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The following statement was released with the launch of Harapan Baru at a hotel in KL yesterday. What do you think? Does it really bring about new hope? I believe this new entity/movement provides a platform for a more enlightened, inclusive and progressive alternative to Pas’ increasingly conservative approach to Islam and its bewildering rapprochement with Umno. That can’t be a bad thing for the country; in fact, it is a movement whose time has come.

I am disappointed at how a phone theft was manipulated by certain groups to turn it into an incident with racial overtones, which then allowed some to try and take the law into their own hands.

Look at this guy, for instance:

But I believe most Malaysians are sensible and mature enough not to be swayed or diverted from the real issues facing the nation.

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This video was circulating on Whatsapp (I don’t know who filmed it). I put it up on Youtube for you all to establish if it is genuine (that’s the reason for the question mark) and if so, to try and establish which flight and route it is.