Australian satellite image shows debris in waters off Perth

Could this be a breakthrough? A number of objects have been spotted 2500km south-west of Perth; the largest one is 24m long.

The distance from Perth to Penang is 4461 km or 2772 miles. Flying time from Penang to Perth would be about five and a half hours assuming an average commercial airline speed of 500mph and depending on wind speeds. Then there is the added distance to reach the south-west of Perth. So if this was the plane, it could have been in the area after 8.00am, but it may not have had enough fuel to reach that area. (more…)


Update on MH370

Sad, distressing scenes before the press briefing in KL today. A couple of distraught Chinese relatives demanding more information and trying to speak to journalists were carried away by police.


Residents of remote Maldives island witnessed low-flying jet: Haveeru

Update (19 March): Press statement by the Maldives National Defence Force:

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has been monitoring the Maldives region with special attention since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on 8th March 2014.

Based on the monitoring up to date, no indication of flight MH370 has been observed on any military radar’s in the country. Furthermore, the data of radars at Maldives airports have also been analyzed and shows no indication of the said flight.

The MNDF will continue to render any assistance required by the Maldives Police Service and international authorities on the search for the missing flight and related issues.

Meanwhile, the Maldives Police said on its website it was looking into the reports of sightings of a plane above Kudahuvadhoo.

Original post (18 March):

The leading news portal in the Maldives, Haveeru Online, reports that residents of the remote island of Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll say they witnessed a “low flying jumbo jet” roar across the area on the morning of 8 March.



Hat Yai, Aceh radars did not detect MH370 over Straits of Malacca: Reports

The Malaysian Air Force radar in Penang, said to be corroborated by satellite, detected what they believe to be Flight 370 flying westwards but strangely, the Indonesian Air Force said that its radar in Aceh did not detect MH370 over the Straits of Malacca, according to the Jakarta Post (14 March). Neither did Thai radar.

The Indonesian radar in Lhokseumawe, Aceh reportedly has a coverage of 240 nautical miles or 445km, whereas the distance to Penang is 200 nautical miles (370km).

aceh to penang (more…)


Reuters: Radar data suggests MH370 was flying in direction of Andaman Islands

Two sources gave Reuters new details on the direction in which the unidentified aircraft was heading:

(It) was following a route between navigational waypoints – indicating it was being flown by someone with aviation training – when it was last plotted on military radar off the country’s northwest coast. (more…)