Cholesterol and statins – the other side of the story (Video)


This documentary challenges some of the long-held theories about cholesterol and statins, which have reaped big bucks for Big Pharma.

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  1. Notice that the title of the article suggests this is a problem only in a particular country. In fact, that is where the Alien beast capitalism now has its primary lair. Disease, hunger, hardship – any suffering – is an opportunity for it to profit. Climate change is still low-key – not officilly denied but assigned to designated extreme voices to ridicule – as the “model” to turn it into big bucks has not been conjured up yet.

    Medicine is a particularly profitable industry. It works together with the production of dangerous food, articles, materials and services, and with the imposition of dangerous conditions of work, transport, communication and living. Research is only done on the most profitable, proprietary chemicals. This supposedly scientic research is by the party who will benefit, rarely available for scruitiny, rarely verifed, often imposed on uninformed patients or very poor volunteers, suppressed if unsuccessful, and often overturned after a few years. Fake diseases are invented, especially in relation to the mind, and the definition of existing diseases expanded.

    Collusive government is esentital to this charade. The public provision of reliable health services is strangled to promote ever more expensive privatised alternatives. Cheap or natural cures are violently suppressed. Patents are extended for the flimsiest reasons. Punishment of the industry – when it cannot be put off – is largely insignificant.


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