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Penangites join Global Climate March on 29 November 2015


Penangites will be participating in a global climate march organised by avaaz.org tomorrow in George Town ahead of global climate talks in Paris.

Penang Forum reacts to land reclamation motion


The Penang Forum steering committee has released a media statement on the recent motion in the Penang State Assembly regarding the proposed 4,000 acre-land reclamation in southern Penang Island.

Open tenders – so no corruption, collusion?


It does not necessarily follow that if you have open tenders, everything is transparent and above board.  All kinds of funny things can happen including collusion among bidders, bid-rigging led by fixers, and the formation of cartels to submit bids that are not really serious. Project officials may also receive ‘commissions’ or whatever you may call it.

China construction giant debarred by World Bank for ‘fraudulent practices’


A large construction firm from China was debarred from bidding for World Bank projects following “fraudulent practices” in a major Philippines road improvement project. The World Bank has blacklisted China Communications Construction Company Ltd until January 2017.

Southern Penang Island land reclamation: Tell us, 1,500 acres – or 4,000 acres?


There’s been a lot of politicisation of the motion on land reclamation in Penang while the real issues surrounding the deal are clouded and shrouded in secrecy.

Five PKR Aduns abstain from vote on Penang land reclamation


A DAP rep also breaks ranks. The motion calls upon the state government to conduct public hearings for feedback, opinions and recommendations before proceeding with reclamation projects.

Botak Hill rezoning: Say what?


I am not sure I understand the logic behind the rationale given (see report below) for the rezoning of Botak Hill (from hill land to low density housing) by the State Planning Committee. Can anyone help me understand?

A case to watch in Penang


Update (3.05pm): The case has now been postponed. Case management has been fixed for 4 December 2015.

Terence Fernandez, the investigations editor of The Edge, rose to national prominence as the former sidekick of Citizen Nades in theSun during the PKFZ expose. He was the editor of the book PKFZ: Some Untold Stories, written by Nades.

Terence is also the winner of a Malaysian Press Intitute journalism award and three awards for Editorial Excellence from the Society of Publishers in Asia (Sopa), founded in 1982 to promote excellence in journalism and best practices in Asia Pacific.

Now, Terence is in the dock in Penang in a defamation suit arising from a report published in fz.com.

Who were the seven BN MPs who did not vote for the Budget?


Three of the 14 Pas MPs broke ranks. But who were the seven missing BN votes?