A RM1.6bn entry for the Malaysia Book of Records?

Here you go again.. direct tender, negotiated tender, restricted tender, tender terhad or whatever-you-may-call-it, the effect is the same – mind-boggling amounts of money expended with little accountability.

And then they need to introduce GST for the rakyat to cough up while patients have to pay for nuts and bolts and screws needed for surgical procedures. (more…)


Strange goings-on at Penang’s ‘Sore Thumb’

  • sore thumb road 4
  • Sore thumb road 1
  • Sore thumb road 2
  • sore thumb road 3

Residents of Tanjung Bunga recently sent a letter to ask about the current status of the ‘Sore Thumb’ – but so far apparently no response. (more…)