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Bloomberg has carried a report on the situation at 1MDB that Malaysians must keep a sharp eye on:

The Edge Financial Daily said this week the fund had missed a 2 billion ringgit ($563 million) loan repayment on Dec. 31. It has been given until Jan. 30 to settle the debt, which was first due on Nov. 30, the article said, citing people it didn’t identify.

Batu Ferringhi residents have launched an online petition expressing concern about high-rise high-density projects that could mar the tranquil setting (what remains of it) of this popular coastline.

This is the link to the petition.

Meanwhile, the Penang Structure Plan 2005-2020, which is the overriding planning document for Penang (just below the National Physical Plan), has this to say about the area. Note the densities specified:

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It is not only because of the floods that prices of vegetables have soared. The weakening ringgit may have made foreign vegetables cost more, while fuel price hikes last year may also have contributed to the price hike.

Blog reader Henson sent in this photo of kangkung which normally costs RM6.99, growing freely in a drain in Relau
Blog reader Henson sent in this photo of kangkung which he says normally costs RM6.99, but here is seen growing freely in a drain in Relau, Penang

Update: Major Zaidi has been dismissed from the air force.

Major Zaidi obviously believed that the truth would set us free when he highlighted what many Malaysians were realising during GE13 – that the indelible ink was not really indelible. But this morning a military court found him guilty of two charges of violating protocol in speaking to the media without approval.

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A heated exchange of words took place in Parliament when Azmin Ali asked whether the PM’s spouse Rosmah is eligible to use the government VIP executive jet, whether the PM was involved in the approval of the use, and if it is proper for Rosmah to represent the country or government in foreign affairs.