Writing on the wall for MCA as crowd yells “No! No!” to Yen Yen


Undaunted by the Gangnam embarrassment in Penang, Ng Yen Yen had to endure more humiliation in Malacca when a crowd shouted “No! No! No!” to whatever she was offering or suggesting.

This is also what happens when BN parties ‘hijack’ cultural occasions and entertainment events for political gain.

The writing is on the wall for the MCA. The party can expect to be all but wiped out in the general election.

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  1. She definitely out if she stays in Raub what with Himpunan Hijau influence over the area. Between the cynanide in gold mine and Lynas, the voters just want to … all over her..

  2. That lying Skank, typical BN specie lying through her teeth, said it today: “More YES than NO”! My toes are laughing!!

    This liar does not deserve one vote!

    • Not long ago, I witnessed an MCA-Gerakan dinner on mainland Penang at which Yen Yen took to the floor.

      What I noticed was that the BN party faitful and hardcore supporters, numbering a couple of hundred took the front rows/tables, and they were the once most enthusiastic in applauding the speakers. These are the type of people Yen Yen would have heard shouting “Yes!” from the stage.

      The rest of the diners, close to 2000 of them, seemed nonchalant or indifferent. More like hardcore free-food enthusiasts. These are the types that could have been the ones shouting “No!” in Malacca – but Yen Yen, like Najib at the Psy concert in Penang, would perhaps only hear the “Yes!” coming from those hardcore supporters near the stage.

      • ‘hardcore’ supporters are those who derive their income from BN’s contracts which include the ali-baba mode.

        They are very scared of CAT for the obvious reason.

        Yen Yen thought she could outshine Najib by trying the same charade but it fell flat on her face.

        This Saturday Johor’s JB Old Temple is having its annual procession/chingay parade. Already Bersih and Anti Lynas t-shirts are disallowed by the organiser (sucking up to MCA). Not sure if any MCA leader dare to hijack the occasion to ask the crowd for YES. We are ready ith our NO response just like in Penang and Melaka.

  3. And Gelakan is trying to rebrand, to reinvent itself? Just like consumer goods? Can a dead brand be revived? Can 555 State express be revived? Can the brand Rough Rider be revived? Can the brand GOLD LEAF be revived? Can Anchor beer brand be revived? Can Benson and Hedges be revived?

    It is a case of wasting monies for nothing. And the actions of Gelakan is nothing but short of pathetic! Not turun padang, want to win an election based on advertisement? I guess those GELAKAN leaders will be treated the same way the MCA people are being treated.

    Talking of MCA, it is a forgone conclusion in Penang, contest 11 seats will lose 11 seats. GELAKAN? Continue dreaming.

    Najib came to Penang and announced the 20,000 affordable homes for Penangnites, MRT! A man of Najib’s status did not announce the free port carrot, because he knows it is not possible, but Teng? He announced it? Who is he? Just another pre election lie by GELAKAN?

    GELAKAN at the way it is spending money to rebrand itself will suffer the fate of all those consumer goods brands, it will fail and fail miserably!

    GELAKAN a consumer brand or a political party? If it is a consumer product, its sell by date had lone gone, in March 2008, no amount of money can revived a dead consumer brand! Just imagine, those great cosmetics brands, Coty? Max Factior? It is long gone and dead, so is GELAKAN!

    • Haha, can 555 be revived?

      Well, one brand was revived. From Darkie to Darlie. So Gerakan can be Gherkin and MCA can be SCA…the S for…no, not Singapore.Try again.

  4. I don’t blame Ng Yen Yen or MCA for this mess, we are the one that has to take the blame for we were scared of them and had voted for them for decades. They felt the power and thought that they have the shield of invincibility.

    Fortunately, we have awoken from our slumber and are no longer scare of anybody but ourselves. BN is sweating profusely and are surely on their way out.

  5. @Kevin: You got it right !!! BN will win big this time. My prediction, after GE, no more pakatan pact due to each blaming each others.

  6. A happy and joyous ocassion to celebrate the New year but these moron keep talking politics. No is the right answer for her….

  7. The momentum now from Perlis down to Johore to Sabah. It will be No No No.

    I will say Yes Yes Yes, please I am not a turncoat.

    Lets us all say Yes Yes Yes to BeEnd BeEnd BeEnd

  8. No surprise as Jonker Walk is right in town, an urban area. There is no question that people in urban areas will say no to her. Somehow she still dares to face the humiliation. You can call her thick skinned but she’s campaigning. Most of us know the urban seats are a lost cost for BN. But as I have said previously the battle for the GE will be in the semi urban and rural seats. And yet I do not see opposition leaders campaigning in those seats. One good example is Lahad Datu which has been in the spotlight for weeks. A smart opposition would take advantage of the situation now but I do not see any opposition leaders going over to do their usual ceramahs there. In the rest of Sabah, the project IC is such a big issue now, but the opposition are sleeping. Instead we have seen them a lot in Seberang Perai and Shah Alam. One wonders if their plan is to lose.

    • Yes its in the rural and semi rural areas.
      That is why BN Nachip and UMNO is so afraid that they have to resort to violence and intimidation

  9. No brain lady! This is supposed to be a cultural celebration and she go and give political tokok and belittle the oppositions. No wonder she got booed! Padam muka dia!

  10. No, MCA will perform better than expected.

    wake up armchair writer. Please TURUN PADANG and see the reality yourself. Join some BR1M functions now. You will see the TRUTH.

    • You’re even more optimistic than your 1PM. Should call election now. A lot of people are beginning to complain about their businesses being stuck due to this broken record.

  11. Dear Mr Anil

    This is merely version 1.0 of the video.

    Version 2.0 will have onlookers shouting
    “Yes ! Yes ! Yes !” “We love MCA!” “We love Ah Job Kor !” etc

  12. Hahahaha,cough,cough,hahahaha.

    Sien-sien is probably wearing ear buds. That’s why she’s shouting so loud about nothing until she’s so hoarse. 😛

  13. They just can’t accept it, can they? It’s frightening true. Padan muka dia!
    Wish I can get hold of a video showing the MCA president CSL being snubbed at, at a Dinner.
    Guests at the table practically walked away as he was approaching theirs. Those guests were there paid to have their reunion gathering but umpu-bodek organisers surprised them with p*rnstar! LOL!!

    • Chinese are upset by Tanda Putera and chinese education matters.
      MCA failed here, so time to quit for good.


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