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A group of farmers facing eviction, accompanied by Sungai Siput MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj and political activists, was arrested this afternoon when they tried to make an appointment to see the Perak MB after eight memos over the last two years failed to elicit a satisfactory response.

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The ringgit has fallen to close to 3.87, a level last seen during the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis, due to uncertainty surrounding the 1MDB probe, the prospect of a US rate hike, and the plunge in global oil prices. Foreigners, meanwhile, have pulled billions of ringgit out of Bursa this year, exceeding the level for the whole of last year.

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While most of us were focussed on the massive 1MDB scandal, we were nearly hit by the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. Do-or-die TPP negotiations were almost concluded, but thankfully, they were stalled at the last minute by some sticky points.

But this TPP won’t go away so easily: it is not an ordinary ‘trade agreement’. That term ‘trade agreement’ is part of the corporate media propaganda ploy to try and ‘sell’ the TPP deal to a naive public.