Anwar receives rousing Reformasi reception outside court in Penang


Hundreds gatherered outside the High Court in Penang on Monday morning to give Anwar a Reformai welcome in Penang. As you can see, Anwar still has considerable support from a significant number of Malaysians. Look at the number of guards as well.

The outcome of the case -Anwar was vimdicated in the end and NST had to concede that its report was baseless – will further damage the credibility of the mainstream media in general.

Media outfits such as NST, Utusan, TV3 and Bernama are all believed to be suffering declining readership/viewershp or financial difficulties. It is perhaps a reflection of declining public support for Umno and BN as many Malaysians appear increasingly turned off by the blatant propaganda as the economy continues to weaken.

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  1. With the current rigged elections,no way UMNO BARU is going to lose the elections.They need only 35% of the votes to win.If they they think that there is 1% chance they may lose ,there may be no elections.

    • Penang-born billionaire Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low, had used “Eric Tan” as a proxy name for opening bank accounts as well as corporate entities.

      This was revealed in a Singapore Court during the case of Falcon Private Bank branch manager Jens Fred Sturzenegger, according to Channel News Asia.

  2. Anwar still relevant? Some sceptics believe even majority cannot prevent big time ‘blackout’ next GE with billions at stake?

  3. Umno’s NST would not mind as they have inflicted the damages with false news. DSAI should have sued for $.

  4. Is there a Hypocrite Oath for news media?
    An oath whereby the ulterior conduct of news reporting is based on subjective-to-higher-malevolent-order?
    Or an oath to keep the lie until such & such time when it’s time-sensitive to political contingency?
    I tend to believe so, as Mr Mulder of X-Files would wish to “I Want To Believe”
    Never mind the gavel of judge cannot hit the head of X-Treme Evil & Malice.
    Mr Anwar, you need not want to believe, but Karma is definitely running its course for you.


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