High-level Pas delegation visits new KL Archbishop Julian Leow


A high-level Pas delegation visited the newly installed leader of the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese, Julian Leow, at his office yesterday to congratulate him on his appointment.

Pas meeting with Julian Leow

The delegation comprised Pas secretary-general Mustafa Ali; Pas national unity bureau chief Mujahid Yusof Rawa, tipped by some to be a future Pas leader; Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief Abdul Rahman Kasim, a key figure in Muslim-Christian dialogue initiatives; Harakah managing director Rosli Yaakop, a former deputy governor of Bank Negara; and Harakah columnist Shukor Harun.

Pas delegation with Archbishop Julian Leow

They discussed inter-religious dialogue, how to promote greater Muslim-Christian cooperation and understanding, and ways to curb if not eliminate religious extremism.

Julian was installed as archbishop on 8 October.

The meeting yesterday came on the heels of an interfaith gathering, this one organised by the Stella Maris Church in Langkawi on 17 October. Among those at the event were Mujahid and Abdul Rahman, along with Fr Mark Michael and Christians and Muslims from the northern region (see below).

dialogue in Langkawi

The gathering carried the theme ‘Hidup dalam harmoni demi kesejahteraan untuk semua kaum dan ugama’.

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    22 October 2014, Bloomberg
    By William Pesek

    If Malaysian leader Najib Razak thought he already had problems at home, now he also needs to worry about a “Jokowi effect” spreading from neighboring Indonesia.

    On Monday, fresh-faced Joko “Jokowi” Widodo took the helm of the world’s fourth-most-populous nation. Throughout Southeast Asia, young voters have been gripped by the rise of this small businessman — effectively a nobody — to his nation’s highest office. Jokowi isn’t the scion of any political dynasty or wealthy family, the normal routes to power in Southeast Asia. He’s a self-made outsider known for hands-on solutions and personal incorruptibility.

  2. At least PAS is trying to be accept the other faiths instead of bulldozing you into accepting their … believe. A religion that forces anyone to accept is not a true religion instead it should be because of one’s faith and believe in the religion. One does not go into a place of worship to create trouble just like the … samsengs who went to church just to see if the church is trying to convert the muslims.
    Those samsengs did not find anything they want, even if they did, they weren’t forced to become Christians not to mention nothing was found. Did the Catholics send any o their people to spy on them in the mosques or schools where the young muslims are being taught of the Koran ?

    • Do you understand this cantonese saying ` Pang Chi Sake Lou Fu“. (Quiet quiet eat you up)

  3. On the whole it look like PAS is a very moderate party but at the other side they will say oh oh we want to have hudud. Please understand that it is only for Muslim and same to the word Allah. Will Leow said Yes. or just like DAP PKR that say Yes and No. ???


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