Malaysia Day updates

Inaugural office bearers of Parti Amanah Negara
Inaugural office bearers of Parti Amanah Negara

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  1. Every day you can distract the public from being angry about their deprivation and exploitation is another day for plunder. Perhaps the Tourism Ministry can promote street clashes using traditional techniques… and mad dogs having rabies. And keep reporting and quoting the twists and turns the Old Man spouts to distract from himself.

  2. I personally have reasonable Melayu friends that are sensible and logical.
    If Malays want a piece of the pie in ChinaTown, they will have to work for it.
    Pay the rent , don’t expect any subsidies , don’t complain if the shop next to yours sells Dried Meat and don’t turn the street into a religion nightmare.
    ***I note that ChinaTown is now more like a foreign traders street.
    All happily doing business.

    As for AMANAH, congratulations on your launching.
    But, not sure why Dr.Wan Azizah insist on having PAS.
    PAS will continues to contribute the same problem.
    Proven twice that the DAP can’t work with PAS ( Semangat time & PR time).
    The formula is a bad formula.
    Please do not take PR supporters and voters for another long ride.
    Although Malaysia is a democratic system , we cannot have Talibans.

    • Tuan, tuan dan puan, puan.

      Nak recognition ke peringkat nasional,
      jalankan rally setiap Malaysia Day,
      sokong Naik Jeep.

  3. ‘Calling people pig (babi) is only a mirror reflection of oneself; of how uncouth one is.’
    Sungai Besar Umno division leader Jamal Md Yunos, to call another human being an animal reflects very poorly on one’s upbringing.
    My Malay friends call people like you… disrespectful or ill-behaved.. This means the elders in your home were/are at fault for not teaching you properly.
    Just because some people eat a certain kind of meat, you think it’s okay to call them names. Then what should we call someone who eats, say beef?

  4. What is the purpose of Himpunan 169 for?
    Defend Maruah Melayu? Or hina Orang Cina?
    Or want a piece of business in Petaling Street?
    Better apply a job in Moralist Dept in Putrajaya and then ronda-ronda Lebuh-Lebuh to change business landscape to Melayu.
    Penang’s Lebuh Carnarvon sells coffin, Chinese prayers items & pork-filled hawker food.
    How about joint-venture for a try??? Tak cuba tak tahu.

    • Jamal wanted his kind to run bisnes at Petaling Street? He wanted to expand his Ikan Bakar bisnes? Or selling halal (Chinese cuisine)?

      Remember Umno tried the same trick to gain foothold at Melacca’s Jonker Street?

  5. Years ago, I met a customer who markets bird nest houses & sells bird nest.
    He told me once his business goes Public (i.e. no more private limited),
    the gomen will come whistling to acquire his blood, sweat & tears business for bumi participation / ownership.
    To him, such an easy acquisition defeats his passion, so he will sell it at above market rate to justify sacrificing his blood, sweat & tears endeavours which made it without ‘crutches’.

    You see, some dungus expect such easy way of life whether in acquisition of others’ businesses, business territories or even brands established with blood, sweat & tears.

    • Dr Mahathir once accused the Malays of being lazy, and disinterested in studying and revising. He said that 70% of university entrants were women and that Malay men preferred to become Mat Rempits. The NEP has made many Malay men lazy. Most of them are under the impression that the world owes them a living.

  6. Kalau Petaling Street ada buat business haram, mengapa nak buka kedai di sini pula?
    Kan tempat ni cukup kotor untuk maruah & budaya?

    • Actually pirated stuff are sold all over Malaysia, not just at a Petaling Street. I doubt (some of) the Malay traders can survive in open competition without Mara support and grant because they have Cepat Kaya mentality.

      • Mara support and grants to buy kereta or superbike gaya first, then do business tiga hari buka bisnes, empat hari tutup(?)…

    • Nak buka kedai di Petaling Street Chinatown, pikir betul betul.
      Tourist tak larat tunggu lu buka kedai hanya 3 hari dan tutup 4 hari se minggu!!!
      Tak ada semangat buka kedai 7 hari, janganlah berminat nak buat bisnes di Chinatown.

  7. Orang buat business beruntung di Petaling Street, Mata Cukup Merah mahu a piece of cake.
    Plaza Low Yat sudah ada, lagi mau Plaza Low Yat 2 (untuk Melayu).
    Orang Cina shiok makan babi, lain mulut busuk menghina kaum Cina.

    Mana maruah di hina selain dari menghina orang lain pula?

  8. Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa only touched on Malay reserve land that has shrunk in the last 50 years. He, however, did not mention that the power to de-gazette Malay reserve land belonged to the state governments and that for the past 51 years, Umno has ruled all of them except Kelantan.

    The great paradox of the rally is that Umno members are rallying to protect Malays at a time when all the country’s institutions are controlled by Malays and Umno is the party with the most seats in Parliament. So where is the threat of Malays losing dignity or power?

    • By touching on the shrinking Malay reserve land without venturing into its actual causes and those responsible, was he not trying to shift the blame to a particular scape goat which was for all intents and purposes the center theme of the rally? Ibrahim Ali was trying to capitalize the highly charged racist atmosphere of the rally to gain political capital as well as to entertain his own racial prejudice.

  9. Burn my photo, but don’t burn the country, Guan Eng tells Umno
    See more at:
    This quote may go down in Malaysian history as one of the famous quotes by LGE.

    The dabble of mock Chinese funeral using photos of living persons is not a fun-play thing.
    When done with ill intentions & not thro’ proper ceremonial instructions by Taoist priests, this might invite malevolent wandering spirits which might have ‘attended’ the mock ceremony that night. Upon finding such a mock ceremony, these spirits might take offence & might harm those who were ignorant of Chinese Buddhist or Taoist funeral ceremony.
    If you don’t believe in the unseen, try this.
    Go to a Chinese funeral wake, ask the ceremonial Taoist monks for permission to see the unseen. He may instruct you to bend slightly below arm pit level to view what you may not be prepared for below his long sleeve. If you are unlucky, the unseen may catch you eye to eye – it doesn’t matter what religion you practice, so be careful of your intention.

  10. Congratulations to Parti Amanah Negara!
    There is hope for Malaysia yet.

    And I will vote for YB Khalid Samad (MP for Shah Alam)
    AGAIN in the next General Election.

  11. The red shirt rally cannot qualify as a peaceful and successful one since FRU stepped in to fire water- canon at the rowdy protesters and the police has made some arrest.

  12. Are they really supporting bn gomen? Tourism malaysia and mas says malaysia is instant asia to attract tourists. All hypocrates if we are religious state. wee chee keong what you have to say???

    • Tourism Malaysia have to go back to drawing board to throw campaign tagline “Truly Asia”
      into the burner. “Truly Malai” sounds intriguing & very kampong in essence.

  13. The globalised world of nations is progressing while some sections of societies are regressing.
    Integration is not a safe word with regards to their own ‘protected’ cultures, religions & turfs.

    Just take a look at the North African & Middle Eastern immigrant populace in Europe which lead a life separated from mainstream societies b’cos of what they can’t take as ‘immoral’ & non-halal beyond their entrenched neighbourhoods made out of bound even to law enforcement officers. Even with jobs a plenty, they shun from them in the name of culture & religion. How to cari makan?
    The same vein of belief & social behaviour is taking hold of a section of our society to the extent of proselytized race superiority & birth-right privileges beyond questions, not even reexamined in the real globalised world of integration & tolerance in an increasingly multi-cultural society like Melbourne, Shanghai & New York.
    When more people have the freedom & ability to cross-border in search of a better future & thus integrate into adopted greener pastures, should we in the face of realities still fantasise our ‘privileged’ little world of Di Bawah Tempurong Katak?

    • Jamal Yunos said the ruckus situation in Petaling Street was caused by the Opposition, “They are out to sabotage our programme and not part of us.”

      Mara Chairman Annuar Musa said, “We have already told the protesters to not touch Petaling Street. Action must be taken against them.”

      Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali delivered a speech calling DAP racists and blaming them for stoking racial sentiments.

    • The journalists asked: “Apa contoh Melayu dihina?”
      (What’s an example of a Malay being insulted?).

      • More chinese are now watching TV news on Astro AEC at 8pm and 10.30pm, as the Umno-controlled NTV7 and 8TV chinese news reporting are too politically correct to suit their master. Credit to the AEC journalists for their bravery and professionalism to present the Malaysian Chinese point of view.

      • Just like the ones relating to the RM2.6 billion donation or the late Mongolian interpreter cum companion.

      • Plus they don’t know what’s the difference of right from wrong!
        To ask questions further may inflame their Pijak Maruah sensitivities.

  14. “Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu”? Warnings from police and Home Minister Zahid agfainst racist words?

    Already reports about “Jangan cabar bangsa dan agama kami” and “Jangan cabar hak Melayu” placards and ‘Tanah Melayu”: / “Pantang dicabar” headbands.

    • Umno deputy minister Ahmad Maslan denied today that the “Red Shirt” rally was trying to incite racial tensions and said the demonstration upheld the Rukunegara.

      • The atmosphere of the rally was clearly racially charged. The wordings from the banners and speeches told it all despite attempted denials from some of its leaders. Their convenient scapegoat was obviously a particular opposition political party which they associated with a specific ethnic group. There was very little evidence in words, spirit or actions pertaining to the Rukunegara.

        But then, we should let rationality prevail instead of resorting to the very similar actions and behavior. Foremost of all, we should acknowledge to the fact that the red shirts were more of a representation of a certain political following aligned to the beleaguered PM rather than the Malay race in general. We should not allow any racial prejudice to set in just because those in the rally (shamelessly and unjustifiably) claimed themselves be representing a particular race. In short, we should not fall into their trap and create any further racial rift, tensions or suspicion.

    • They are so desperate for populist support & blinded to what is wrong, they may even sell their own mother’s land to the nearest Arab for a secret donation!
      Very sorry for them & their future.

  15. According to the survey conducted by Merdeka Center between September 10 and 15 among Malay residents on Peninsular Malaysia on their support for the ‘Perhimpunan Rakyat Bersatu’, only 24% of respondents are supportive, with 8% very supportive and 10% somewhat supportive.
    On the other hand, as many as 53% of Malays contacted by Merdeka Center say they do not support the rally, of whom 38% are strongly against the rally and 15% somewhat against.


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