Quick poll: Should Pas quit Pakatan?

Share with us your views in the poll and read what a KL-based political analyst has to say further below.

The KL-based political analyst tells us what he thinks:

Pas betrayed the PKR and the DAP by rejecting the nomination of Wan Azizah as MB of Selangor.

Pas’ CWC gave the support but Hadi overruled the CWC even after originally agreeing to it. If Pas has a good look at the seats it won, especially in Selangor, it was mainly due to the landslide support of the non-Malays in the PKR and the DAP.

In GE 13, Pas won only 21 seats, compared with the DAP’s 38 and the PKR’s 30. In around eight to nine seats that Pas won such as Shah Alam, Kota Raja and Sepang (Selangor), Parit Buntar, Bukit Gantang and Temerloh, it was due to the strong support of its coalition partners. So, it is Pas who should listen to its partners and not the other way round. (more…)


40-storey tower to sprout in Chee Seng Garden?

Mario Balotelli once lifted his jersey on the football pitch to reveal the words “Why always me?” on his inner vest after a series of controversial incidents propelled him into unflattering public scrutiny. Residents of Chee Seng Garden may now be forgiven for wondering “Why always us?” after hearing talk of a 40-storey tower emerging in the midst of their housing area, which had been in the spotlight after earlier controversies over nearby hill-slope development. (more…)