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Penang:Highway-tunnel plan a short-term solution

RM4bn for 8.8km of tunnels and highways? That’s what the Penang state government has in mind with two short stretches of tunnels and elevated highways.

The proposed roads shown against the alignment of the controversial and aborted Penang Outer Ring Road project

Sodomy II updates

A crucial day in the Sodomy II trial, which will decide whether Anwar’s defence should be called.

No Internet censorship, says Najib


No Internet censorship. Is this really true?

Najib at the ‘Blogging Mindfully and Responsibly’ conference:

Malaysians have to thank Tun Dr Mahathir again for this. When he was prime minister and Malaysia was developing its Multimedia Super Corridor, Tun made the promise to the world that Malaysia would never censor the Internet.

Cops meet RPK at Bangkok hotel

RPK, who is in Bangkok today with Haris Ibrahim, has been asked to go to the Malaysian embassy in Bangkok to give a statement tonight.

Najib to address ‘responsible blogging’ conference


Prime Minister Najib is due to deliver a keynote address at the ‘First Asean Regional Bloggers Conference: Blogging Mindfully and Responsibly’ in KL on 24 April.