Francis prays for peace with presidents of Israel, Palestine


The Bishop of Rome, Francis, has hosted a prayer session with the presidents of Israel and Palestine in a bid to build bridges and jump-start the peace process.

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  1. The Protestants and Catholics are no longer at war after the peace truce of Irish Republican Army with the British.

    However, The Shiites and the Sunnis are still having internal Islamic War, latest involving ISIL in Iraq.
    I wonder how this could promote Islam as a religion of peace?

  2. Najib (doesn’t seem to be able to) even control his wife so to expect him to have control over extremists and bigots from MIAS … and JIAS… Even the Chinese government was telling him (something) by serving him 15 minutes hard boiled eggs.

  3. Meanwhile JAIS and MAIS is creating all the havoc in Malaysia. Jamil Khir also joined the fracas by saying Malaysia is never a secular country according to the new Umno’s interpretation of Sejarah Tanah Melayu. And Najib chose to do nothing, as usual.

  4. The S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) recently launched a new post-graduate programme on inter-religious relations in plural societies. It features lectures and speeches by key religious figures such as Bishop Dr John Chew, Bishop Mouneer Anis, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, Prof Abdullah Saeed, and Mufti Dr Mohamed Fatris Bakaram.

    Also, Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim has donated S$3 million to NTU for a new professorship in peace studies. The Peter Lim Professorship in Peace Studies will be based at the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies. NTU said the donation will help fund a top global expert who can lead the development of the school’s peace studies curriculum and research strategies as part of its new Studies in Inter-Religious Relations in Plural Societies (SRP) programme, launched on the same day. The Government will match the gift dollar-for-dollar, bringing the endowment to S$6 million in total.

    Perhaps our very own billionaire Vincent Tan or Ananda Krishnan could do likewise to donate money for the development of inter-religious harmony program at our local universities?

  5. This will never ever happen in Malaysia, to the Umno schmucks Islam must always be the more superior religion above all other religions. One can convert to become a muslim but no muslims are allowed to convert to any other religion. It is even an offense to do so in this country.
    … Therefore this country is not a secular country that is provided in the constitution.

    Sadly the Umno schmucks are enforcing their own laws in this country because of their political rights. There is only one way to impede these abuses from getting worse and that is to kick these Umno schmucks out of Putrajaya !

    The majority of Malaysian have decided to have them kicked out of Putrajaya but it appears that wasn’t enough. Therefore comes the next GE the people of Malaysia must ensure the same shambles will not be allowed to continue !

    • ‎Pertubuhan Islam Gabungan Amal (Pertiga) urged Muslims to always be prepared‎ for further attacks on their faith from Christians.

      What kind of threat from Christians are they refering to?

      Why do they have such sieged mentality?

      Aren’t teh Muslims are fighting among themselves in Syria and Iraq?

  6. Bible prophesy unfolding? Believe it or not – The Beast + Antichrist script is ready for “camera, action!”
    Jerusalem will be the focal point for a worldwide reckoning between 2 extremes – good & evil.
    Armageddon will not be a Hollywood film director’s set up imagination but a mighty show of transnational military force from East, North & West, terrible warfare & supernatural retribution of brimstone & fire. Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) is a child’s play in comparison.
    We all truly want peace regardless of racial or religious differences. But, can we change the Holy script?


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