Hadi’s bill farce: Political brinkmanship of the highest order


The saga of Hadi’s bill in Parliament descended into a farce this afternoon amidst shouts of “Takut! Takut!” from opposition MPs when Speaker Pandikar Amin refused to allow a debate.

But not everyone is upset with the speaker’s decision to abruptly defer the debate on the bill to the next parliamentary sitting.

The fact that the bill made it to the floor of Parliament – albeit for a one-sided airing – will allow Pas president Hadi Awang to go into the Pas party elections on 29 April-2 May 2017 in Alor Setar with something to show his party delegates – that his bill is moving.

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  1. Catholic Bishop Emeritus Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing hailed the urging by Sultanah Raja Zarith Sofia of Johor for Muslims to show equal respect to non-Muslims as the most “radically inclusive statement ever to come from a major civic leader on the country’s most fraught subject – inter-religious relations.”

    “It’s like life-giving water to a parched desert traveller,” opined the former head of the Catholic Church in the Malacca-Johor diocese.


  2. Mohamed Tawfik Ismail, the son of former DPM Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, in an affidavit he filed in court, has claimed that BN’s inconsistent stand on the tabling of the amendments to the Act 355 is “political posturing and a ploy” by Umno and PAS as the general election approaches.

  3. Lawyer tells off Parliament security guards turned moral police

    PETALING JAYA: Security personnel at the Parliament entrance today let a woman through after being sharply rebuked for harassment when they tried to bar her from entering because her outfit was considered “indecent”.
    Women’s Aid Organisation assistant treasurer Meera Samanther was told her knee-length skirt, which she usually wears to attend court hearings, was too short when she tried to enter the premises.
    Meera, who spoke to The Star, was both stunned and incensed by the moral policing.
    “I lost my cool. So I raised my voice and told him (guard) to stop harassing me.”
    Surprised and confused, the security man let her stride past.
    Meera, a lawyer, said a colleague of hers was similarly harassed by Parliament security personnel when she drove to the guardhouse for a security pass.
    “The security person even peeked into the car to see what she was wearing and told her to get down so they could see the length of the skirt.
    “This is unacceptable.”
    She said security personnel should focus on actual security threats instead of trying to impose their morals on visitors.
    Parliament corporate communications head Tengku Nasaruddin Tengku Mohamed said the incident was being investigated.
    “Parliament will issue an official statement soon.”
    There have been numerous reports of government servants at public departments, including even the airport, turning moral police and refusing entry or service to women they consider inappropriately dressed.
    The subject had been raised even in Parliament by ministers who wished to know if there was a “moral dress code” for visitors to government premises.
    Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Azalina Othman Said had said that Putrajaya did not enforce a dress code on visitors and would entertain all, even those who were dressed “inappropriately”.

    My Observation: Security guards are only supposed to take care of security in their premises, not to be ‘kay-po’ as moral police. Might as well wear a turban ala Taliban & carry a holy book! This sort of job fiasco should be reported to the Labor Office!
    We are not in Moral-Frenzied Afghanistan (where the sight of flesh can make these bigots crazy), so whoever who gave stupid instructions to these security guards, pls take note. You should be doing productive & sensible jobs according to Labor Law (to serve the Rakyat) with your precious time paid for by the Rakyat! Paham kah???

    Every Rakyat should emulate Meera Samanther – give a proper tongue lashing to stop them from ‘kay-po-moral’ harassment. We have our rights to do so.

  4. Pandikar Amin was playing by the “script”, starting with the fact that the Dewan Rakyat meeting on Wednesday had gone on for 20 hours until 5.05am on Thursday, and 5 government bills were also withdrawn, to “clear the decks” for Hadi’s motion.

    Pandikar had told PKR’s Gopeng MP Lee Boon Chye that the government had asked the House to fast-track Hadi’s motion – proof that the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, representing 12 component parties, had made the call although Malaysians were told that BN would not adopt the shariah bill.

    But the strongest proof that yesterday’s proceedings had been a script was MIC president S Subramaniam’s admission that BN leaders had known all along that Hadi’s bill would be tabled, but not debated.

  5. This is a double-edged sword (a contentious ceramah debate dividing the Rakyat) from BeeEnd for Opposition to handle in next GE:

    1) the deferment of the debate on the Bill to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act or RUU355 is to ‘advertise’ that BeeEnd Government would follow the spirit of consensus and not take over the Bill
    (so the timing of slotting it with surprise but without a debate in Parliament)

    2) the furious opposition to the Bill by MPs is a free-live show of religious interference to some Malays & Muslims which can effect their emotional mistrust of Pakatan & co-horts (the trap is already open)

    Whichever way, it will cut the Opposition like a chicken (ayam) ready for GE ceramah free curry ayam + briyani.

    PAS, you are really a fool for being manipulated (with alleged money?) on stage for the 2nd or 3rd time (senang lupa).
    In hudud law, the sentence for stealing national treasure (money) is cutting of hands.
    Do you think the #1Thief will allow this draconian law to rule the land of Boleh-Curi???
    Pray more & harder for its implementation!

    • Congratulations, Umno over Act 355

      Less than eight hours before the tabling of Act 355, the Parliament made a new record by ending its session at 5.05am after a 20-hour frenzy to pass multiple bills. Rushing bills without sufficient scrutiny is never a good democratic practice. Initially, some MPs were dumbfounded by the need to expedite the process. However, by noon they found out that the marathon was necessary to give way to YB Abdul Hadi Awang’s bill.

      In the process, not only were bills rushed through thus sacrificing accountability and scrutiny, some important bills were put on the backburner to prioritise Hadi’s bill.

      This could be understood if the vote was made there and then. Unfortunately, once more the debate was postponed to the next parliamentary session. This is not the first, nor is it the second, but the third postponement from Umno-PAS.

      Umno was successful in pacifying PAS who felt cheated when Umno dropped the need to table the bill. However, this token act was sufficient to continue the romance between Umno and PAS. The fact that PAS leaders weren’t angered at the postponement indicated that they tacitly agreed with Umno’s political power play.

      Umno conveniently can now claim that they are in support of the bill but got stopped by their component parties. This will work well in the Malay heartland while subtly roping in PAS on-board.

      While Hadi’s bill was tabled, no representatives from Pakatan Harapan were allowed to engage in the ongoing lecture. I can’t call it a debate as it was a one-way show. Despite the speaker of the house promising to give room to MPs from Pakatan Harapan, he abruptly stopped the lecture and postponed it until the next parliamentary session.

      This conveniently paves the way for Umno to now blame the speaker for the “failed vote” while they bask in the glory of disuniting the opposition.

      Unfortunately, the disunity is not only felt by political parties, but goes deep into the Malaysian social fabric. Non-Muslims and Muslims who disagree with the bill are swiftly labelled as ‘Anti-Islam/Liberal’. Worse when there are those who call the opponents of the bill as ‘Kafir Harbi’, a term reserved for the worst enemies of Islam which warrant their killing.

      There will be those who think that PAS is the winner here. I humbly disagree.

      Postponements after postponements will take a toll on PAS’s support base. The hardcore voters will still stay with them; however, the rest will be hard hit by PAS’s complicity in Umno’s power play. The fence-sitters especially will be fed up with this kind of politics. We can see the result of this in multiple trusted surveys, from Rafizi Ramli’s Invoke findings to surveys done by Merdeka Centre…

      • Umno has split Muslim Malaysians by allowing PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to table a motion to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 or Act 355, said former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    • BN playing game of deceit over Hadi’s bill, says Guan Eng
      GEORGE TOWN: The silence of BN component parties during the tabling of the private members’ bill on the shariah criminal code was a clear cut case of ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’ (not walking the talk), DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said today.
      He said BN parties such as MCA, MIC, Gerakan and SUPP had outright rejected PAS’proposed amendments to the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act, or RUU355, outside Parliament, but when it was tabled, all of them were quiet.
      “Clearly BN and PAS are in a pact… the component parties had made a big lie outside that they were against the bill.
      “But in actuality, they are in cahoots with Umno to make RUU355 happen,” Lim said.
      Lim reiterated that the DAP would never support the bill as it was unconstitutional, and encroached into civil laws.

  6. MIC Subra is aware of such strategy to table Act 355 by Hadi yesterday, but MCA WeeKS openly said to reporters he was not aware of. Another sorry state for the 7-11 club…
    Subra at least learnt from Superstar not to hide.

  7. It’s not brinkmanship, it’s complete collapse of very foundation of the founding of the country that underwrote its success since Merdeka.

    Syariah and Hudud WILL be the law of the land unless BN is out of office. It does not matter if the bill is killed eventually. It does not matter if Hadi’s PAS is wiped out electorally in the next GE.

    Najib has crossed the point of no return where UMNO must increasingly joined with Hadi’s PAS ideologically to stay in power. If PAS is wiped out, UMNO will just be more like them.

    This means they eventually must also make Sarawak and Sabah like them, ideologically colonise them, make them like UMNO-PAS. There is no other direction for them.

    It’s either UMNO-BN out of Putrajaya or its Islamic statism. And it will be decided this GE. There is likely no second chance.


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