Obama in the Notre Dame University controversy


Obama’s controversial speech at a Catholic university. Parts 2, 3 and 4 below. Full text here.

The US president pleads for open hearts, open minds and fair-minded words over some of the bitter debates that divide American society. See also ‘The real scandal of Notre Dame‘ by the head of a Catholic university.

Obama, however, doesn’t touch on the US military adventures in Afghanistan (and the rising death toll) and Pakistan and the US Occupation of Iraq. Neither does he mention the massive and scandalous Wall Street bailouts – the result of easy and uncontrolled credit and financial deregulation and liberalisation.

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  1. We think that what Obam did about the Notre Dame Universty was so wonderful as there was an nonenderstandng in that Universty, so, they must respect the Obama’s calling to the Unity! Anywhere, you should not remove this video because many people were in need of this accordingly to their absence at that Universty on that day. This meesage is coming to from Africa by a Burundian one, so, thanks a lot.

  2. Excellent speech from someone who IMO, speaks like he just might be that rare, elusive creature that the dirty world of politics sorely needs to give it an ounce of credibility – a true statesman.

    Although a bloody-minded cynic, I tend to live in some foolish hope that perhaps one day I just might come across such a living, breathing human creature here on earth during my lifetime, even if only just ephemerally, who will just for once turn out to be the real McCoy.

    However, as it’s not the Bushwhackers standing there anymore – spine-chillingly cool father or insufferable juvenile Dubya – I guess I can’t really complain.

    “Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.

  3. Obama talks about how to save the God’s creation, isn’t a child conceived intentionally or unintentionally is alo a God,s creation? He talks about future, long term thinking, but the idea of stem cell research and abortion itself is a short term thinking to solve problem of teenage pregnancy. Why? If we listen to what Pope Benedict The Sixteen is saying, that will be a long term thinking to solve this two controversial debate. First, the Catholics with Pope Benedict never against the stem cell research. But, he is against the stem cell research which aquires the cells from a destroyed living embryo. Destroying an embryo to get its cell for a research is actually a killing act, if we consider that the embryo is a living creation of God. So, those researchers tend to create their theory that a child in embryonic stage is actually still a animal form and can be killed and so forth in order to justify their act…

    Second, is abortion. If crushing an embryo for research is an act of killing, how about killing a foetus, which is mature than an embryo, because of conceiving it intentionally or unintentionally? Is it the solution for that problem? Is it a long term thinking to solve problem? Contrception methods to avoid abortion. Is this method also a long term thinking to solve problem.

    Obama says lets reduce the number of womens doing abortion. Will this solve the problem slowly? It wont. Because it is all short term ideas to make things look good. What Pope Benedict Says? He says the only way to solve this in a long term is to strengtern the religious faith and relegious beleive of a child, of a youth and of a adult, no matter what religion he or she is. By emphasizing GOD as a centric person in ones lives, loving each other as one loves himself and loving that God with all his heart, with all his strength and with all his mind, and having faith in that God fully, evrything will be solved. It is like a chain reaction. A family, as a component of a wide population, if that small family emphasize Gods Love to its members and instill that God fearing to its young members since small, and imagine if more and more families do the same, it will be a population of Gods People.

    So, is there a chance to avoid the problem more swiftly? This ia wat the Pope telling, go back to your family instituion, and is ur family instituion make God and religious faith based on love as the center of ur lives? And for stem cell research, Japanese scientist discovered that stem cells can be acquired from teeth to do research. Isnt it a great alternative? Pope never says no to stem cell research, but he says its better to find an alternative, and if u put that trust on God, sure u will find an alternative, not necessary or need to kill an embryo…

  4. Studies show abortion among women who get pregnant after being raped or incest contributed only 1% from the overall stats. Abortion occured on Women who unmarried contribute up to 45.6% in USA with various reasons including rape and incest.

    In China, 2004, Nine studies have been conducted, of which seven were conducted in the urban areas, one in the rural areas, and one in both urban and rural areas, met the inclusion criteria. In the seven studies in urban areas, the majority of unmarried women had experienced sexual intercourse, with estimates ranging from 54% to 82% in five studies. Estimates of a previous pregnancy ranged from 12% to 32%. Abortion rates were high, ranging between 11 to 55% in 8 studies reporting this, which exclude the one rural study. In the three studies reporting both pregnancy and abortion, most women who had become pregnant had an induced abortion (range 86% to 96%). One large rural study documented a lower low pregnancy rate (20%) and induced abortion rate (0.8%).

    So, is that right to pass the law witout any restrictions?

  5. “Fair minded words”… “grea area”… all kind of nonsense from a man who said that it would be a tragedy if the option of abortion was not available for his daughter if there caught in that situation….the tragedy would be him not bring his daughter up well instead of prancing around as the world’s messiah…

    It’s not right-wing of left wing. It’s about life and death. Once u make the murder of babies and option.. anything and everything else is ok

    Where is the famous feminist shouting their throat hoarse… when one of the Scandinavian country last week okayed abortion based on gender choice? Yes, fellows.. killing a baby just cos she’s a girl is ok…in that country.. Sweden i think..

    What’s next? Democrats mandating Republicans to abort their offspring in the years that they are in power??

    Come on guys…. if v take abortion’s reasoning to it’s logical conclusion.. woman can kill a baby because it’s her choice coz it her body….. and in can kill my children… because it my children…. coz they are my offspring…..

    Abortion is nothing but a perverted fight for woman’s right…. that’s all.

  6. i say let them abort if they want to. all for a better future for everyone.

    i am an advocate of abortion. if abortion is the way to go, then go.

  7. Haha, didn’t think your blog was closely followed by american right wing foot soldiers.

    I don’t think it’s the free market advocates who are the intellectual bankrupts. It is the Christian right wing who are really anti-intellectual. They are anti-science, reject evolution and global warming and insist that the earth is 6000 years old.

    How is Obama a baby killer? Pro choice doesn’t mean pro abortion. You are just saying that women who get pregnant after being raped should have the baby anyway. Obama did say in his speech of making the effort of helping women prevent unwanted pregnancy.

  8. Obama advocating the killing of babies and abortion.

    How unsurprising.

    I don’t know how you can have a “fair-minded” debate, as Obama mentioned, about killing babies.

    Of course, with Obama, anything goes, since the media is still so ga-ga and googly eyes over Obama.

    I remain unimpressed.

  9. Dear Anil

    Obama is a “centrist” and therefore not as politically progressive
    as many people initially thought (or projected their hopes onto).

    Nevertheless, he is a stark contrast to George W. Bush, of course.
    That’s why he is so popular (so far). This reminds me of the early days of Abdullah Badawi (AAB being genuinely popular) after the two decades of rule and misrule by Mahathir.

    Here’s a good article on the intellectual bankruptcy of right-wing
    “free market fundamentalism”:


  10. Whatever Jenkins’ reason for inviting Obama, I have little doubt about Obama’s true motivation. Barack Obama, as I have extensively documented elsewhere, is a hardcore, doctrinaire communist.

    Conservative Catholics, Christians and other Americans committed to the sanctity of human life, i.e. the pro-life crowd, are some of the most principled and dedicated opponents of Obama’s radical designs. What better way to disrupt, demoralize and divide that formidable group, and indeed the entire country, than to strike at the heart of this cherished bedrock Catholic institution?

    That the President of Notre Dame, in a disgustingly servile, supplicating manner singled out one of the most extreme pro-abortion politicians in America for an honorary degree, while ignoring his ecclesiastical peers, a large body of the Notre Dame community, and even countenancing the arrest of harmless protesters, is a huge insult to Catholics everywhere and indeed a disgrace to all Americans. I believe it was deliberate.

    The cultural Marxists are rejoicing today. http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/05/frankfurt_school_reigns_suprem.html


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