Zunar is back with Perak Darul Kartun


You can’t keep a good cartoonist down for long – especially one with a socio-political conscience. Three months after hundreds of copies of the inaugural issue of his Gedung Kartun magazine were confiscated, political humourist Zunar and his creative team are back with a brighter idea.

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This time, they are launching an 80-page cartoon book titled Perak Darul Kartun focusing on the power grab and associated antics in Perak – which undoubtedly offer rich material for satire. Unlike a regular magazine, a book doesn’t require a publishing permit under existing laws.

Appropriately, ousted Perak Mentri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin is expected to launch the book, priced at RM10 with an initial print run of 10,000 copies, in KL this Sunday.

This is what the irrepressible Zunar has to say:

Memandangkan tidak ada respon positif dari pihak KDN mengenai permit penerbitan Gedung Kartun, Sepakat Efektif  terpaksa meneruskan penerbitan kartun itu dalam bentuk lain. Kami dengan ini mengumumkan penerbitan Gedung Kartun edisi kedua dalam bentuk buku dengan tajuk “Perak Darul kartun” (PDK).

Kenapa kami memilih buku? Buku adalah penerbitan tidak berkala, dengan itu tidak memerlukan permit penerbitan, hanya ISBN yang mana kami telah memperolehinya.

PDK mempunyai ketebalan 80 muka surat tidak termasuk kulit muka (dengan penambahan 12 muka surat berbanding Gedung Kartun) dan dijual dengan harga RM10 setiap naskhah. Cetakan pertama adalah sebanyak 10,000 naskhah dan akan diedarkan ke seluruh negara. Ia juga boleh dibeli secara online melalui website cartoonkafe.com.

Penyambungan penerbitan ini dalam bentuk buku membuktikan pihak kami tidak berhasrat berkonfrontasi dengan pihak KDN kerana itu bukanlah matlamat kami.

Matlamat kami adalah untuk menghasilkan karya-karya alternatif dalam konteks Malaysia, dengan isu-isu dan pendekatan yang selama ini gagal diketengahkan oleh karyawan negara ini, khususnya kartunis.

Kami percaya kartunis bukan sahaja berperanan mengenengahkan unsur lelucon dalam karya,  tetapi punya tanggung jawab sosial untuk mengkritik, merakam realiti, memberi informasi, membawa suara rakyat dan mendidik.

Kami berpendirian tegas bahawa kartunis tidak boleh berdiam diri atau berkecuali, tetapi harus menyatakan pendirian apabila masyarakat atau negara berdepan dengan krisis. Dan pendirian itu harus diterjemahkan dalam karya.

Sehubungan itu, kami akan terus menghasilkan kartun-kartun alternatif dari masa ke semasa biar pun menghadapi berbagai rintangan.

This is Zunar’s team for the book:

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Creative energy

Chief editor/founder: Zunar (Zulkiflee Anwar Haque)
Editor, cartoonist: Ronasina (Mohd Affandi Ramli)
Chief illustrator/cartoonist: Jonos (Nor Azlin Ngah)
Cartoonis/cover illustrator: Art (Azhar Saad)
Cartoonist and colourist: Orangorang (Azlan Isa)
Senior graphic designer: Naza (Nazruddin Abu Bakar)

Contributing cartoonists

Haili, Oly, Roy, Enot, AJ, Warih, Kidol, Madsein, Kawe, Ubi Lepih, Nur, Fahmi and Buzu.

Constributing writers/columnists

A Samad Said, Hishamuddin Rais, Pyanhabib, Rahmat Haron, Pusparos and Benludin.

I don’t know about you, but when I see creative artists and writers like these hard at work – at a time when some people are talking about emigrating – it gives me hope for the country.

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  1. I completely support Zunar’s fight against his persecution by the authorities. I have first hand experience of the absurdities they are capable of. They have seized my t shirts 3 times under the flimsiest excuses. To see the designs they seized because a) they promote communism and b)they are “obscene”, go to ….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1um1_E2pOw.
    That is how ridiculous they are. I would like to support your campaign. Please let me know how I can do this. with best regards, patrick saw

  2. Hey… Lukisan dan tulisan yang hebat… Akan terus menyokong anda dalam terbitan yang setrusnya…

    Teruskan kerja baik anda!

    A non-Malay who supports u!

  3. Excellent work of a genius. Nizar is a great guy who would be back as MB of Perak. Don’t worry. Zunar has done his best again. He has realised his potentials. Hope to buy a few dozen copies to be given to friends overseas.

  4. Yang, personally I do not agree with a tit for tat.
    On humanitarian grounds, CM LGE should offer the reamaining nine.
    But the rep, MR Sugu should formally apologise to the nine familes for misleading them.

    Gerakan K’s motive is an open book. It goes to show, that a person maybe praising us and agreeing with our views this one time, it don’t mean the person shares the same principles and moral.

  5. Anil,
    those that supported your views on the Kg. Buah Pala issue aren’t necessarily apolitical and are actually thinking on humanitarian grounds. Next thing that comes to mind, what was their agenda than ?
    Is it anything to do with the opposition,just bang ?

    What is the outcome of the remaining residents of Kg Buah Pala who did not accept the offer ? I read in the newspaper that their rep has asked that CM LGE to also offer the same compensation package that they had earlier decline and already forfeited pass the deadline. Did CM LGE accede to the request ? Please do keep us updated on the status of the ex-residents who took up the offer and also those who did not take up the offer ?We would very much like to know their progress and whether CM LGE kept his end of the bargain. Thank you.

    • DG,
      LGE has already kept his bargain & promise to the KBPala resident by negotiating a double story house for them. Personally I do not wish LGE to accede to these remaining 9 families request especially Sugu as they have already caused enough troubles for LGE & PR. Since they have been instigated by MIC, UMNO & Gerakan and have more faith in them, let them continue with their antic. Penangite shall no more be concerned or held to ransom by them anymore even if they decides not to vote PR in the next election…..

      • Yang

        I think in the name of a caring Government, let us be magnanimous. I was equally annoyed by the Sugu guy, … an opportunist, who tried to make use of UMNO, MIC, impotent Gerakan but in the end he has got to suffer the ignomity of begging from LGE. I am sure LGE, honourable as he always is will accede to his pleas. Now UMNO, MIC, HRP you know the Indian racist party, and the impotent Gerakan do not even want to have anything to do with KBP folks. They are avoiding them like plague. Ahh just want to get some publicity as there are no real issues of significance for them to exploit. And this Teng Hock Nam, tried to be a champion but just where is he today? Gerakan, hopes for a revival in fortune but everything is written on the wall, their chances are slim and none,and with spinners like Gerakan K, well you can imagine their chances.

        See you folks!

  6. Not so legal? People that does not follow and respect law are unqualified to talk about follow the law.

  7. Syabas, Zunar & Gang! Your scintillating work lightens up an otherwise insufferably HEAVY political quagmire through which the whole nation is trudging with no apparent progress made since 8 March 2008… indeed, since Najeeb crowned himself Pee Em things have become ten times worse!

  8. I hope the unemployed EX-MB Nizar can earn something from this assignment. I wonder why he is often associating with something not so legal, for example illegal assembling and now the publisher which KDN had confisticated their products.

    • Aiyah, Gerakan K, you once again show your stupidity like your Gerakan (political) eunuch buddies…

      Honorable YB Nizar is still both elected MP and Assemblyman, and they are real jobs, with paid salaries from Malaysian citizens. Too bad about the illegal haram acts by your UMNO masters who illegitimately usurped the Perak state govt.

      And your Gerakan (political) eunuchs, not contented with their salaries as elected reps or govt servants, colluded with your Tuan UMNO to (fritter away the funds of) Malaysians…

    • Gerakan K, you dude,

      The not so legal of illegal assembly is better off than hijacking democracy through corruptible state assembly men. What an idiot you are……..

    • Aiyah! Gerakan K, you again aahh.

      One thing, you are a damn good spinner and actor, but, unfortunately, not good enough to con the readers here. Your spin is good enough to con the poor aunties and uncles but unfortunately their children will enlighten them about the truth.

      Just why are you so anti PR? Just why are you so anti-Nizar? Nizar is the legitimately elected Menteri Besar, officially sworn in by Sultan Azlan Shah. Nizar is the best thing to have happen to Malaysian politics in a long time, such a breath of fresh air.

      Ai yah, do not know why I take the liberty to always explain to you, knowing you to be such a horrible recalcitrant!

      Anyway, get your facts right, Nizar is not an unemployed and infact is a professional. A qualified engineer, Gerakan K. I am sure saudara Nizar, is academically higher educated than you, because you do not seem to get the gist of most articles and your comments are intentionally written to annoy or to wait for people to screw you up. One thing is for certain Gerakan K, the book is legally published and not illegal. YAB Nizar, the MB of Perak is not doing anything illegal. Read the contents again.

      Another thing, Gerakan K, in what way is the PR Government inferior compared to BN? In what way has the PR Government made your life worst off compared to BN?

      I look forward to your sensible reply. I will be going home to Mazaar E Sharriff to monitor the election in Afghanistan and when I return, I hope you will put your block head to good use and come out with some good reply.


    Now that the creative cartoons are in a book
    There’s plenty of time to take a cool, close look
    How a cartoonist can still outsmart all those ‘crooks’
    Whether or not they really believe in modern spooks

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 091209
    Wed. 9th Dec. 2009.


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