Enchanting lights illuminate the night during cancer awareness-raising event


Over a thousand people gathered at USM last night for the launch of the Relay for Life in Penang to support raising awareness of the fight against cancer.

Special luminaria bags lit up the darkness in remembrance of loved ones no longer with us and those currently having cancer.

The meaning of the Relay for Life:

Relay brings us together as a community in our fight against cancer. It affirms that we can do things to protect ourselves and our loved ones against cancer; that we need to know more and spread knowledge to others; and that we can celebrate this fight together over the months of the Relay campaign, and of course at the final Relay event.

There are three key concepts for Relay which apply to us as individuals and as a Relay community: celebrate, remember, fight back.

We celebrate survivorship and everyone involved in fighting and supporting people in their fight against cancer – survivors, carers, families, and friends. The first lap at Relay is walked by survivors and their carers/supporters.

We remember those who have fought cancer. At Relay, we do this especially through the very special Luminaria ceremony. Hundreds of luminaria bags, dedicated to loved ones, line the track and are left burning throughout the night. It’s a spectacular sight.

We commit ourselves to fight back against cancer, through the various activities of Relay and beyond. This includes carrying the key messages (see Our Key Messages) to as many people as we possibly can, making sure people understand cancer better, how we can fight it, and where we can go for help.

Many people also ask why the ‘Relay’ at the final event. As many of you will know, in addition to all the entertainment, food, and other stalls which fill the field, there is a track which teams and individuals take turns to walk around (Relay For Life!).

The ‘relaying’ symbolise the journey of a cancer patient and the non-stop fight against cancer. As we walk around the track, we can think about the initial diagnosis of a cancer patient, and then, as time goes in, the various stages of reaction and treatment that patients and carers go through.

It is a long journey for many, full of conflicting emotions, ranging from hope to despair. All this can be seen in our Relay – and that is why we ask teams to keep at least one person on the track at all times, to share and symbolise our support for survivors and our communal fight against cancer.

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    • Go for raw coffee with self-controlled amount of sugar added. Say no to 3-in-1 type as the creamer and sugar are not healthy.

      • Go to Taiping for vintage kopi !

        安东咖啡厂 Aun Tong Sdn Bhd
        Address :8A, Assam Kumbang, 34000 Taiping, Perak.

      • Cafe run by seniors for seniors opens in Bukit Batok, Singapore.

        What is special is that both servers and customers are seniors. The servers are not paid staff, but volunteers who take turns to cook, brew and befriend senior citizens who visit the cafe.

        Customers can also choose to pay whatever amount they want for orders at the cafe.


        The Penang government can initiate this program at George Town old heritage shophouse, possibly at 50 Lone Lane? tunglang can be the consultant for the project.

  1. Curcumin is the yellow pigment extracted from turmeric. Curcumin has demonstrated incredible anti-cancer benefits. In countries where people eat turmeric daily at about 100 to 200 mg (roughly 1-2 teaspoons) over long periods of time, research has shown there to be lower rates of certain types of cancer.

  2. People are in pain, real pain and too many lives are being ruined by the pain syndrome, or ruined by the prescribed drugs themselves!

    When will this stop? When will we wake-up and acknowledge that everything in our world is severely polluted (in the name of profit), and causing all of these deficiencies?

    When will real nutrition be considered the first and only solution, especially since this is what the research continues to prove?

    Is there a reason why conventional medicine wants us on so many drugs? Is it more than just profits?

    People do cure themselves from pain syndromes, such as myofascial pain, irritable bowel syndrome (as I did!) and restless leg syndrome, to diseases such as multiple sclerosis and cancer!

    We are ALL living proof that cures are found through nutrition, not via a chemical drug!

    Energetic food plus the right combination heals and prevents!

    Lack of magnesium, lack of vit C, lack of vit b12 and a lack of vitamin D…
    Nature cures!!!
    Think about this!!!
    If people understood that they have the power to heal themselves, who would profit?

    • If people undersood they have the power to actually heal themselves… then who would profit??

      The power to heal, and to maintain one’s health, has always been in the mind of the individual. And every day more and more people are waking-up to this amazing natural concept!

      Enjoy your day! Start with a hot lime-juice and a pinch of sodium bicarbonate…no sugar!!!
      Cheers on good health,

      • Margie you can detoxify via Ayuverda treatment at Little India. If you have time and resources, fly to Sri Lanka for natural treatment and come back rejuvenated.

        Anil can gather like-minded (nature loving) readers/commentators at Love Lane to enjoy music and discuss natural health treatment.

      • Hi Heng,
        thank you for the idea!
        I am a natural healer and Reiki Master.
        Give courses about natural healing, detoxification programs and much more

        Back to nature for your future…

    • So we can eat injected chooks and meat, caged eggs and farmed fish and then go for detox to cleanse oneself

  3. Did you know that AstraZeneca, manufacturer of two blockbuster breast cancer drugs (one of which is classified as a known human carcinogen), is behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

    Why is it, do you think, that during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) you never hear the word “carcinogen” mentioned, but are barraged a million times over by the word “cure”?

    Truth be told, BCAM should be renamed Breast Cancer Un-Awareness Month, as it has nothing to do with generating awareness about the true causes and solutions for the breast cancer epidemic and everything to do with making the public focus on a presumably not-yet-existent “cure” to be produced through the pharmaceutical pipeline somewhere off in the future only after enough money is raised.

  4. Meanwhile Singapore is raising awareness to fight diabetes – one if the key issues presented at PM 2017 National Day Rally.

    One in nine Singaporeans have diabetes. Among those over 60 years old, three in 10 have the condition. On average, about 1,200 diabetics have to undergo amputation every year – among the highest in the world.


    I think the situation is equally bad in Malaysia given the fondness for sweet drinks and nasi lemak (white rice has high GI, carbohydrates turn sugar quickly in your body).

    • alamak, now economy is struggling in Bolehland, not sure Anil has noted many Penangites are selling nasi bungkus lemak by the road side, and this can aggravate the obesity situation as lemak is fats !

  5. GLCs investing in bloodsucking industries, says Chin Tong

    KUALA LUMPUR: DAP central executive council member Liew Chin Tong has accused government-linked companies (GLCs) in the country of squeezing the middle class of their income.
    Speaking at a forum entitled “Envisioning The Future Beyond GE14” here today, Liew, who is also MP for Kluang, said the country’s GLCs invested in industries that pinched the pockets of Malaysians, citing the healthcare industry as an example.
    “In Malaysia we have a two-tiered healthcare system where if you have money you go to private hospitals and if you don’t, then you go to government hospitals.
    “What many people don’t realise is that most private hospitals are actually owned by the government,” he said.
    “Prince Court Medical Centre is owned by Petronas and Subang Jaya Medical Centre is owned by Sime Darby.”
    He said private healthcare wasn’t the only industry GLCs were investing in which was hitting the pockets of the people as the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) had a 49% stake in PLUS Malaysia Berhad.
    “This brings into question the role of a GLC, which is supposed to nurture domestic capital.
    “I hope that in years to come we’ll be able to look at GLCs as playing a constructive role in giving to the economy instead of investing in these bloodsucking industries.”
    Recently, in his discussions with US President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Najib Razak said Malaysia was now exporting capital to the US through the likes of EPF, Khazanah Holdings and national carrier Malaysia Airlines.
    Liew said it was not EPF that had erred by investing in the US but Najib because as finance minister, he had failed to address the real problem with that move.
    “EPF sees that the domestic market is unable to fulfil its KPI and so naturally it would look into other avenues.
    “The fact that the local economy isn’t giving enough returns on their investment however, means that something is wrong and this means that the finance minister is doing something wrong.”

    My Healthy Hope: May CAT invite Liew Chin Tong for a 360° view of private hospital industry & its expansion for the rich + famous patients squeezing opportunities for affordable medical services in Penang.

    • Also, pls for public health accessibility sake, don’t tell us the price of land is very expensive to not realise affordable medical services for Penangites.
      The same for medical insurances which in my own experience is also a blood-sucking + heartless industry.
      I have had an insincere insurance agent for almost a decade, who when I was paying a lot of insurance premiums = good money to his commission coffer, had the loving gesture to proclaim “We are like a family” in CNY greeting cards BUT when I cancelled all my insurance policies after I lost my regular job, which meant zero commission for him, he had the heart to not even help me (as a freelancer who gave him my namecards) out via introducing his many businessmen contacts, not a single contact.
      “That’s what ‘we are a family’ for making money from you!” Not a 2-way beneficial gesture BUT “Choy Nie Gong for almost a decade”

      • If you still think not all insurance agents are like that, I have yet to meet one sincere & helpful agent who is human in good times (i.e. making good commission from me) & bad times (i.e. zero commission from me).

    • If you think private hospitals are not blood-suckers, I have this to share:
      My wife went for her thyroid treatment + surgery & paid for her medical bill with her medical insurance policy.
      But she had to wait a number of days just to get a doctor’s letter to process her insurance payment.
      You know what, the doctor’s letter, which in my frank opinion can be done in minutes (in situ) if not copied from ready-typed digital copies cost my wife about Rm100.00+!!! If that is not blood-sucking, I have no other less mild terms for that.

      What is the Hippocratic Oath to take in order to serve the public?
      Or should it now be “No Money, No Oath?”

      • Some say Healthy life comes before money for meaningful fulfilling life.

        That only valid if you stay healthy not consuming carbon monoxide from increasing motor cars on the road or toxins from processed food.

        So when you are not healthy, money becomes Very important. No money no private hospital can care for you.

        So do value public hospital service while the nation still have the money to sustain the bills. If not,Najib should get Hasil to check up private doctors and lawyers to fund the public.

      • The difference between Pasar Malam Trades and Private Hospital Doctors :

        Pasar Malam Traders – you can bargain, and the traders usually have the heart to give more discounts to poorer customers.

        Private Hospital Doctors – no bargain, don’t agree with medical bill then go elsewhere for treatment. Forget about the codes of ethics of Socrates, they need to earn high and fast to live in Moonlight Bay.

      • So, you agree some doctors are hypocrites? Ravi?
        Then, we all might as well become hypocrites > become dog eats dog, dog eats cat, in the name of money! See who have the stamina & appetite to ravage. Right?
        But then, some people have not experienced the sufferings, so the convenience to uphold the hypocrisies, wrong?

      • “Create new diseases (bird flu), then come up with new medicines by big Pharma”

        Similarly, computer/smartphone virus are created by the companies selling you the anti-virus software.

    • Medical and health industry in Msia is monopolised by a certain conglomerate. Cost to go up as the society is aging to exploit the situation.

      • Monopolise, how true:
        1) Create new diseases (bird flu), then come up with new medicines by big Pharma.
        2) Price monopoly of medicines in the name of never-ending researches.
        3) Medical schools hike up fees beyond affordability, recognition within their close circle of affiliations.
        4) Tear down Traditional Chinese Medicines esp. herbs & acupuncture, bird nests, etc.
        5) Medical tourism as profitable industry solely for the rich, so gomens the world over gawk at it, welcome it & neglect the needs of the poor (Penang is an example where there are more than enough private hospitals).
        6) Medical insurance jumping on the blood-sucking bandwagons. High insurance premiums tango with high medical fees if one is paying via medi-insurance. The real losers are the paying insured – front (medical fees) + back (adjusted insurance premiums after claims).
        7) Cheap Asian doctors & nurses to fulfil the dreams of monopoly of profitable private hospitals.
        8) Promote private hospital stays as a lifestyle better than some 5-Star international hotels! Hotels, beware!

      • 9) Closed (no-bid) contract for medicines and med services. More privatisation of gomen procurement despite cost going up. Not only in Bolehland (as CAP pointed out), it is far worse in a certain Great Democracy.
        10) Failure to monitor and regulate prices (as CAP pointed out), and to licence generics. Cancer (as Star pointed out) and kidney failure are leading causes of destitution and despair.
        11) Longer patents and granting patents for superficial changes. Bolehland insists on pursuing TPP which worsens this.
        12) Medicalising pregnancy, including undermining and dismissing traditional nurses (bidan). There was a BBC documentary on the life-long ill effects on the baby (beginning with failure to acquire essential microbiome from the mother) and on the mother.
        13) Escape clauses and loading in insurance.
        14) “Scientific” medicine a leading cause (maybe the 3rd) of illness, injury and death. Autopsies performed on the bodies of deceased patients indicate that 20-40% of diagnoses are wrong [Lucien Leape, c. 1999].
        15) Marketing campaigns including (a) expansion of symptoms (b) fake interest groups and scare-mongering to push specious treatments (c) dangers of an existing medicine pointed out when its patent is about to expire, replaced by a more expensive one.

    • Margie
      Dutch and Germans enjoy beer. This October do invite your close friends to enjoy them indoor and keep the festival alive with your prayer. God bless.

      • Thank you Heng!
        My close friends are local, we love to be outdoor… rather enjoy a healthy picnic at the stream!

  6. Eat less commercial farming meat then less toxic in body to activate the cancerous cell.
    Save the earth so save ourselves from cancer threat.

      • Cheers! But many are attracted to super-expensive lifestyle of private hospitals flashing their credit cards & insurance medi-cards!
        At the slightest fever, stay overnight @ Private Hospital dot, dot, dot.
        Nevermind what chemicals or hormones are inside the expensive medicines. Bin-chui matters more than longevity!
        NB: you have to stay overnight to make an insurance claim, dude!

    • A start up in Singapore has developed a ‘meat’ that tastes just like chicken, but it is actually made from plants. Life3 Biotech are hoping that their invention will satisfy meat-eaters’ craving for chicken, whilst reducing the environmental impact of their meal.

      This innovative new product is likely to be called ‘Veego’, and the start up joins many others in the world currently seeking to answer the globe’s farming problems with meat-like alternatives. Founder of Life3, Ricky Lin is hoping to obtain $1.5 million SGD in order to start production of Veego. Lin expects to be able to produce 25 tonnes of Veego per month if he can secure the funding for his production site.


  7. It would be interesting to find out the ultimate sponsors of such “awareness” campaigns. Much of “modern” medical treatment consists of proprietary testing and treatment – without cure, until your money runs out. This is an industry that legally bribes doctors to achieve a “quota” of prescriptions for specific medicines. “Research” and government oversight carefully evades the vast array of modern poisons, radiation and exploitation that undermines natural health and promotes illness. If longterm illness was rare, many major investors, businesses and “professionals” would go bust, and there would be little scope for private hospitals, bonuses, mansions, yatchs and offshore accounts.


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