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Groundswell grows against controversial RM8bn Penang highway plan

More and more people are speaking out against the much-criticised contractor-and-developers’ 19.5km highway plan in Penang, which will affect a few hundred homes and cross over much-loved parks in Penang.

Penang Forum applauds ministry’s initial effort to improve ferry service

Sorry, only three ferries in service (July 2014)!

This statement just out now: Penang Forum welcomes the news that Prasarana Malaysia Bhd which is owned by the Ministry of Transport is allocating RM90m to improve the cross-channel ferry service in Penang. Penang Forum applauds the minister of transport for taking this important step.

Ex-state assembly member’s plea to make SRS plan public

The former Penang state assembly member for Pulau Tikus, Yap Soo Huey, in an address at Speakers’ Square, has urged the Penang state government to make fully public the SRS’s exorbitant RM46bn plan for transport infrastructure – all 20 volumes of it – instead of the limited public display they had in the past.

Request for proposals is not open tender

This is the third article in a series to explain why Penang State Government should commission an independent review of the SRS proposed Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP).

Dr Ahmad Hilmy, Associate Professor, USM. Technology cluster — transport system and Dr Lim Mah Hui is a former professor, international banker and Penang Island city councillor.

How SRS’ proposal deviates from the original Penang transport masterplan

The RM46bn SRS plan

This is the second article in a series to explain why the Penang government should review the Penang transport masterplan. Written by Ahmad Hilmy and Lim Mah Hui.