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The crackdown on opposition politicians, including those who participated at the ‘Kita Lawan’ rally, continues…

Meanwhile, Mahathir’s blog has gone done after his scathing criticism of the 1MDB scandal. His blog now bears the message: “The account has been suspended.”

Mahathir had said:

What is needed is a forensic investigation by the police over the allegations against people who are involved in the financial management of 1MDB.

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Yesterday I published a post saying that the MPPP was calling for a request for proposals for three lots of land near the Gurney Drive roundabout – though I wasn’t sure then of the precise location of those lots.

Today I can confirm the precise location of the three lots. Two of them – Lots 1011 and 1373 – are covered by the white space above. It is possible that a large high density commercial or mixed development complex will spring up in that area perhaps to rival Gurney Paragon or other similar complexes.

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The MPPP is calling for a ‘request for proposals’ for a plot of land at Gurney Drive.

From what I hear, this plot is somewhere near the Gurney Drive roundabout and is likely to attract bids from many large companies. I am not sure where the precise site is, but I believe it is somewhere here (see below), perhaps around five acres including nearby roads. MPPP should tell us exactly where this land is located.

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Photograph: Latheefa Koya