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Pulau Jerejak’s hidden heritage featured on History Channel


Few people realise that Pulau Jerejak has a hidden heritage so haunting that it was once featured in the History Channel.

Why is Penang forecasting a higher population in 2030 than the Statistics Department’s projection?

The Department of Statistics projects a lower population figure for Penang

Ah, population. Much of our development planning for housing and mobility including transport infrastructure hinges on what we expect our future population to be.

How will China’s clamps on fund outflows affect demand for homes abroad?


China is reportedly clamping down on underground banks through which its citizens are sending money to buy homes abroad in places like Australia, creating havoc in some overseas property markets.

What is going on at Pulau Jerejak?


Something is afoot at Pulau Jerejak. The local government must explain what is going on. Has any development plan been approved? If not, who has built this contraption next to the old resort jetty and for what purpose? Is this part of the work to build a new jetty for handling building materials? It looks as if they are surveying the soil on the sea bed to assess its conditions?

RM46bn SRS transport proposal put on 1-month display – during working hours, over festive period


Two sets of the RM46bn SRS Consortium transport proposal have been put up on public display at Dewan Sri Pinang in George Town for a month from today.

Fisherfolk’s protest against land reclamation in Penang (video)


This video of their protest off the coast of Tanjung Tokong yesterday was produced by independent film-maker Andrew Han.

Fisherfolk stage protest at sea against Penang land reclamation

Photograph: Dr Kam Suan Pheng

A flotilla of about 150 fishing boats with about 500 on board has converged off the coast of Tanjung Tokong to protest against the inadequate compensation for land reclamation off Tanjung Tokong in Penang. The reclamation has jeopardised the livelihoods of the fishing community here and threatens to further undermine food security in the state.

flotilla protest
Photograph: Neil Bennett

Trouble in paradise as land reclamation sparks protests in Bali – and Jakarta


It looks as if the lure of profits has crept into the paradise of Bali. In south Bali, a developer wants to reclaim 1,730 acres and create artificial islets under a US$3bn luxury resort development that would cover half of Benoa Bay – an area that had conservation status until it was overturned in 2014 for so-called “revitalisation”.

This has spawned a ‘Tolak Reklamasi’ protest movement – and tens of thousands of angry Balinese have protested against the project.

Back to the earth: Penang’s green pearl in Relau

Loi Mei Shy, organic farmer at Relau

Not many Penangites are aware of a lovely green haven in southern Penang that lies in sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of traffic and towering apartment blocks nearby.

Here at the Relau Agro-tourism Centre enterprising folk are involved in little farming ventures on plots of land typically ranging from a quarter of an acre to one-and-half acres.

Penang Structure Plan review: Yes to more public participation


I attended the 8 December briefing on the review of the Penang Structure Plan at Komtar, and it was immediately apparent that there are serious questions that need to be answered.

Those of you in Penang, please try and take an interest and participate to prevent any unsustainable development.

As the deadline for public feedback is end-January, Penang Forum has come up with the following statement requesting an extension. Most people are not even aware this review is taking place, that is if they even know that the Penang Structure Plan exists.