Aliran launches online petition seeking unblocking of Malaysian Insider


Aliran has launched an online petition calling for the unblocking of the Malaysian Insider, Sarawak Report and other news portals.

You can find the petition here.

Stop blocking websites and censoring the internet.

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  1. Press freedom campaigner Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has made six more news sites, including Sarawak Report, accessible in countries where they are currently blocked as part of efforts to thwart Internet censorship.

    “Operation Collateral Freedom #2” mirrors copies of the blocked sites on a cloud hosting service provided by major Internet companies such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google.

    RSF said it had also created a censorship detector app, an extension to the Google Chrome browser to facilitate access to the mirror version of the targeted sites.

    “Whoever goes to one of these blocked sites will see the icon of the RSF Censorship Detector app turn red. By clicking on it, they will be automatically redirected to RSF’s unblocked mirror,” RSF said.

  2. Lim Kit Siang queried the government’s 20-year Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Bill of Guarantees, especially its pledge not to censor the Internet.

    “Are all the 10 guarantees in the MSC Bill of Guarantees now to be regarded as no better than a worthless scrap of paper? Even more important, does Wisma Putra (Foreign Ministry) really believe in the garbage it has trotted out that the ban on TMI was necessary ‘to maintain peace, stability and harmony to safeguard the multiracial and multicultural values, norms and practices in Malaysia’?”

    Lim said Malaysians would like to know who among the cabinet ministers who believe in “such garbage”.

    “When has zeal, fervour and passion to combat corruption and financial scandals like (PM) Najib (Razak’s) twin mega scandals undermined or threatened ‘peace, stability and harmony in the country’ or inimical to the ‘multiracial and multicultural values, norms and practices’ in Malaysia?”

    The MP for Gelang Patah added that while he has strong differences with Najib, he didn’t believe that the PM has become so intellectually bankrupt as to believe in the “garbage” dished out by Wisma Putra to justify the banning of TMI.

    “The prime minister has asked Internet users to differentiate truth from lies before forming a judgement – but the violation of the MSC Bill of Guarantee of ‘no Internet censorship’ and the ban on Internet news portals are not helping Malaysians to differentiate truth from lies, as they only sought to hide the truth from the Malaysian citizenry.”

  3. Websites blocked by the Multimedia and Communications Commission (MCMC) without an official court order can challenge the ban with a judicial review, lawyers say in light of recent bans on blogs and a news portal. This is since the main law used to regulate online content, the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA), does not allow the agency to block arbitrarily online content without first going to court. They said MCMC must first prove in a court of law that a website had breached the CMA before it could be banned, said Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen.

  4. Time for solidarity!
    Commentators in should put aside petty differences to consolidate effort to legally and morally remove barangnaik regime.


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