Overstretched general hospital lacks adequate infrastructure, equipment

While the political elites live the high life obtaining the best medical and health care treatment, Steven Grumach shares with us his experience at a government general hospital. Bear in mind that the Malaysian government spends only about 2 per cent of GDP on public health care. A big chunk of the money goes to privatised hospital support services and privatised drug procurement.



Indah Water Konsortium: Why is the sewerage company interested in ‘race’?

The national obsession with ‘race’ appears to have gone a bit too far. The other day I received, together with the usual bill from national sewerage company Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) a notice about the firm’s personal data protection policy. It was then that I learned that IWK is also interested in ‘race’. Now, I cannot for the life of me understand why ‘race’ should be relevant to a sewerage company, can you?

Excerpt from IWK's Personal Data Protection Notice

Excerpt from IWK’s Personal Data Protection Notice



Poll: The Kajang Move – good idea or bad?

Let’s see what you think of the ‘Kajang Move’.

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What do you think of Anwar standing in a by-election in Kajang?

    Also, check out this critical piece from the Aliran website:

    The dark treacherous road to Putrajaya

    by Azmil Tayeb

    Since when have Malaysians ever voted for the Prime Minister? The nature of the parliamentary system is such that the electorate chooses which political parties that best govern the country, which in turn choose who amongst their leaders should head up the executive branch i.e. to become the Prime Minister. There is no direct election for Prime Ministership, unlike in a Presidential system. (more…)