Dengue cases in Penang almost triple this year


Penang recorded 3361 dengue cases until 15 August this year, that is about 2.8 times more than the 1183 cases for the same period in 2014.

Eight deaths have been reported this year compared to five in the same period last year.

Three hotspots have been identified at Jalan York, Lorong Sungai Dua and Sri Wangsa. Another significant outbreak was recorded at Mutiara Heights.

This was reported in a press release by Penang State ExCO member Dr Afif Bahardin on 19 August 2015.

It is important for health inspectors to inspect private premises, vacant unattended land and construction sites to check if there are any pools of clear stagnant water that could be the breeding grounds for Aedes mosquito?

I believe the local councils should have a health department with health inspectors there – or at least they used to in the past.

Are such inspections being carried out as diligently as they used to in the 1970s, for instance, when inspectors did not hesitate to impose fines to those guilty of breeding mosquiotes in their premises?

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  1. Dengue fever is not just confined to Penang state. It is nation wide and dumno government is doing nothing except waiting for more middle east donation. Health is the responsibility of the dumno federal gomen. But they are not spending money in opp held areas. There is no effort even mic is having inhouse fighting. Federal gomen is treating Penang as step child and giving peanuts…

      • They just clock in and clock out. Money from dumno gomen just enough for salary and not for campaigns. Anyway radio and tv are under dumno federal gomen. State powers are all sapu by federal. %€$¥ are paid by Rakyat to federal and give peas and peanuts to opposition. Some cronies here ate happy o er the crumbs and finger licking bones

    • Whenever there is a reported case of dengue fever, the Health Department would jump into action by sending over their fogging team to the neighborhood of the affected household (usually at about 6 – 7 pm). But unfortunately, little cooperation is given by the people as the majority of them refused to allow fogging to be done inside their house. Many would just ‘disappear’ upon noticing the presence of the fogging team while some simply refused to allow the fogging team from entering their premises. Even as early as yesterday, the fogging team could NOT fog the very effected household in my neighborhood as the occupants were not around – meaning the dengue mosquitoes could still be breeding inside.

      The fogging is usually followed by the inspection team to the neighborhood the next day. Since this happens during the working hours on weekdays, the number of households inspected is usually very low. The inspection team would then take some photos or physical samples of larvae found in the vicinity. But then, I have not seen or heard of any follow up actions from them.

      So long as the authorities only ‘cari makan’ and the public ‘pandang ringan’ towards the dengue phenomenon, the situation is only set to worsen.

  2. Did anyone notices that the haze/smog is back?
    It is man-made. Burning of forest and farmland is done on purpose.
    This is controllable and avoidable. But as human, we are greedy.

  3. Many times I said we had an INCOMPETENT Cat Dap govt but many obsessed supporters get annoyed still in a state of denial that this is the facts and reality. Dap Pkr Selangor govt is even worse when come to dengue control.

    They are more interested in things like Bersih and now we know it’s not really that Bersih is it not


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