East Coast flood disaster: Drop the 29 December hudud vote in Kelantan


The Kelantan state assembly should shelve the special state assembly sitting on 29 December to table and pass amendments to the Kelantan Shariah Criminal Code Enactment in view of the calamitous flood disaster in the East Coast.



It should instead focus all efforts on channelling emergency relief and aid to the suffering people of the East Coast.

Now is not the time to play politics or to use religion to achieve political ends. It is ridiculous for the Pasir Mas MP to claim that the floods should serve as an impetus to implement hudud in Kelantan. (Many Malaysians on social media think the reverse is true. One even commented that Pasir Mas voters now face a tough choice choosing between Nik Mohamad Abduh and Ibrahim Ali!)

When he should be focusing on the rescue and relief efforts and flood mitigation measures for the future, when he should be trying to find out the real factors behind the worsening floods, Nik Abduh has time to make such illogical comments.


For Nik Abduh’s information, hudud goes against what the drafters of the Federal Constitution had envisaged for the character of the nation. And some would say it is a betrayal of the Pakatan consensus going into the last general election. (The sole PKR state assembly rep in the Kelantan state assembly could end up staying away from the sitting.) But Nik Abduh obviously doesn’t care that the hudud vote in Kelantan could lead to the break up of Pakatan – exactly what the BN would be hoping for.

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But it won’t be plain sailing for the BN either. If the vote does go ahead, it would be interesting to see how the Umno reps would vote. I am sure Umno’s coalition partners in Sabah and Sarawak would be watching carefully.


Meanwhile, it is appalling that Najib is away playing golf with Obama at this time when he should be showing real leadership at a time of disaster in the East Coast. Another sign that he is a lameduck prime minister who is unable to prioritise the real needs of the people.

Is Obama’s pat on Najib’s shoulder a sign that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, which is likely to prioritise the interests of multinational corporations and put Malaysia firmly in the US sphere of influence, is a done deal?

And with Malaysia chairing Asean in 2015, the year the Asean community is formed, will Asean similarly be dragged into the US ambit?



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  1. Ref. floods spreading sewage, industrial waste, etc.

    Aiyah, we must be “business-friendly” what. Don’t burden investors with too many regulations or enforcement as long as they are “flexible” when we check on them and we can jointly hush up any disasters, diseases or deaths.

    Indonesia and China are ahead of us now in these matters. Vietnam and Thailand may be abreast.

  2. Ananars
    When did i ever say federal govt is not proviidng relief?
    All i am saying to shortie is dont brag. Huge Shortcomings are now obvious aint it?
    Very dishonest to put words into other people’s mouth aint it?
    I am earning a honest living and a taxpaying citizen
    My taxi is paid at source if u understand what that means
    I dont have another kra by being a sibangang. So dont hv to tell me to hv an honest living. I know i am.

  3. Nik Mohamad Abduh and Pas will say it’s act of God.

    The highest (cases of) HIV and porno visitor from Kelantan also act of God?

    rajraman. Some self appointed Organized Religion Mullah need to see a psychiatrist….

  4. Floods also spread wastes (all kinds, including human wastes and toxic wastes) all over the place.

    Pity the people affected by the floods who live next to factories or agro firms that do not store their
    chemicals and toxic wastes properly.

  5. Anil
    Outsyed box blog is being monitored and tracked by at least 3 sibangangs
    A loyal bn supporter but also singly minded against the current pm, he is aligned to old horse camp
    Mainly pro oposition though always consistent in your stand against overdevelopment of the island state i am just wondering how many sibangans are assigned to your popular blog to monitor your scripts and post inane comments

      • Anil is always careful but has perseverance.
        Same thing cannot be said for Patrick Teoh who have stopped his Niamah blog possibly due to pressure from MCMC. He could be assigned communal duty (like Namewee) due to the BFM radio controversy.

      • Anil, there is a whole battalion from both sides of the fence and as for me I am the stand alone

  6. Ananars
    It takes one to know one by the way
    Why dont u start to earn an honest living instead of being a sibangang ? It shows in your writing. Some times i wonder if sibangangs look at the mirror in the morning and reflect upon themselves. By the way i am a proud tax paying citizen of the top 4% bracket and pls start to work.

    Isnt is the primary role of federal govt to provide rescue and relief efforts for such a major flood?
    Your shortie in PM thump his chest and msia rescue and relief team is better than usa! So whats happening On the ground which is in a mess? Your deputy PM also recently lamented that efforts are not up to the mark and more coordination is required. I didnt say that ananars. Now u blaming opposition states such as selangor and penang for the suferings of the poor people in east coast. Wonder who is a bigger idiot here. Hello, Now its your turn to respond and defend supercally? What a tag team? Like i said probably supercally and ananars are twins, no?

    U can call me an idiot again if u like. But again sibangangs show

    • Isnt is the primary role of federal govt to provide rescue and relief efforts for such a major flood?

      Yes, because 99% of the taxes went to the coffers of federal government.

      • Whoever wants to help, just do it.
        No more time pointing fingers at “siapa-nya kerja”.
        As for readily available volunteers, may be LGE should ask (with thick face + golden heart) for legalising PPS volunteers just for this flood assistance + rescue.

        It rains heavily with flashes of thunders tonight.
        Makes me wonder why BolehLand has to face many unfortunate incidents in 2014 – MH370, MH17, Cameron Highlands landslides, widespread flooding.
        Makes me feel sorry for babies crying without susu, the old & weak without meals.


    • Abb ; Now what is the problem. Are you blind or simply ignorant. Is not the Federal govt providing the rescue and aid. And you also need to start earning an honest living. It show how an ignorant fool like you that keep bodeking even without comprehending the situation that the Federal BN got is doing all the work of aid and rescue with all the cari pasal cakap banyak from DAP LKS and Pua.

  7. Let those silly high “priest” pretends to play God while the rest drowns.
    Nobody is going to vote for them anymore.

    • Before any criminals could be punished by the proposed hudud laws, already thousands of innocent people have been punished by the flood. Maybe The Almighty is telling the PAS ulamas that their priority is to protect the innocent with flood mitigation program, and leave the hudud to be applied in hell by The Almighty for the offenders?

      • CORRECTION – left out a comma.

        Just like Nik Abduh can take it upon himself to heartlessly |interpret” the floods as a warning from his God not to tarry with implementation of hudud, someone else can also come along and “interpret” it as a warning from God, that the floods are to punish the Kelantan PAS government for pushing for hudud. The same sword can cut both ways. Who is correct, if at all?

  8. KUALA LUMPUR: The Finance Ministry has approved an immediate allocation of RM50 million for the states being ravaged by the worsening floods, Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah said.

    He said the allocation would be channelled to the state development office in the states and distributed immediately. “The Finance Ministry will also facilitate the immediate purchase of equipment to ensure that aid reaches the people in the affected areas/

    It seem that the opposition from DAP and PKR during these trying time is still politicizing instead of chipping to help. Just I million and trying to boast. What a bunch of hypocrites and uncaring oppositions.

  9. Supercally
    Ya opposition sleeping and doing nothing
    Dun forget u are opposition in kelantan penang and selangor
    Najib for goodness sake do a bit of sieving before u engage your sibangangs

    • Abb, You are a real idiot. What is PR being doing beside donating 1 million to Kelanatn and the pittance to the other state. Anyway the Federal govt have been doing rescue and aid providing whatever food and whatever assistance to all the displaced people. That will come to more than ten of millions. Stupid, You and Pakatan still trying to play politics during these troubled times.

      • In times of difficulties, help should not be tinted by political preferences nor allies.

        Our Malaysians whether in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang or Kedah are Rakyat to be cared for, to be helped, to be saved. The children, the old, the handicapped, the husbands & wives with children, the Tok, Nenek, Makcik, Pakcik. These are our Malaysians. What is there to discriminate in donation quantum to different states?

        If we think in terms of who are the political state masters before giving a hand, this is doomed state of affairs. Rakyat Terengganu & Pahang will have a different opposite feelings about Pakatan which preaches sky high to be the saviour for all Malaysians.

        Wait till another Indian Ocean tsunami comes to Penang. And we will face the same discrimination of help from others.

        Give with a genuine heart, Penang gomen & show what CAT stuff is all about.

      • Kelantan is the hardest hit state with most victims and it does not enjoy higher oil royalty like the BN Trengganu. So more relief fund is channeled to Kelantan by Penang and Selqngor governments. Why must such simple fact be disputed and challenged politically like a Bangang?

      • GK Ong : What can 1 million by Selangor and and some ten of thousand from Penanghelp in the Kelantan flood if not for the logistic, aid and rescue by the Federal govt. Use your simple minded brain and think hard.

    • It look like that the CAT still want to continue celebrating New Year. No problem, let him celebrate, he will be finished off soon in due course

      • It should be no New Year celebrations in all states.
        More than 100,000 affected by floods is no small matter but an national emergency to call for.

        Can enjoy meh when other Malaysians are suffering?

      • Ananars can request TV3 to stop all entertainment program, no bang bang boom and Melodi, and replaced wuth 24-hour solat hajat to pray for relief from the wrath of the Monsoon.

      • GK Ong, your stupidity show no boundary. TV is for information and relaxation. Year end celebration can be called off if the situation warrant it especially when there is a crisis and now we have one. Look like you and the CAT celebrate while Rome burn (in this case drown). What a bunch of uncaring people.

      • Tunglang : National emergency is not so important. What`s important is the govt has immediately provide logistic, money, aid and rescue to the people of the affected areas. And the PM have cut short his visit together with all the minister and agencies coordinating and helping in the relief effort unlike like Pakatan DAP LKS, Tony Pua, Rafizi that keep on cakap cakap banyak without any real action. Look like the CAT is enjoying his holiday while Kak Wan and Anwar cannot be seen while Kajang flood. The Sultan made a right choice in not appointing her as MB

  10. New Year eve celebration now must be postponed or held at moderate level.
    the Putrajaya eve concert has been cancelled, otherwise we get to see David Arumugam of Alleycats performing.

    • Why not turn the new year eve concert into a Relief Concert for people to phone in to donate? About time for our local celebrities and sponsors to do their part to raise money for the flood victims.

      • Dear Herman, the idea is nice!!! The outcome of the income flows in, will disappear in other pockets… The main stream of charity will give a little bit relief on the right place. The best tip or donation you might do is with your own hands…may your neighbours, family and friends help you!!! Do it yourself Herman together we can make progress…
        Go with the flow, stream upwards!!!
        Follow your heart…
        much love, light and energy to do the best you can do
        Destiny is in your own hands…dont give it away into other hands!!!
        Be the captain of your ship…sail smooth and calm, even with high waves.
        God bless you in the spirit of love, peace and joy.
        We are the Ones we are waiting for…
        Be the Light, shine on!!!
        p.s. A reply for Herman which counts for All.
        Dont wait for MP, money, or whatever help the people!!!

  11. When old men says the literal words of religious text is MORE important than practical things like governance via taking over Putrajaya, its about their EMOTIONAL DYSFUNCTIONALITY.. Practical reasons will not stop it. They don’t get it they are just like UMNO, and that UMNO already got them beat soul and all. Their political drug may not be corruption and power but its about religion and power. But its political narcotics and hallucination can be even worst..

    • Political drug laced with religious elements can cause hallucination and forget the reality and be immersed in the virtual afterworld.

  12. West coast Msians be prepared as well got the flood just in case.

    Meanwhile Muhiddyin able to seize the opportunity to show he is more capable than Najib who now may seek Hawaiian Consultant to repair his image among the rural folks?

  13. A wonderful piece of journalism by Anil, perhaps with some inspirations from Christmas.

    If only NST and The Star could have article of such quality, then there is no worry for plummeting circulation.

    Possibly Najib’s 1Malaysia jet could not land in Kota Bahru airport due to flood, then might as well change destination to Hawaii for the golf diplomacy?

    • Anil is on top of the form again with such reporting!

      Today is the 10th anniversary of Asian tsunami. Apparently something must be wrong in the East Coast to incur the wrath of flood! And the leader of the country is no where to be seen. Sigh!

      • Kesavan : Wash your mouth before opening it, It really stink. Is not the Deputy PM and many ministers helping and coordinating relief, rescue and aid to the people. It just so happen that t he PM is oversea and will be back this Saturday as the situation now warrant his attention. You Pakatoon still trying to play politics as if nothing is being done. Go podah if you have nothing constructive to contribute

      • Ananar please wear your contact lens before opening your eyes. Kesavan mentioned leader, not deputy or the hulu balang of the leader who is on holiday.

      • GK Ong : You are so stupid unable to comprehend my comment. He is telling where is the leader and I am telling him that we have the deputy and other ministers helping in the aid and rescue. When the head is not around the deputy and his Council take over is it not. Please use your brain before opening your mouth.

      • Why must you call people stupid?
        Anil like to ‘censor’ comments, but somehow allow this to happen?

    • Not the time to be funny (politically or otherwise).
      Thousands are suffering due to this unprecedented natural calamity.
      No electricity, no clean water, no home-cooked food, no homes, no money in ATMs – but tears.
      Put your butts in their position & then will you know the depths of their predicaments.

      A brave Malay lady held tightly her 3 month-old baby & walked thro the flood water for 500 meters to safety & that was heart-rendering. Dead bodies from mortuary were moved to higher ground. Loved ones separated.

      Give a thought for our affected fellow Malaysians. Pray (to whatever gods or deities for blessings & mercy). Donate to help.

      Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa, Ami Tuo Fo (x3)

  14. If Nik Abduh was my son, I’d seriously think of bringing out a 3 foot long rotan even though he is 44 years old.

    Even if his “Divine impetus to implement Hudud” claim was actually true, surely anyone with a miniscule amount of compassion would not have tried to milk the severe suffering of the thousands at a time when they badly need help and solice.

    Ptui! (Pardon my direct and heartfelt expression of what I think of Nik Abduh!}

    Is this what his Islam teaches?

      • True that it is the trait of some members of PAS, which is still a part of Pakatan Rakyat. A part which I have little good feelings for apart from respecting, strictly within limits, their fervour for their beliefs.

        But PAS also includes a good number of folks for whom I have much respect. Indeed I respect some of them even more than certain leaders from PKR and DAP. Examples: Dr Mujahid, Khalid Samad, Husam Musa, Dr Dzul and Mat Sabu.

        These are PAS leaders who do not subscribe to the traits of the likes of Nik Abduh, Nasaruddin Hassan and Hadi.


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