Was the 1992 blackout ‘planned’ to create private power generation firms?

Was the 1992 blackout across wide swathes of the nation avoidable? Was it to pave the wave for the privatisation of TNB?

Selangor Kini, bearing the copyright of the Selangor state government, has published a report about former TNB CEO Ani Arope’s memoirs in which he claims the 1992 blackout need not have occurred as TNB had already made plans to expand capacity to meet future demand. (more…)


Bukit Gelugor by-election: Ramkarpal grabs 89 per cent of votes cast

Ramkarpal celebrates his victory - Photograph: DAP

Ramkarpal celebrates his victory – Photograph: DAP

Official result:

Ramkarpal Singh (DAP) – 41242 (89 per cent of votes cast compared to Karpal’s 79 per cent in GE13)
Huan Cheng Guan (Parti Cinta Malaysia) – 3583
Mohamed Nabi Bux Mohd Nabi Abd Sathar (Independent) – 799
Abu Backer Sidek Mohd Zan (Independent) – 225
Spoilt votes – 539
Total votes cast: 46388

Majority: 37659 (Karpal’s majority in GE13 – 42706)

Turnout: 46099 (56%) (86% in GE13)
(Discrepancy with total votes cast to be rechecked.)

All the three losing candidates lost their deposits. (more…)


Remixed version of protest

Maybe this is the most effective way of dealing with aggressive protesters: by immortalising their actions in a remixed music video.