    He pointed that most businesses had to incur three to four days of losses due to road closures around the golden triangle, saying: “When people are not able to come in to the area, of course their incomes were affected.”

    Shamsuddin said employers and employees had started feeling the pinch even before the actual event started on Friday, as road closures around the area had started as early as the day before.

    The event, which is expected to be an annual affair, has also been a cause of concern for Shamsuddin, as he said it will prove to be hard for the businesses to operate on such basis.

    He added that Malaysia is not short of registered racing tracks, like the Sepang International Circuit which has seen major sporting events like the Formula 1 taking place, and questioned why the KL City Grand Prix was not hosted there.


  3. Freedom of everything come with responsibility. Can you condone stealing, fabrication,.cheating, misling or tampering of document that were use in Edge. If yes you are not fit to talk of the PM or.anybody wrong doing

    Is the Edge.boss doing it for the.people or For himself or because he has a grudge against the govt because his bank was force to be merged. Remember he was defacto one time crony who benefited a lot from defacto


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