What GE13 reveals about Sabah


The election results show that Sabah’s fixed deposit status remains and it will continue to play the role of kingmaker – but a closer analysis will also reveal something else.

“The opposition’s increased electoral gains in Sabah also show that the electorate can no longer be influenced by the lure of development aid. Put another way, the electorate has become more politically aware of their democratic rights — to choose political parties that can best fight for their interests,” says analyst Dr Arnold Puyok.

Read his revealing piece in Aliran.

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  1. It is time for the so called east Malaysians to wake up … You are not only giving them the control of your freedom and they are robbing you blind of all your natural wealth. Only a handful individuals are benefitting from your numerous natural resources and there is nothing you can do about what is going on.
    Just leave the co called coalition BN and let these rapscallions become the opposition in parliament and only then will you see the difference in the attitude of Umno. They will come on their knees and accept any cabinet positions you are offering them and you will not have to become the junior partners that you are being treated !


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