MCA’s Star goes on propaganda offensive


The MCA publication, The Star, has gone on a propaganda offensive today in a bid to check eroding support for the party and provide a morale booster for the party’s general assembly.

The party news organ points to the crowds at the nine MCA “mega dinners” as an indication of a reversal in declining support for the party – or at least there is an “open verdict” as to whether the people will swing back to the MCA. To back up its claim, the paper claims that people are paying RM30 to attend these dinners and listen to political speeches, apart from tucking in the food. Some 12000 tickets have been sold for one such dinner in Kulai, and the other mega dinners are targeting at least 5000 diners.

The question is, who exactly is buying the tickets and who is actually attending the dinners? Are they the same people? Are the majority of tables being bought by certain quarters in block or are tickets being sold individually to the public for most of the tables?

The party’s propaganda tabloid also tries to give the impression that the protests over the petroleum refinery in Pengerang are inspired by the opposition, when it is the residents themselves who are unhappy over the development.

The paper even says that no one can see Pakatan going from one parliamentary seat to 12 in Johor in the coming general election. No one? Really?

And it says that the Johor MB is not controversial and has no baggage even after five terms. No baggage? Really?

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No wonder the circulation of The Star has dipped from 310008 in 2006 to 287204 last year.

What do you think? Have any of you attended these dinners? Do any of you read The Star anymore?

Let’s strip away the pretence and call a spade a spade: The Star is less a newspaper, much less a ‘people’s paper’, and more like the unofficial party organ of the MCA.

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  1. i had sat in the midlle of a muddy padang and giving donation to listen to a dap ceramah in 2008 and rest assured, i will do it again but i will not attend mca mega dinners even if they pay me to do so. it feels great to do something honorable.

  2. lissie

    unfortunately a hotel room in batu pahat is good refuge for a MCA elite. shameless to have temerity to preach morality/

  3. BN is confusing rakyat when its Umno claims that Pakatan is turning Malaysia into a Christian State while its MCA is telling us that Pakatan is making Malaysia a hudud state. Very soon MIC will join in the confusion?

  4. MCA is clearly rotting from the head down. It is their political survival at stake and they will do anything to stay relevant. They cannot fathom the loss of Chinese support. Thus they deny the fact by conjuring up imaginary ideas of a returning Chinese support base. Chua is the worst president so far. Ong Tee Keat was the best, sort of.

    On another note, I feel sorry for Wong Chun Wai, the Star chief editor. At the age of fifty plus or so, he cannot afford to lose his retirement benefits and such. He seems a reasonable man. Too bad he is stuck in such an unenviable position. He could be a ‘Citizen Nades’ sort of journalist but he simply cannot go against his political bosses.

  5. All the MCA mega dinners are nothing but syiok sendiri exercises proposed by Ah Jib Gor and orchestrated by none other than the MCA resident adulterer president, CSL.

    Almost everyone likes good food, especially the Chinese. So when these mega dinners are sponsored by rich MCA towkays who would not want to enjoy the food. It is like taking whatever goodies Ah Jib Gor gives while fishing for votes but voting for a clean, transparent and accountable Pakatan Rakyat government as seen in the governance of Penang.

    Let CSL take the lead in the syiok sendiri exercise which translates into Pakatan bashing. Who really cares? The rakyat are not the simple minded kampong folks of the pre 2008 era. Now the rakyat, except for the (those) in UMNO, MCA and MIC, know what is actually happening in the country. The rakyat are fed up of mega corruption, fanatical racism, religious intolerance and ketuanan arrogance.

    The coming 13th GE is going to make sure that UMNO/BN will be wiped out and the RAHMAN prophesy comes true.

  6. There was a news report concerning the “Mega Dinner” held in MITC, Malacca in the Southern Edition of Sin Chew. It was reported that Chinese primary SCHOOLS in Malacca were asked to BUY at least 2 dinner table at RM600 per table in order to qualify for the education grant of RM8000 for the schools concerned. If that’s the MO, I pity all the Chinese school teachers! Anyway that’s what they usually do in Malacca whenever they need the number/crowd, schools, teachers and students are always the target!

  7. hudud hudud hudud , The issue is no more that. The pornstar, adulterer … and MCA together with their master Ah Cheap and UMNO are now bankrupt of ideas.

    The issues is now morality, corruption, cheaters, … racist that are running the country.

    MCA is now in desperation cos they have no way on how solve the issues of the Chinese and just like UMNO keep ranting racial and religious issue. UMNO is going beserk and keep shouting that the country would become a Christian state with their … MCA ranting and ranting that the country become a hudud muslim state.

    With their contradictions and the 4 Pakatan states performing so well, UMNO Ah Cheap Kor and adulterer pornstar Soil Leg are now in desperation and running scare. Their Waterloo is near.

    Just received notice from the courier company that the usual net pack has increase from RM6.00 to RM8.00, that is a 30% increase. Continue with UMNO & BN GST 4% will definitely be implemented and prices will go up not 4% but 30%.

    Ah Cheap is now splashing goodies like nothing happen. Our country debt has now reach a very critical level. After the GE you will soon be paying back 10 to 30 times otherwise he will not recoup back what he has given you. One friend I met got his BRIM RM500. Wow wow, now he has to pay back, back dated tax of RM8,500/=. At least this is good of collecting back from the cheaters but what about the innocent when he start increasing tax to offset what he has given.

    And the Star and Utusan are closing an eyes to all the misdemeanor by the govt. Lets us make that CHANGE.

    The performance 4 Pakatan states is proof that you need to CHANGE Putrajaya..

  8. “who exactly is buying the tickets and who is actually attending the dinners?”

    Heh, heh, heh! Reminds me of the “sold out” real estate scams.

  9. The last GE, while we were squashed in a neigbourhood padang attending a DAP ceramah, we were told that MCA was giving a free chinese dinner nearby. Alas, after the last course was served, so the people left. On the other hand, we at the DAP ceramah had no free drinks, no door gifts and we had parted with some money when the donation box came around. Lately, security has become so bad that, robbers are targeting eateries and restaurants to prey on patrons enmassed, mind you. What has the BN government done to restore law and order in Malaysia? MCA will want to tell us to be fearful of hudud… I think they are missing the point. Nowadays, no matter how hard they try, MCA only stand for, Malaysians Cannot Accept.

  10. Gerakan K….is a dreamer and a non realist.The Star is the leading English Newspaper, and PR has achieved anything similar. True. How long have The Star been in existence, and what kind of “good” has the MCA done with the profits from its share in The Star?Does PR hold any print media licence? Dont compare a 55 year old grandpa and a 4 year old child. Shows your depth and ignorance ..those non Malays who are successful in business riding on the coattails of UMNA, what have you done for the people of Malaysia? BN winning back Selangor? Kedah? Kelantan?..Keep on dreaming Mister. BN had 55 years to make good for the rakyat..How good? Need another 55 years?Once for BN was already enough….Bury them for good this time if not the next.

  11. Zero chance of (Taiwan) Guomindang-style transformation for
    MCA under its present set of leaders.

    It’s on course for its worst electoral showing ever in the next General Election.

    • Those rich MCA businessmen (probably) bought those dinner tickets for distribution to chinese uncles/aunties for free meals and lucky draw. Poor people went there for free food and chance to win a LCD TV, not to listen to the nonsense from MCA.

  12. The Star = Malaysia #1 English newspaper = an achievement cannot be achieved by any pakatan media. So, don’t jealous.

    And, CSL is correct, the chinese support have returned to BN because of 1Malaysia PM Najib efforts in various 1Malaysia programs.

    My prediction for next GE based on current sentiment is that BN will win with simple majority and Selangor + Perak + Kelantan will back to BN control.

    For Penang, BN has no chance unless Mr Ong Eu Soon willing to do his magic.

    • Oh really? And you’re basing your prediction on what? Tea leaves? Chua Soi Lek porno leadership in attacking Islam? Najib’s transformation into a “selipar” (flip-flop)? Muhyiddin’s “… Malay first, Muslim Malaysian last” statement? Right!!! With so many damning issues, UMNO and BN couldn’t even answer without sounding stupid and immoral, BN would win hands down ,HUH? Well then, what stopping najib from calling a GE yesterday? Tea leaves are showing ominous sign of defeat? CSL and MCA are hated by (many) because of his porno minds and MCA anti (hudud) stand? One advise for MCA! Stop your porn president from talking about islam cos it disgust us to no end!


      • Yeah……Well said Mr Foo, They are building castles in the Air…..Only Frogs will vote them in Perak….Croak-croak-croak….

  13. Chua Soi Lek admits he has no fresh ideas to present to the people, in particular the Chinese community, whose interests MCA claims to represent. All he can offer is more DAP bashing and fear mongering about hudud. It is easy to understand why. DAP has a wealth of young talent and double the number of Parliamentary seats that MCA has, and looks set to decimate MCA in GE13. Hudud used to worry the Chinese but not any more. The only people frightened of hudud are in MCA and UMNO,… who risk losing vital body parts if hudud is introduced.

  14. anil,

    i hv a buddy. he is at ripe old age of 60.never fails to buy star paper.
    i asked him why. oh, just to read the obituaries. rest of the pages are used wrap vegetables.

  15. MCA is so behind in the Chinese votes they are going to very extreme to crawl back some votes – it will never be enough to win them any seat in Chinese majority seats. The issue is the cost include actually touching on issues that can cost them Malay votes. Its entirely predicated on UMNO being able to keep the Malay vote banks for them in the mix-constituency even though they are so racist. If DAP start attacking MCA as racist successfully, everything would be much worst. Its a negative campaign DAP has not stooped to and left it in PKR and PAS who have chosen to instead call it unIslamic politely..

    So really its simply to rid MCA, just stooped to their level. The challenge is to do it without doing so…

  16. According to some of my acquaintances to whom I had raised the question of “mega dinners” by MCA, they just told me, they are being attended by the same people from one dinner after another?

    Many connected businessmen bought in blocks these tickets and asked their workers to attend? Many are even given days off to attend such dinners, so they say?

    Looking at what MCA had done since 2008, looking at the General Assembly where nothing worth talking was raised except for HUDUD and SEX, which undoubtedly Chua Soi Lek is king? It is sad indeed for a major political party, dumped by Malaysians in 2008, and trying to seek a reverse in its fortune to conduct their assemblies in such a way.

    Previously, we looked forward to such assemblies, to understand where the party is moving forward to, but, now? It is just Sex and HUDUD and attacking the DAP! DAP? Why DAP? Even the PM had got into the trap by saying the Malays are fed up with DAP, and asked DAP candidates to contest in Malay majority areas? Why such shallow arguments? The non Malays are equally fed up with UMNO, why don’t UMNO send its candidates to contest in PJ Utara, Seputeh, Kepong, Cheras or Bukit Bintang? Or Ipoh Timur or Tanjong or Bagan?

    Hudud today had been so overplayed and so over exploited that no one bothers to an issue that is NOT going to see the lights of day in the country, except, when MCA/MIC/GELAKAN together with all in UMNO/sycophants agree to it. Under Pakatan, you can have Hudud “over Karpal’s dead body”. Just no way!

    But it is scary indeed the sandiwara that is being played out by MCA! We are not used to one race insulting the religion of the other in the country, and MCA had gone around (criticising) Hudud (which) is part of Islamic laws in an Islamic State. While, UMNO Islamic scholars and muftis had announced that MCA/MIC/GELAKAN support Hudud without a word of protest from sycophants!

    PAS/PKR/DAP had never insulted one or the other’s religion, while (pro) UMNO (groups) had gone round using Christianity to rouse the feelings of Muslims? UMNO/MCA is playing a very dangerous game, and let all Malaysians, stand up and say ‘NO” to UMNO/MCA and MIC/GELAKAN come PRU 13!

    Just dump and throw them out and tell them in no uncertain terms, Rakyat tak Nak racial parties and racial politics!

    Bangkit Bangsa Malaysia, UNITE and dump all these racists …once and for ALL!

    Selamatkan Malaysia!


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