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A cable car system - Photograph: Wikipedia

Penang Forum notes: “A special review panel was appointed by the state government to study the Special Area Plan (for the Botanic Garden). The cable car proposal was put in at the last stage and NOT presented to the public. The state review panel itself strongly objected to the cable car for various reasons of environment, usage and traffic.”

So whose idea was the cable cars and how was it quietly put in over the objections of the state review panel? This kind of reminds me of the way the tunnel and three highways were inserted into the Penang transport masterplan prepared by Halcrow.

This is the full Penang Forum statement:

It is with great concern and trepidation that Penang Forum wishes to issue a statement about the proposed cable car link announced in the press today.


Our guest writer today is Eric Britton, who discusses the land reclamation in southern Penang island, which is linked to the over-the-top SRS proposal for the Penang transport masterplan.

Step 1: Dump the land reclamation plan which has no good reason for existing. It is a rapacious, wrong-minded insult to the people of Penang, to the environment, nature, culture, wellbeing and way of life. You are being held hostage by your government for no good reason. And certainly, not that of needing more money to finance a ridiculous “transport master plan” that cannot stand independent international inspection.


This is another piece by Roger Teoh that is worth reading. He expresses more or less the same concerns that Penang Forum has been articulating, but this time from a rigorous academic background in transport studies.

So why are the project delivery partner and the Penang state government pushing for this kind of regressive transport infrastructure proposals?