From “Malaysia Boleh!” to “Tak Boleh!”

Scenes from around Wisma DAP, Ipoh this morning – Photos by Kinta Kid

So what’s all this about? Arrest and release, arrest and release….

Increasingly, it appears as if all these arrests – over 160 in recent weeks – are aimed at frustrating civil society and opposition activists and their attempts to legitimately raise public awareness especially over the power grab in Perak. By no stretch of the imagination can those arrested be deemed a threat to security.

And since when has fasting become an offence? (Add this to the lengthening list of don’ts and tak bolehs we now have.) That’s the question posed by Aliran president P Ramakrishnan:

Aliran is terribly perturbed by the increasing role the police are assuming which is perceived to be undemocratic and very unfair. They have intervened whenever peaceful activities such as candlelight vigils are organised by civil society groups.