PKR orator Siti Aishah takes aim at BN cronies, kingpins (Video)


PKR young women’s chief Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail is fast emerging as a popular speaker at opposition ceramahs.

Here she is in action at Kampung Manjoi in Tambun, Perak on 15 April 2013.

Tycoon Syed Mokthar Al-Bukhary is singled out special attention.

She is expected to face Umno’s Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, the caretaker finance minister II, in the contest for the Tambun parliamentary seat. This should be one to watch.

See this Malaysian Insider article on Siti Aishah.

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  1. She is good, able to connect with the people .
    Her speech is simple and right on target.
    I hope she wins!

  2. Malaysia need young politicians like Siti Aishah to speak up fearlessly, eloquently and intelligently for Malaysians in and out of Parliament or DUN. Vote for her!

  3. I agreed, this is what we need in the Parliament to represent the rakyat. Not some brainless no-logic speakers from the big-small imbalance da-ching-ka-ching.

    No doubt, she’s good. I hope she makes it to the parliament.

    All the best in the PRU13!

  4. No doubt. This is the type of candidate we need in Parliament. She is brave, out spoken & wise. Tambun residents really can’t miss her voice in Parliament. Send her into the Parliament.

    UBAH !! Save Malaysia.

    • Syed Mokhtar’s monopoly of key assets in Malaysia is too big a issue for Umno to hide.
      Malays are now demanding answers to why only selectred cronys are handed key contracts without transparency at all. PKR ceramah at malay heartlands have awaken the malays to seek for answers not provided by TV3 or Utusan.


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