Lightning struck Vatican dome rod (Video)


Hours after Pope Benedict announced on 11 February he would be stepping down, lighting struck the rod at the top of the Vatican dome. Have a look at the video.

Then came the meteor strike in Russia four days later!

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  1. My take is close, problems within Vatican are deep. Veteren journalist Christaine Amanpour reports Church really in crisis and former Catholic friar commented “homosexuality is the ticking time bomb”!

    Archbishop of Scotland Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns under allegations of decades-old sexual misconduct with other priests, manipulations, blackmail and covering up abuse of sorts, though he denies charges levied against him.

  2. Herr Ratzinger reportedly managed the massive cover-up of numerous complaints of pedophile scandals within the Church. I chanced upon a document signed by him wherein he issued strict instructions to keep all investigations confidential – suggesting that it was a more heinous sin for members of the clergy to speak to the media about these cases than the actual misdeeds themselves. However, I believe that Pope Benedict was forced to resign before he could be arrested as a result of ongoing investigations into financial shenanigans and money laundering on an unimaginable scale. The Matrix is rapidly disintegrating, folks.

  3. Meanwhile Ridhuan Tee STRUCK an insult to the Indian community in Malaysia with this article he wrote for Sinar Harian:

    This is what Ridhuan Tee has written that is an insult to the Indian community:

    “Pernahkah kita bersungut ketika perayaan Thaipusam? Seminggu sebelum perayaan, seluruh kawasan sekitar Batu Caves sesak. Kenderaan diparkir sesuka hati. Lautan manusia satu warna berhimpun, seolah-olah tidak ada warna lain lagi di negara ini.

    “Hari ini pergilah ke mana sahaja. Jika dahulu, rumah ibadat dan patung-patung tidak banyak kelihatan meriah. Kalau adanya pun agak suram dan tidak nampak tombolnya. Tetapi selepas PRU 12, keadaan jauh berubah. Mereka mendapat peruntukan sana sini, pusat dan negeri. Rumah ibadat kecil menjadi besar, tombol rendah menjadi tinggi dan berwarna-warni.

    “Apa yang saya lihat, kita sudah memberi segala-galanya bagi menagih simpati dan undi. Negara ini tidak ada lagi identiti. Agenda Islam dan Melayu entah ke mana. Saya amat yakin jika BN menang sekalipun dalam PRU 13 ini, keadaan tidak ada bezanya dengan apa yang berlaku pada hari ini. Kita akan terus menjaga hati orang lain daripada hati sendiri.”

    • Strange that Anil did not pick up this issue for further comment as it is an anti 1Malaysia move by Ridhuan that was not condemned by Najib.

  4. How would you interpret this, Anil?
    The Pope’s short tenure and hasty resignation is suspicious. Is he ill, or taking responsibility for his butler’s mis-doing?

    • It was a momentous decision, that’s for sure. I suspect there has been a lot happening behind the scenes that we are not aware of. I imagine a lot of problems too that must have added to the stress.

      The resignation also comes at a critical juncture in world history when the very survival of the human species is threatened by climate change, a looming food and water crisis, and resource depletion.

      • I like to think it’s the ‘gay rights and gay marriage’ demands that’s disturbing and contributing to his uneasiness as the Pontiff.


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