Provocateurs disrupt Mahathir’s forum


Mahathir’s Nothing-to-Hide forum took a disturbing turn when provocateurs threw projectiles and flares inside a packed hall today.

The authorities have to take stern action against the culprits; otherwise they – and others like them – will be further emboldened to engaged in other acts of provocation to serve a certain agenda.

To me, this latest action suggests a certain degree of desperation over the advances made by Mahathir’s Bersatu party in recent months.

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  1. I will not vote for Bersatu after Mahathir has planned to have another national car project if Pakatan Harapan is elected into office. Proton should just disappear with Geely’s takeover. Having Petodua is enough.

  2. If Azmin or PKR continue prosituiting themselves to PAS then it looks likely Umno+Pas will recapture Selangor. IF UMNO+PAS recapture Selangor, minority races will suffer more oppression with UMNO Ketuanan Melayu & PAS Islamic state. Double tragedy for PKR & HARAPAN.

    Although I support Harapan, I will not vote for PKR candidate, but to waste my vote. PKR is useless at Bayan Baru.

  3. Mahathir has now said that he does not believe in ‘ketuanan Melayu’, despite having been labelled as an ‘ultra Malay’ by Malaysia’s first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.

    “I do not believe in ‘ketuanan Melayu’. I used to tell (Malay rights pressure group Perkasa president) Ibrahim Ali that if you are the driver, it is the guy behind you who is the ‘tuan’ (master).

    “We have to accept reality. If you want to be ‘tuan’, you must work hard, you must be competitive, you must get a good education, you must have a good value system,” he said.

  4. Because of one bad “engineer”, we hope our competent FTZ Engineers should not be deemed irresponsible to drive away FDI.

    Respect to Mr Lim Chong Eu who is a true Engineer creating jobs to Penangites with FTZ idea when the free port status revoked. His biggest regret was his successors being fed with dacing dedak to betray the mutiara islanders.

  5. PH’s ‘1MDB Ceramah’ this Friday 18 August 9pm, at Tanah Lapang Kota Giam in Jalan Kota Giam, behind the Jelutong Public Bank.

    DAP’s Tony Pua, Amanah’s Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa, Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi, Sungai Pinang assemblyman Lim Swee Khim, PKR’s Ahmad Farid Md Arshad and Bersatu’s Mohamad Kamal Fairos Mohamad Ibrahim.

  6. Let there be peace and prosperity for Malaysia not being disrupted here and there leading to GE14.

    Dedicate this song to peace loving folks :

  7. Some similarities between a certain “top dog” and a certain “defacto leader”:
    – Were rabid racists when in power.
    – Have evaded all culpability for their outrages.
    – Kept the back door to UMNO open for as long as they could.
    – Have consistently been disinterested in issues critical to the masses, and interested only in gaining polital power.
    – Have not demonstrated any understanding of democracy.

    This is in no way an approval of the current cabal.

  8. A homeland terrorism in the making?, an acid-test of violence @ GE14?, or a nothing important to do (like running a country peacefully) other than to threaten an old man?
    You verdict. Even a fool can surmise who are the actual culprits.
    NEXT: could be clashes by paid violent proxies before GE to justify Emergency measures which technically can suspend GE14.

    Lawyers: Forum chaos an escalation of violence due to past inaction

    Guan Eng condemns attack on Dr M

    Fears over next polls as ‘cowardly’ attack on Mahathir condemned

    • No guarantee opposition can maintain peace: Rahman Dahlan

      What is he talking about? Otak kita senang lupa?
      What happened when the Red Shirts were in town?
      When they acted like Mat Rempits when in Gurney Drive. Or Friday disburbances @ Komtar. And the recent violence, damage to properties & gang-led chaos @ Zunar’s exhibition.
      So, pls don’t play the fear syndrome when the present peace was already undermined @ Nothing-to-Hide forum. Or maybe the Orang Minyak in your next dire warning.

      Note: The fed up Rakyat are now looking for alternatives via UBAH Dengan Penuh HARAPAN!

    • The use of gangsters and political violence are now “SOP” in events critical of Umno and the prime minister, electoral watchdog Bersih 2.0 said after shoes and chairs were thrown and flares lit at the Nothing to Hide 2.0 forum.

      Bersih said violence was becoming “an alarming trend” in the Malaysian political scene and called for an end to impunity.

  9. The nation at crossroad now. Fire and fury already happened. Next the people minds to be locked and loaded, unleashed for GE14.

    • Doubt it. Next GE will foresee a Malay tsunami that will wipe out all the PKR politicians from the Malay majority constituencies. The tsunami will be unleashed in full force, washing away all the UMNO hatred once and for all.

      There’s no way Pakatan will win the election nor it will better their performance in 2013. And it is impossible Parti Pribumi will make any dents on UMNO anytime soon. No more UBAH and no more CAT bulls.

      All these can be blamed on DAP’s own arrogance, greediness, hypocrisy, corruption (two DAP polictians have been nabbed by MACC), incompetency, high cost of living in Penang, Lim Dynasty, and their mind control on the Chinese voters.

      Next government elect will be a wholly UMNO-PAS government with almost zero non-Malays participation, all thanks to DAP.

      • Gelakan cyber re-engineering effort officially kick$ off?
        Do keep us posted new era a$piration to recapture pulo pinang!
        Also where to get Mario nanobricks in Penang, thanks.

      • I can faintly recall the manner of Gerakan K commenting in in the same dire veins as Mario engineer some years ago. But they came to nought!
        So cocky confident of a Malai tsunami?

      • In politics, if I have to choose between the CAT Devil & the Deep Blue Ocean (of Countless Failed Strategies), I would most certainly choose the smarter & not so devious CAT Devil.

        Not so devious means not employing violence, not committing murders, no theft of public coffers, & of course not telling the world or Rakyat the Assumed Fools of a highly generous Arab donation of Nusantara 21st Century.

        Unless someone proposes to re-engineer our brains to become fools!

      • Gerakan Teng to field 90% ‘new faces’ in Penang for GE14, thus giving Engineer new hope? New faces have higher appetite for dedak?

      • A “MALAYSIAN TSUNAMI” will sweep Putrajaya in the next general election if Pakatan Harapan gets an additional 10% of Malay and 5% of non-Malay votes.

        The “10 and 5” formula would be enough for PH to win Perak, Negri Sembilan and Johor, in addition to Penang and Selangor, which were already PH-held states.

        If PH could gain control of the governments in the most economically dynamic states in the peninsula and also form the federal government, it would pave the way for a genuine economic and political transformation in Malaysia.

    • Why still wanna talk about Gerakan? They have not been in power for the last 8 years and most likely won’t be in power in the next GE. You are free to continue supporting DAP and let them screw you and rest of Penangites proper and good, no problem for me.

      The laughable thing is Dr M is the part of Malaysia’s problem for the past 20 years and now suddenly he switched side, all his sins are forgotten and that old DAP dinosaur Lim Kit Siang gets so chummy with Dr M. See the hypocrisy?

      • It is Putra delaying dedak. Not enough evidence and ah gee is still trying to find more for the third time with court beh kia. Remember ah gee ask his hunting… to look for for scent.

        On the other hand, many to hide dare to face uncle Sam just. Dept. Malaysian owned properties are not protected but taken by uncle Sam. You can talk big big channel. Go and ask uncle Sam Malaysian properties back otherwise just another … pack from gee ah…

      • As I wrote, who cares what Penangites vote. Penangites can vote a …. as ADUN for all I care, the most DAP could win is just Penang while the rest of the country moves on as demonstrated in last year’s Sabah & Sarawak state election where Pakatan is trounced (DAP lost 5 seats they have won in 2011, lol).

        And why would I be representing Gerakan? This is one of the reasons why “normal”, on the fence voters are so disgusted with Pakatan and DAP. Whenever they’re criticized, people who criticized is always labelled as dedak eater and from BN.

      • “Not so devious means not employing violence, not committing murders, no theft of public coffers, & of course not telling the world or Rakyat the Assumed Fools of a highly generous Arab donation of Nusantara 21st Century”- Tunglang

        Why is Saudi Arabia’s donation seems so outrageous to you? Saudi Arabia is a rich Muslim country and Malaysia is also a Muslim country.

        In 2015, Saudi Arabia donated a total of USD 115 billion to help 90 nations around the world. The USD700 million given to Malaysia back in 2013 is not even one percent of the amount. So why it’s so hard to believe that for you?

        As for “committing murders”, you better back up your insinuation on that. Who commited murders? …

      • Gilakan and make cina angry will not be in power because of umno’s and your doing. As usual, religion, race and trouble makers red shirt and blue saga seeds engineer hatred

      • Who cares about sawarak? They have been squeezed dried and the botak is worst than penang. All timber gone and green are all oil palms. Even orang utan has no chance. Let Ms Brown demoralise bn. What a kaipochi over pg lang? You should like the twins fight back at ms Brown. Ms Brown reveals the dirty underwear of your paymaster. The two Machais are eliminated and is your superhero role now.

      • (Some) are now shaking b’cos the time is nigh – comes GE14.
        We don’t senang lupa TBHock, who to some reengineered brains believe he jumped out of building one day before his best day of his life!
        We don’t senang lupa Mongolian Altantuya with a foetus who was ruthlessly murdered by those I don’t have to tell you but God… knows who.
        As for the too generous Arab donor, show us the legit money trail from donor’s account in Saudi Arabia. We want to see legit, not some concocted Arabian Night stories reengineered for the fools.

  10. Ask yourself what the police would have done if such disturbance happens at the Umno event. Remember someone dropped a balloon at MO1 and got into trouble?

    • Ask yourself why P01 (current Penang Cheap Minister) keeps delaying his corruption charge. Why not face the charge like a man and clear his name asap if he’s innocent as he said?

      • Why should I be ashamed of myself? I’m not a politician. It’s Lim Gone Eng who should be ashamed of himself. He is CHARGED with corruption for buying a bungalow that is cheaper than what most Penangites bought in term of price per square feet, yet he still clings on to his CM position. Does he knows the word “shame”?

      • Charge by his political opponents who hold the central power and appoint ag, and sack his former ag when central power scent belacan coming. Use his Mata and said that all salaries are paid by him. What international shame when was commented by uncle Sam about this no 1. You orso feel shame and all the tails down when hinted by uncle Sam worldwide. If you are not shameful ask go to uncle Sam and get the confiscated items back. Show international you are the superhero . Uncle Sam has capt America. You are captAin Malaysia or just a mucky?

      • Of course you are … quiet as head when mat rempit disrupt a meeting conducted by former pm. Deep silence when mobs march … to Chinatown and threatened the peaceful residents.


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