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When the Penang government allowed the maximum density of 30 homes per acre for residential properties to be raised to 87 homes per acre in 2010, the argument was that the higher density would allow developers to build more affordable homes. Yeah, right. (Did you really believe that at the time?)

Take a look at this report below, now. Five major developers are now focusing on homes with prices ranging from RM480,000 to RM3.3m. The question is, just whom are they building for? The ordinary people of Penang? I think not.

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A temporary reprieve (see below).

It is time to step up the pressure against the federal Transport Ministry, the federally controlled Penang Port Commission, and the privatised Penang Port Sdn Bhd, which is linked to Sea Terminal under Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary.

We are not just demanding that the ferries not be reduced from 1 January. We want MORE ferries. If not, hand over the ferry service to the Penang state government.