Zunar faces nine charges of sedition tomorrow


Even as Najib faces mounting pressure from Mahathir and Razaleigh, Malaysia’s leading political cartoonist Zunar reports: “My lawyer just informed that the government will charge me with NINE charges under The Sedition Act tomorrow, with the bail is about RM50,000. Otherwise I will be in jail.”

This is not good.

Solidarity with Zunar.

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  1. Will be interesting to see which of the cartoons are deemed as seditious and why they are considered to be so.

  2. The cartoonist is the modern version of the court jester. For ages, even feudal rulers with absolute power knew their value and paid for their upkeep. In Bolehland, they are now treated like terrorists, while the actual terrorists … CENSORED.

  3. Ku Li has urged Najib to respond to Mahathir’s queries. But Najib will continue his silent mode just like his no-stand on hudud? Even Perkasa is now behind Che Det on questioning the real motive behind Altantunya murder.

    GST has arrived but Anil seems to be unperturbed? Or is it because Anil shops at Mydin (claims to be absorbing 6% in April) and does not feel the impact? Or the roti canai he takes for breakfast has no price hike?

    The GST fiasco on prepaid phone card shows that guidelines on GST has never been clear allowing traders to take advantage of consumers?

  4. The death-knell sounds ever louder for those in power….
    They grow ever more desperate, as they cling to the lie
    Their own deception lays them low
    The naked greed no longer hidden
    Their poverty of thought leads them a dance

    get that professor, that Member of Parliament, that man in the street
    jail that cartoonist he ridicules us

    its only a drawing, but they see shadows.
    self important men who cannot laugh

    • Its only a drawing, its some writing , its some stories but the pen is mightier than you can imagine if it is not being use resposibily. It could destroy a nation, it could destroy the peace and harmony of the country if it is not nip in the bud.


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