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CNN gives nine reasons to visit Penang – but notice something…


No mention of theme parks, shoppping malls, sky walks, cable cars, 18-hole golf resorts – some of the things that the state government believes will draw more tourists to Penang.

Instead, the CNN write-up focuses on the arts, culture, underground music, an indigenous plant, artisans, unique religious festivals and Balik Pulau’s natural charm.

Strange ‘rocks’ surface at Tanjung Bungah beach


Strange malleable rocks surfaced at Tanjung Bungah beach a couple of weeks ago.  These videos were taken by a concerned visitor, Andrea Briglia, on 28 January at around 6pm.

One theory is that these could be balls of marine clay, material from the bottom of the sea found along the West Coast of the peninsula. These could have been dislodged when sand on the surface of the sea bed was sucked out – or something else could have stirred it out to the surface.

Another theory is that the mud balls are the result of land reclamation which has been going on in a big way since the 1990s. Reclamation material is a mixture of sand and mud, which is then deposited at the bottom of the sea nearby.

Any other theories out there?

Say NO to making Penang a federal territory


The suggestion by a federal minister that Penang should become a federal territory is ludicrous…

Look what’s happening in and around the Penang Turf Club


More cutting of hill slopes… above photo taken yesterday.

And do you know what else is happening over at the Turf Club? Penangites saved the greenery from the horrendous Penang Global City Centre project in 2007-2008 – only to end up with this:

Penang Forum discusses its Penang Hills Watch Report 2016 with state government


The Penang Hills Watch (PHW) initiative of Penang Forum (PF) has submitted its maiden report on hill-clearing cases in Penang to the state government. The report, submitted on 2 January 2017, covers cases and complaints that PHW has tracked over the past few months.

Felda heartland awakens…


Umno has something to think about – and it is not yet even the election campaign. This was the scene in the Jerantut and Maran area tonight at a ceramah focusing on what ails Felda. Despite Mahathir not being around, more than 2,000 people turned up to listen to other Bersatu and opposition speakers.

Fuel prices up again…


Not a great start to the new year as RON95 goes up 20 sen… despite a slightly stronger ringgit and somewhat steady global oil prices in January 2017.

Imagine – an RM8bn six-lane highway ‘flying over’ Penang Hill railway!


One of the reasons why I am against the SRS proposals for Penang transport infrastructure is the literally over-the-top plan for an RM8bn 19.5km north-south highway that will actually cross over the Penang Hill railway. This idea could have come straight out of Fantasy Island.

Pulau Jerejak’s hidden heritage featured on History Channel


Few people realise that Pulau Jerejak has a hidden heritage so haunting that it was once featured in the History Channel.

Why is Penang forecasting a higher population in 2030 than the Statistics Department’s projection?

The Department of Statistics projects a lower population figure for Penang

Ah, population. Much of our development planning for housing and mobility including transport infrastructure hinges on what we expect our future population to be.