More on the Botanic Garden mess (updated)

A total of RM5 million in federal funds has been approved for projects at the Penang Botanic Garden. But would you accept such funds if this was the result?

Photos by three concerned Botanic Garden lovers – Click icon on bottom right to expand to full-screen slideshow mode

These are the projects under the Ninth Malaysia Plan:

  • Vendor/hawker centre
  • Bambuseteum
  • Eco-stream walk
  • Administrative and visitors’ centre
  • Garden mall



Herald confusion resolved (updated)

Updated: The permit for The Herald will be renewed, according to its editor after he emerged from a meeting this evening with government officials. He added that both sides agreed that the August letter still stands.

The plight of the Herald Catholic weekly newspaper in Malaysia must be a public relations nightmare for the Najib administration – as if it doesn’t have enough problems as it is.

If the government has really cancelled the permit (which it now reportedly denies), what does that say for the 1Malaysia concept and the government’s credibility internationally?



“Case closed”

Can’t say I am surprised to see this in the Borneo Post. I am also not surprised that the alleged victims were reluctant to provide statements.

Penan rape case closed: Deputy IGP
By Gary Adit

Nation’s No. 2 cop says police have done all they can and probe over

KUCHING: The police have done all they can to investigate the recent allegations of rapes of Penan women and though no one has been prosecuted, they now consider the issue over.Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar, who said this, pointed out that the police had thoroughly investigated every reported case to separate genuine cases from those that had been sensationalised.