Penang, street food paradise


Nothing comes close to Penang street food. This time, the Gourmet Traveller falls head over heels for street food you have to try at least once in your life.

We have a treasure here worth preserving and protecting.

Is Penang Asia’s best place to eat street food? Pat Nourse ventures to the Malaysian island and finds a paradise for hungry diners.

In France, they say, people talk at lunch about what they’re going to have at dinner, but when it comes to talking about the dinner you’re going to eat immediately after the dinner you’re eating right now, the people of Penang win hands down. Penang is a tropical island where, as one local puts it, “the weather never changes so everyone talks about food instead”. Here, eating isn’t so much a way to pass the time or simply sustain life, but rather, the national sport. Every Penangite is a player. And, regardless of their background, they play to win. Full article.



      In Penang, Tony Bourdain discovers a beautiful rice and shrimp dish wrapped in a banana leaf that he can’t get enough of, then eats fresh snapper on Monkey Beach which surprisingly lives up to its name.

      Red Garden
      One of Penang’s culinary gems is the Red Garden. The bright red-neon and fluorescent food court sits in the middle of Leith Street.
      No. 20, Leith Street, 10000 Penang, Malaysia

      Nasi Kandar “Line Clear”
      “Line Clear” sits in an alleyway off Penang Road. In Malaysian street lingo, “line clear” means business as usual for whatever moves through busy back lanes.
      Behind 117 Penang Rd, Penang, Malaysia

      New Lane
      Tony Bourdain and food writer/journalist Helen Ong explore the culinary delights of New Lane. Tony tries char kway teow (stir-fried ricecake strips) for the first time.
      33 New Lane (off Macalister Road), 10400 Penang, Malaysia

      Tony and Leonard enjoy some of Penang’s best banana leaf curry: chicken, mutton, crab and fish. Mutha’s is a local’s only establishment that is fiercely loved.
      143 Acheen St., 10300 Penang, Malaysia

    • Yes, we shouldn’t overlook the little things of Nature that give so much joy to people. Life is a lot more than theme parks and shopping malls.

      But look at the things in her top 5. Nothing to do with property development!

      • If only our developers can think like Samantha, there would be no need for concerns of wildebeest rampage of Penang Property Chase & Surreal Prices.
        The same goes to the urbanites who live and sleep all things hitech and plastics. And development mentality of politicians who can’t differentiate sustainable development from destructive icon buildings.
        It’s the simple thing in life that makes us thrilled and appreciative of its precious moments, money cannot buy.

        Time to plan an overnight trip to Pantai Keracut and live like Robinson Crusoe with just a machete and 6 highly-tuned senses for Nature.

  1. Ha :)- Ha :)- Ha :)-

    wanna get Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Samantha Brown & Ian Wright together having Penang Street Food ?

    Such a publicity stunt can invite more tourists even Yennie Yennie will be envy of !!!!

  2. Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄

    🙄 Lau Eh ❗ Talk about FOOD! especially PG street foods….really makes me wanna go to Lrg Selamat,Macalister Rd,Chulia St,Pg Rd,Ayer Itam,Padang,Balik Pulau,Gurney Drive,Tg Tokong ….to eat Char Koay Teow,Nasi Lemak,Nasi Kandar,Nasi Melayu,Tosai,Roti Bawang,Ice Kacang,Chengdul,Laksa,Lor Mee,Seafood,Koay Kak….all really Yum yum yummy….slurrrrrrrppppp !!! hehehehehe 🙄


    Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄

  3. tunglang is more senior than Pat Nourse; and should be able to tell the world about Penang food. Let the aussie talk about lynas while we have tunglang to share his tips while sweat it out with his good morning towel 🙂 🙂 🙂

    wiki :
    Pat Nourse (born 1977) is an Australian restaurant critic and food writer. He is currently employed by Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine as their chief restaurant critic and features editor. He also writes about Australia for the American food magazine Gourmet, and is the Australian member of the voting academy for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.He has been a contributor to The Age Good Food Guide and The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, among other publications.



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