Higher density guideline will lead to more affordable homes? We’ve heard that before


Deja vu… Back in 2012, when the maximum density was increased from 30 homes per acre to 87 per acre, we were told that this would encourage developer to build more affordable homes. Did that happen? You tell me.

What we got instead was more and more expensive homes.

Now the density is being hiked to more than four times the pre-2012 level to 128 homes per acre, again to encourage more affordable – an tinier – homes. This at a time when the population of Penang is rising every so slightly.

Excerpt from a Star report:

Toh said at a Rehda Chinese New Year dinner that Kuala Lumpur-based and Penang-based developers were now exploring how to best implement projects under the new density guideline, which had increased the density per per acre to 128 units from 87 units.

“The additional 41 units per acre allows the developer to build more 600 sq ft to 700 sq ft units.

“The pricing for these properties is over RM400,000.

“Under the old guideline, developers, due to the lower density of 87 units per acre, have to focus on building larger units of 1,000 to 1,400 sq ft to sell at a higher price to generate a reasonable margin.

“If they build more smaller size units with a lower selling price under the old guideline, they would not be able to generate a decent margin,” Toh said.

And they are allowing corporate guarantees instead of bank guarantees for the development charges.

We are not holding our breath to see if this will translate to more affordable – and tinier homes being built.

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In the meantime, enjoy the congestion!

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  1. why tua pek kong dont ask his macai gilakan federal gomen to build more houses? afterall give them some reward or bagged over. or tua pek kong prefers to be blind … on gilakan federal housing

    • I urge of GenY youngsters stop buying Starbucks Fracpuccino or TeaLive bubble tea for one week and donate the RM15 to the poor senior citizens.

    • Times are bad, wait for the housing bubble burst (if you got spare cash) or wait for affordable housing by gomen with a heart (which means vote wisely, not knee-jerking).

  2. Activists activists and associations should be suing our tuans to bring them back to reality. This applies those focusing on matters such as (a) fraudulent goods (b) poor utilities (c) poor services including those from gomen (d) poor infrastructure including housing, construction and traffic (e) poor response to disasters (f) poor action on violent crime and fraud (g) various, pervasive poisons (called “pollution”) in food, water, and air, as well as noise.

    • better utilities means better ambulance. fire engines, water supply intenet sewer. we want better but dont pay? better means wider roads for ambulance.to have better means more space is required.more cutting.

      • When you get better standard of living in terms of amenities and convenience, the premium like housing will go up in land scarce island of Penang. Remember fresh fish cost more when the supply is low.

        “The Rise” in Penang should appeal to those who want to be closer to the heritage zone. Not sure if units are still available?

      • Affordable home is minimum RM400K (also hard to come by these days) in cities like Penang, KL and JB.

        Better have good income (a good education first) in order to own a home in the city. That is the modern day reality we have to accept. Otherwise be content and live in outskirts area but need a car!

  3. CAT SMART Housing Formula:
    Increased density + smaller units + still @ high price is the smart accounting formula of Penang’s Only Accountant-Politician-cum-Trader.
    We were given CAT comforting promises time & time again with each holier increase of housing density. Just wait for more comes GE14. Yeah, majority of Penangites (except for Anil & other sincerely certified accountants in Penang) are no smart accountants, so the above housing formula is smart accounting of a highly worshipped political trader entity & Deity.
    Even Penang’s many deities cannot vouch to be very smart when it comes to housing matter.
    They just humbly request a small shrine for comfortable housing.

    • PLB developer “rescued” Majestic Height failed project of the 90s, set to build ~6900 affordable homes at Paya Terubong. Go register for children looking for homes !!!!

    • Deities live in another dimensional realms, come to earthy shrines to realize the wishes of praying humans eg 4D strike.

      • Deities do their best to fulfil the wishes of earthly denizens, but one particular Deity in Penang desires unerring worshipping (political support), blind loyalty (that comes with knee-jerking @ contentious issues) & at the same time can play the fool with Penangites’ emotion & fear (of concocted spins).

        Almost everyone wants to be rich instantly, thus the 4D strike is no issue as to which deity to worship.
        Why not try Komtar if you want to believe?

      • 666 or 777 is irrelevant when earthly need$ more critical than afterlife saliva+ion???

      • Raining,
        When anyone opposed wrong doing of power abused,destroy nature in the name of overdevelopment they are Satan but their partially closed eyed supporters is Angel.

        rajraman.The angel don’t know the properties price increase because of flipping.Most the new properties is empty now.No longer have buyer for secondary market.The bank don’t even want to loan nowdays for overvalue properties.
        Flipping days are over and new days comes with loan to service,no tenant,no buyers except debt.There is no extra cash $$$ circulating.Even during the finacial crisis year 2000 peoples have $$$ to spend but now the common peoples just think how to survive with little $$$.Angel don’t know that or pretend not to know.

      • those who buy the properties or providing direct or indirect service are also supporting satans? next time if developers want to drink a cuppa dont sell them? then no difference to religion

      • Well i not selling coffee.I try to sell how good governance should be.
        rajraman.Just some peoples blinded by their deity mantra.
        Satan? Who? Are you calling me satan?Well you can call whatever you want because you have no proper view how others think because your eyes very much partially closed as your brain.

      • Those closed eyes have also deaf eyes and gilakan brain. Deity is not the mighty kangong. Banks are under mighty kangong in Putrajaya.

      • You can sell any product you like.But not all products are perfect. If you want what you want, DIY. Who knows there maybe buyers. Go and stand for election. We vote for you for stable earnable job and cheap housing.

      • Who does not know what is good gomen? Tell us which is the good government in this world?

      • Please show respect to deity like tua pek kong and Datum Kong. Anyhow talk is bad and no good or you.

      • You are not understanding this when you read:
        but one particular Deity in Penang desires unerring worshipping (political support), blind loyalty (that comes with knee-jerking @ contentious issues) & at the same time can play the fool with Penangites’ emotion & fear (of concocted spins).

        Let me make it clearer to you:
        CAT Deity or more precisely Niao Kong, satisfied?

      • Christians will not like it if make reference to cardinals or pope to make fun. So please respect Taoism.

    • Donald Tsang: Hong Kong ex-leader guilty of misconduct
      Former Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang has been found guilty of misconduct in office, in a case related to a luxury flat in China.
      Mr Tsang, who led Hong Kong from 2005 to 2012, had faced three charges of misconduct and bribery.
      He was cleared of a second count of misconduct and the jury failed to reach a verdict on a third charge of accepting an advantage.
      Mr Tsang is the most senior Hong Kong official to face a corruption trial.
      The case has worried a territory that prides itself on its relatively clean reputation.

      Read on, even a clean reputation gomen can have dirty closet to try to hide (by apparently legal means with no money flow).

      • How dense is the public housing on Hong Kong island?

        Good to see the comparison with Penang island.

      • Kyran, people are paying more than Rm 1k in caGED beds in domitory style houses and one apartment unit is further partitioned or further divide into 5 to 7 units studio types ie bed, kitchen and toilet with just walking space.

      • another trash going agsinst the flow nothing to do with high density. further donald is cleared of accepting free renovations . he was guilty of awarding a contract while having secret negeotiations. tua pek kong is just another pasar trader selling snake oil.

  4. When peoples start to believe what developers says and the goverment of the day dont ask them to put it in black and white in writing and implement it you always have the same Lies repeated many times.

    rajraman.In the name of “$$$”Businessman and Politicals traders works together.
    Anyway currently there are too many homes in secondary market can’t be sold.There also no tenant.Expart no longer coming and renting high end properties but i still see new building coming up and the same Developers said all sold out.Anyone want to buy 10% cheaper than developer price there are few bangalows selling at Glenmarrie Selangor.

      • no need to wait. there are so many projects abandoned now and in the psst under tua pek kong favoured gilakan federal gomen party. tua pek kong should have a good look at well being department. too well being for tua pek kong that like snake oil seller divert attention


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