Church arson attacks: Cooler heads must prevail

2033: We round off this dark day with a statement just released by the Aliran exco: ‘Bigotry in the name of Allah’.

The silver lining in all this is that the crowds at the various protests were not as large as many had feared, and the vast majority of Malaysians simply walked away and refused to join in. Many groups and netizens issued statements and comments condemning this lapse into momentary madness. Therein lies a glimmer of hope for a better Malaysia that many of us believe is possible.

Another bright light can be seen over here, where blogger Dr Rafick, a Muslim, has initiated a donation drive to raise funds to repair the Metro Tabernacle Church.

1928: IGP Musa Hasan denied reports that a fourth church was attacked, according to the Insider. He said three demonstrations were held in Kuala Lumpur, two in Pahang, four in Selangor and one in Terengganu and they all ended within 15 minutes. He urged the public not to believe rumours spread by SMS and over the Internet.

1853: Only 25 people protested at the Kampong Baru mosque this afternoon, according to one eye-witness. A Malaysian Insider twitter update put the figure at 20. Malaysiakini put the figure at 50 and noted that other Muslims leaving the mosque told the protesters to “just go home!”



Another interesting deal in Sarawak

Here’s another land deal in Sarawak. Ta Ann Holdings Bhd, through its unit, Multi Maximum Sdn Bhd, is buying an obscure company Europalm Sdn Bhd.

Ta Ann is paying RM20.5 million for the entire two million shares of RM1 each in Europalm, according to the Business Times.

Europalm reportedly owns 1,500ha of plantation land at Jemoreng Land, Sarawak and had been awarded another 1,113ha at Seredeng Land. That would make the average purchase price RM3,200 per acre.

An analyst was reported as saying it was a very good price as “Sarawak plantation land is often considered to be more expensive at RM18,000 to RM20,000 per acre depending on the proximity, infrastructure and facilities”.

Question: How much did Europalm pay for the land?



How logging destroyed an ancient civilisation

What caused the disappearance of the Nasca people in Peru?

Archaeologists have discovered that the destruction of forests pushed the ancient civilisation, noted for their compex line drawings on the ground that are visible only from the air, across an ecological tipping point.

The loss of the forests exposed the area to the impact of the cyclical El Nino phenomenon and affected irrigation systems, they found.



Unsung heroes in the struggle for Merdeka

We are so used to the mainstream version of history. Catch this story by Hishamuddin Yahaya in Aliran Monthly to find out more about the little-known heroes in the struggle for independence.

(From left) Ishak Haji Mohammed, Dr Burhanuddin Al-Helmy and Ahmad Boestamam – Photos courtesy of Aliran Monthly

Apart from the prominent figures above, countless numbers of ordinary Malaysians, including workers, were involved in the quest for independence.