Just another day in Perak

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Speaker Sivakumar tries to convene the Perak State Assembly near the Democracy Tree, but the Pakatan reps are blocked by police and later hold a session at the Heritage Hotel – Photos by Kinta Kid

Photo story:

  • The entrance to the State Secretariat building is solidly blocked.
  • The Democracy Tree is also out of bounds for the Pakatan reps.
  • Pakatan reps nonetheless proceed to the Perak State Assembly at the State Secretariat complex.
  • But they are blocked by the now familiar police officer, Glenn.
  • “Do not go any further”…
  • … unless you have a yellow T-shirt?
  • … like these guys.
  • … from this team.
  • Walking two by two is not allowed either.
  • Otherwise you face arrest – Ngeh was the first.
  • Keshvinder was next.
  • And then Chan Ming Kai, who is seen here being handcuffed.



More on the Penang Hill Railway

After I highlighted Ric Francis’ and Dr Choong Sim Poey’s letters to the press on the Penang Hill Railway issue, a reader, Garth Johnson, sent in this comment:

I was very interested to read this. The railway was designed by my great uncle Arnold R Johnson and opened in 1923. His very clever design involved carving the hillside taking into account the weight of the cable. That was why he divided the track into two sections with a central station. Maybe modern cables can be thinner and lighter than the old ones making it possible to use a single stretch of track without a central station?

When it was first opened, the Penang Hill Railway was described as “one of the finest hill railways in the world”.

Forest Explorers provides some brief background:



Perak Speaker fails in injunction bid

Sivakumar giving a press statement after the decision by JC Tarmizi Abd Rahman

Sivakumar (left) speaking to the press after the court decision this afternoon. His lawyer, Mohd Asri Osman, is in the centre and on the right is lead counsel Chan Kok Keong. – Photo by Kinta Kid

1949: Sivakumar’s counsel had objected to the state legal advisor’s request for 14 days adjournment to file affidavits to oppose the Speaker’s application for an injunction. The Speaker’s argument was simple: does the State Secretary, who is the head of the civil service and not of the State Assembly, have the power to interfere in the affairs of the State Assembly?

Although the court dismissed the injunction with respect to tomorrow’s sitting of the State Assembly, the judicial commissioner fixed 1 Oct for the application for the injunction to be heard.

1632: The Pakatan side has failed to get the injunction they were seeking on the grounds that the application was made too late, according to another contact at the scene.



Zunar refutes Home Ministry’s allegations

Just after our Merdeka celebrations, it’s back to reality. Cartoonist Zunar, who could be jailed for up to three years if he is convicted under the Printing Presses and Publications Act, feels he has been unfairly treated. “If drawing cartoons results in three years imprisonment, imagine the state of media freedom and freedom of expression in Malaysia,” he laments.

Referring to the news article in Malaysian dated 29 August 2009 which quotes the Home Minstry’s Corporate Communication Unit’s Head, Jamilah Taib that Sepakat Efektif Sdn Bhd, a company that I own will be charged for publishing material without a publishing license. According to Jamilah, Sepakat Efektif will be charged under Section 5(2) (b) of the Printing Presses and Publication Act 1984 for distribution unlicensed publications. If convicted, the penalties are not more than three years prison or a fine not exceeding RM20,000 or both. The statement by Jamilah refers to the publication of a cartoon magazine titled ‘Gedung Kartun’.