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The MPPP is calling for a ‘request for proposals’ for a plot of land at Gurney Drive.

From what I hear, this plot is somewhere near the Gurney Drive roundabout and is likely to attract bids from many large companies. I am not sure where the precise site is, but I believe it is somewhere here (see below), perhaps around five acres including nearby roads. MPPP should tell us exactly where this land is located.

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Photograph: Latheefa Koya

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While the nation’s attention was focused on 1MDB’s sensational unaccountability, Petronas quietly slipped in a bombshell. It wrote off RM23.3bn in net “impairment losses” in its accounts for 2014.

The gross impairment losses written off in 2014 added up to RM25.3bn (see below) but there were also write backs credited to the accounts totalling RM2.0bn to arrive at a net figure of RM23.3bn.

petronas 4th qtr 2014 report