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  1. Mahathir finally shared his thought on Umno GE in his latest blog entry:

    “The question is not about the increase in electricity tariff from buying power-generating stations, but from the high price used to buy it, paid with the debt money which has the highest interest rate imposed on the government and commissions to Goldman Sachs at 11%,”

    “And why did they (1MDB) invest or keep their money in the Cayman Islands, which is a hedge fund operation base? The government usually does not invest in hedge funds as it is a form of gambling.”

    “1MDB is said to be a sovereign wealth fund, but it is not. It is money that we have borrowed. When we borrow, we have to pay back. This is not wealth. In my opinion, even if there is no 1MDB it would be fine,”

  2. Anwar asked this at a political ceramah at the Desa Ilmu residential area in Samarahan division, some 40km from Kuching city, Sarawak:

    “I am asking Datuk Seri Najib, tell me who? The Malays themselves? The Chinese, Indians, the Dayaks or Kadazans who had challenged the spirit of the constitution? Tell me. Is there a challenge to the position of Malay as the official language or Islam as the religion of the federation or the position of the Malay rulers?”

  3. Umno agm is about penang bashing!!! Sad…

    This shows the backward, immature and their shallow mentality and also how unintelligent they are.

    In short, they are jealous of pg even though pakatan led pg is not perfect.

    • The umno delegate said Penang chinese gained wealth with illegal business like gambling and prostitution. Wonder if the Penang readers in this blog get offended.

      • When lying facing the cloud & day dreaming for wealth inside the tempurong ‘Katak’, it is easy to pluck pure blames out of the blue sky when stressed beyond any reasonable doubts of self preservation.
        God Saves The Truly Hardworking In A Nation Of Katak Dreaming.

      • The mentality is no need to work hard as durian can fall by itself (durian runtuh handouts). No need to study hard as the doors of IPTA is always open. No need to pay back study loan and can wait for rebate or waiver.

      • Matriculation, an easy ‘ticket’ to local unis?
        No wonder ‘some’ have it too easy but in the end the quality of these ‘some’ graduates is questionable affecting their employability in the real harsh world of meritocracy & real talents. Pls don’t cry & blame some more.
        I once interviewed a Mara grad of graphic design in the early 80s.
        My head shook in disbelief – his 3 or 4 years produced the kind of work which Sain Academy students of Diploma could output in the first beginner’s year.

        This is harsh reality of talent & employability, whether you can stomach it or not.
        No Tongkat Ali medicine for me.

      • The Penang CPO Abdul Rahim Hanafi has denied that there were such illegal activities in Penang. Mohd Zaidi should apologised unreservedly to the Penang Chinese and PDRM for making such irresponsible statements at the Umno AG.

        The Penang CPO should sue Zaidi to protect the reputation of Penang PDRM?

  4. If UMNO is concerned about the plights of the Malays, all the social ills like baby dumping, incest, street crime, mat rempit, drug abuse and an ever increasing divorce rates would be given due attention, how come it is still dragging its feet over these disturbing issues, why is it still main main politics instead of resolving them.

  5. 1. “Social Contract” in the political theory sense means an arrangement whereby the people give their consent (give up some of their freedom) to be ruled by their political leaders in return for good governance. If governance is poor, the people can remove their leaders from political office.
    UMNO Baru’s usage of the term is distorted and simply propaganda for Ketuanan Melayu (dominance of one ethnic group over others). UMNO Baru-cum-Mahathirist version of this propaganda is that the Malays (owners of the land) gave citizenship to non-Malays (“pendatang”) in return for perpetual Malay political dominance.

    2. … There was just an agreement between right-wing elites from the main ethnic groups (as represented by UMNO, MCA and MIC) in order to have the British grant independence to colonial Malaya. Without an agreement, the British would not grant independence.

    3. This agreement is as found in some of the clauses of the original Constitution. I’m sure the vast majority of Malaysians have no problem with these special privileges.

    4. But we progressive Malaysians sure have problems with the semi-apartheid and (multi-ethnic) kleptocratic system that has emerged. Especially since the Mahathir days.

  6. “Peremajaan” pimpinan UMNO tak boleh direalasikan as long as the so-called warlords not give way to aspiring younger ones; and as a result many likely switch camp to join PKR/DAP/PAS !

    • “Peremajaan” or Rejuvenation of the party to avoid succession problem can be easily achieved if
      a) The secret recipe via the combo of Puteri’s ramuan semut api (fire ants) + Veteran Datuks’s tongkat ali.
      b) The secret recipe via the combo of Pemuda’s youthful & sporty tonic + Wanita’s beef rendang prepared condo style.

      Such traditional recipes can then be marketed to components via Maha Expo ( ?

  7. Melaka state government is revoking the land titles of heritage buildings (given by past colonials) to turn them to malay reserve lands? This could happen in other parts of Malaysia?

  8. Found nothing constructive and nothing that is sensible about that party and it’s leaders.
    They are not leading Malaysia and Malaysians toward progress or to herald in 21st century.
    KJ was a total letdown despite his background . And he was doing okay as a Sports minister and did exhibited some common sense.(earlier)
    Maybe he gave up . And adopts the “Can’t beat em , join em” policy.
    However it is amazing that they managed to secure 88 parliament seats and 241 state seats.
    But with higher internet usages , umno is on shaky ground.
    They do know that , not that stupid.

    • KJ was a letdown as Sports Minister given the failure at Commonwealth and Asian Games. Even Harimau Malaya is doing badly, only one win in last seven games and on the verge of elimination in Suzuki Cup after losing to Thailand last night.

      • Msia football reflects the state of UMNO – old 33-35 years old footballer could not withstand energetic younger Thai henced conceded last minute gial to lose 2-3. UMNO leaders in cabinet average 58 years old with only one under 40 the saving grace of Badawi son-in-law. How to last the frantic pace of cyber-era politics when young vibrant professional Malays with open mindset (UMNO called it liberals ?) not given opportunities by old warlords (Anil no worry to censor this term as DPM has used it so safe to quote it without fear of sedition act)????
        pikir pikir lah

      • Too much hype on the Malaysian players especially on Astro Arena. Brendan Gan is a good player but cannot understand why he is not in the squad.

        The players will not go all out to risk injury as their rice bowls are with the state team in Liga M to begin in Jan 2015. So do not highlight tanah tunpah darah as the slogan for Harimau Malaya when the players are not commited in the national team.

      • Harimau Malaya is seen smoking!

        How to be a good footballer?

        Brendan Gan is not born locally, so he is ignored by Dollah although he plays ver well under Kim Swee. Why?

    • While others progress despite against all odds, you call that a sacrifice from your own kind?
      While others sweat to earn a better living & lifestyle, you call that social inequality?
      While others score better & don’t have to pay PTPTN loans, you call that unfair?
      While others think & act for self-advancement in many fields of endeavour, you call that taking advantage?

      Every year, there is a season for staking out the Chinese Bogeymen, an alternative for Witch Hunt. Even the Orang Minyak can take a rest this season.

      Then what the world you want us non-Malays to do?
      Sit under the tempurong katak & pray 24/7/365 for ringgit & jobs to fall on our laps?

      This is my saying on tak-nak-buat-apa addiction for life:
      From a tongkat to a wheelchair to 6 million ringgit robotic mind + body overhaul. Sempoi!

  9. What else but keep attacking Chinese or Penang state govt. ?
    Better still, if they attack China as well !?

  10. I did not hear racist or surly comments as made out by some. In fact it is much better that those from Pakatan DAP & PKR

    • TV3 Soal Jawab program right after the live telecast from UMNO yearly funfair (Jom Heboh?) : Invited guest a Malay Professor still challenging MCA/Gerakan to have guts to contest in Chinese majority constituents come next GE to fight off DAP whom he called “Racist” party. I wont comment here but i leave it to iSupercally or Yang to defend MCA/Gerakan.
      2nd speaker from USM whom Anil probably know him. He is Pof Madya Siva Murugan Pandian of USM. He said it will be UMNO’s political suicide if UMNO insists on the path of abolishing vernacular schools.
      after that a lot of typical cliches so i switched on to TV2 to watch India classic movie “Bobby”. I think Anil in his younger days probably have watched this movie with his girlfriend (now wife?). At least there is no (move) yet to ban the movie like “Bobby” when there are few scenes when the hero Rajah (played by Rishi Kapoor) in peluk-peluk scenes with the heroine.
      My friend told me Rosmah love Hindi movies; and (apparently) idolised Rishi Kapoor before switching to politically correct Sharukh Khan (now bestowed Datukship !). More aboyt movies like Bobby i think Tunglang can share his experience at Odeon cinema chewing kacang putih and spewing kuachi (not the cosmopolitan popcorn of today cineplexx) 🙂

      • Haha, Dorai, very funny! I can’t remember much of Bobby. I did watch Haathi Mere Saathi – was it at the now-vanished Royal Cinema? – a few times though (along with half of the population of Penang)!

      • Dimple Kapadia who played Booby Braganza in the movie “Bobby” was very famous then 40 years ago; so Anil may not recall that as he was still in primary school not yet chasing Bollywood stars. People of my generations so star-struck that they go to Goa India looking for her (in the movie Bobby as a fisherman’s daugher from Goa).

        Tunglang can refresh Anil about the popularity of “Bobby” as many chinese watched this blockbuster in 1973 (tunglang by then watching Bruce Lee movies in between Bobby or the elephants of Hhathi Mere Saathi ?)

      • Haathi Mere Saathi!!!
        That’s my first experience of watching a Hindi cinema movie @ Royal Theatre with so many Indians, not to forget the air of Calcutta perfume! Then, many Indian ladies wore sarees to cinemas showing the belly buttons (navels) which caused me thinking why Indian ladies were so daring as 1/4 naked at the waist.
        And the kacang puteh man was so happy he looked like he struck 4-ekor that night!
        My first childhood impression of Hindi movie with many dance + singing even Gangnam style cannot match (did Psy learnt from Bollywood movies?).

        One unforgettable impressions: sitting in the middle row in the dark, I saw the head silhouette of audiences in constant motions while chattering. Of course, these were the animatic Indians!

  11. Recyled speeches to urge Malays to support the party even though they will continue to be poor under NEP since 1970 despite so much privileges like ASB (8.8% annual return), housing subsidy, easier tertiary education places, ..then blame their woes on the chinese.

    The same vicious cycle will continue and plague the poor malays if the ABU objectives is not realised.


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