Climate signs “surpass worst-case scenarios”

The signs are there that climate change has surpassed worst-case scenarios scientists predicted just two years ago, reveals The Climate Change Science Compendium 2009, a UN report released on 24 September.

The report, released on 24 September, analysed 400 scientific reports released through peer-reviewed literature or from research institutions, according to a Reuters report.

An yet, here we are merrily continuing with our corporate-driven unsustainable development as if global warming doesn’t concern us and thinking that we and our future generations will be somehow immune from its effects.



Kg Buah Pala: Release Pakatan exco minutes too

There’s still quite a bit of unfinished business in this saga.

Why is it so important? First, land which is now said to be worth RM80-100 per sq ft was alienated to the Koperasi for RM10psf or RM3.2 million by the previous BN administration. Millions of ringgit that could have gone to the people of Penang were effectively handed over on a silver platter to the Koperasi-Nusmetro in exchange for peanuts. The big issue is, could the Pakatan state government have stopped the deal in its tracks?

Was the new state government in Penang unaware of the Kg Buah Pala crisis during the crucial period from when they came into power on 8 March 2009 until the land transfer was effected on 27 March 2008? Let’s zoom in on this period.

March 2008

8 – Opposition parties sweep to power in Penang.
13 – Buah Pala villagers meet the new Penang Chief Minister and inform him about their situation.
14 – But the very next day, the state government accepts final payment of RM2,247,000* for the Buah Pala land, nearly a year after the last payment, and almost 10 months after the Land Office asked for final payment.
15 – The villagers are tipped off that final payment has been made.



They just can’t keep their hands off Penan areas

Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu has held up the Penan village at Suai in Ulu Niah in Sarawak as a “role model” for Penan villages, according to the Borneo Post.

But even in Suai, the state can’t keep its hands off Penan lands, and they too have to fight to assert their rights, as this excerpt from the Malaysian Mirror indicates:

MIRI – A meeting between 40 Penan landowners in Suai and representatives of SPB Pelita Suai Sdn Bhd ended successfully today when the landowners agreed to remove blockades on the promise that they be paid between RM1,900 and RM18,900 depending on the size of their land.