A glimpse from the past, this time a coffee shop along Church Street.

The Eng Loh Kopitiam along Church Street in 1998 - Photograph: David Chew

tunglang who submitted this photo describes the scene as “Tham Chiak Kuis from Scandinavia salivating without ‘Good Morning’ mini China towel at my favorite Eng Loh Kopitiam” in 1998.

Church Street is one of the earliest streets in George Town. It is close to where the first church on the island was built soon after 1786. This Catholic church was known as the “Portuguese Church” or “The Church of the Assumption”. The founders of this church also built a small Malay-medium school in the church premises – the roots of present-day St Xavier’s Institution.

The church was later relocated in 1857 to Farquhar Street, next to St Xavier’s, which was also relocated around the same time.

Church Street was also the site of the Ghee Hin secret society headquarters and later, its rival, the Hai San.

Gee Siewfoong adds on Facebook: “The British Council used to be opposite this. And USIS down the road. Now, no more.”

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