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This story is by blog visitor tunglang:

November, 1997 – There was excitement circulating in the air about a wonder of Nature in Bukit Kukus, Paya Terubong: a newborn natural waterfall @ Sun Moon City (low and medium-cost apartments). I couldn’t believe my ears; so I went to investigate one fine afternoon.

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Many of these questions raised by the Edge have been asked before, but it is neat to have them all here, summarised in a few pages.

In some ways, the 1MDB saga was inevitable. A little snowball – a culture of lack of transparency and accountability to the public – was set in motion about three or four decades ago. Over the years, it gathered momentum, picking up scandals along the way, pummelling whistleblowers, sucking in the nation’s financial resources until finally bursting into the monster avalanche that is 1MDB today.