Reject Hadi’s bill


MP for Kelana Jaya Wong Chen has alerted Malaysians that the amendments to Hadi’s bill have been delivered to MPs.

According to Wong Chen, “He (Hadi) has finally abandoned his hudud punishment agenda and he will now pursue instead a maximum of 30 years jail sentence, RM100,000 fine and 100 strokes.”

The bill was supposed to be number six on the order paper.

Says Wong Chen on his Facebook:

At 12.20 pm, ahead of 5 motions, the Speaker Pandikar gives way to Hadi Awang to take the floor to amend his motion.

After 2 minutes, Hadi finished and sits down. Hadi offered not to debate the issue. This is an absolutely ridiculous u turn after getting everyone riled up! The Speaker then says the matter will be postponed to another time. The Speaker then rules that this is not even a first reading.

YB Mujahid stands and say that we have to form a select committee to go forward and not to allow this very serious divisive issue to be played around, uneccesarily fanning religious sentiments of the public.

Earier, Wong Chen had said,  “It will definitely be debated today.”.

He added, “On the way in, I saw a school bus parked outside full of Pas blackshirts preparing to support Hadi Awang’s bill.”

Meanwhile, a mob attempted to attack Khalid Ahmad as he entered Parliament.

This is disgraceful behaviour. Many Malaysians are sick and tired of seeing such thugs being allowed to act with impunity, unafraid or unconcerned about the law – what more in the hallowed grounds of Parliament.

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It was only yesterday that the peaceful Women for Maria were stopped from entering the grounds of Parliament, with only a few representatives being allowed in to hand over their memorandum.

After the success of Bersih 5 in bringing Malaysians together, we now see this concerted attempt to divide Malaysians along the lines of religion or to distract them with outrageous behaviour or language in Parliament.

Hadi’s bill also, in effect, diverts public attention away from the embarrassing 1MDB global investigation, the Bersih demands, and Maria Chin’s unjust incarceration without trial under Sosma.

We know where Pas and Umno stand on Hadi’s bill.

Sarawak MPs have been told to reject Hadi’s bill. Will they now agree after these latest amendments?

What about the MPs from PKR, Amanah, Gerakan, MCA, MIC and the Sabah parties? What is their stand?

Reject Hadi’s bill. It strays away straying away from the founding vision of our nation, and it could lead us down a slippery slope in a direction that many of us would rather not go.

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  1. Why Umno is facilitating PAS to pass this Hadi’s private bill?
    Zahid is like a spokesperson to PAS, trying to convince Sarawak CM Adenan to support the bill,

    MCA and Gerakan, why are you so blind on this matter?

    • Gerakan not in hot pursue on impact of Hudud, instead complaint not enough car park at Bayan Baru market. OH oh Oh so myopic!

  2. In reality , 1 (One) system of law is more than sufficient.
    We here having 2 set of laws is more than “pening kepala”.
    Of course they will say and claim that their law is just for them and solely for them.
    However, if we look , study and observes further.
    Their law is affecting everybody .
    None of my business if they want to increase whippings, jail time , monetary fines or even chopping off their own limps and heads.
    But their actions crosses the line too often and belittle Civil Laws which is the Supreme Law for Malaya and Borneo.
    Heavier penalties = Zero crime and No sins?
    Maybe this is why Singapore is way ahead.

  3. It’s very very bad. Hadi and his PAS says they have explained things but all they have done is repeating the same lines again and again. It all now comes down to just primitive power, those who have more wins – Najib’s regime of Rule by Power – the law, Constitution and reason does not matter.

    The liberal left in this country should have stepped up to argue against, instead saying silent will criticising the middle who has to govern and left to defend everyone on this side. Why is Lim Mah Hui has nothing to say to Hadi? Why Teh Yee Chau also say nothing? These critics should be the loudest against Hadi given their insistence on liberal stance.

    • So, neo-capitalist politicians + political traders are helpless AOK
      in the face of dark age religion bigots?
      Both create hardship, but one renders majority of society to economic slaves + beggars, widening the gulf of haves & have nots till planet Earth is no more habitable!
      That will be more than very, very bad.
      Helplessness is a bad choice.

      • why worry? u have your place in Belum. since both here are no good why you still hanging? balek kampong. penang esrthquake less.

  4. ‘a maximum of 30 years jail sentence’ vs ‘penjara selama tempoh melebihi 30 thn atau denda melebihi satu ratus ribu ringgit’ – mana satu ni?


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