Senior citizen injured as stones, eggs hurled at PKR ceramah


Stone and eggs were thrown at a PKR ceramah near flats in Lembah Pantai last night and one senior citizen, a PKR supporter, was injured.

Among those speaking at the ceramah were Anwar and his daughter Nurul Izzah, the MP for Lembah Pantai.

Lawyer Fadiah Nadwa tweeted:

Power supply was also interrupted and the speakers “sabotaged”, according to a tweet by Nurul Izzah. She added that she also spoke to Shah Alam Khalid Samad and found out that his tyres had been slashed.

The TV Selangor website reported that several groups of Mat Rempits revved their engines in a bid to disrupt the PKR speeches.

Another ceramah organised by Umno-Tibai was being held close to the site of the PKR ceramah.

A tweet by a ronasin sums it up: “Lembah Pantai memang daerah unik sebab di situ ada hujan batu dan telur. Dulu ada lembu dalam kondo.”

Irrationality – by a minority who perhaps have a lot to lose – rules the day. A sign of increasing desperation ahead of the coming general election.

I wonder how Utusan and TV3 are going to report this.

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  1. It is the beginning of violence, no finger pointing. M’sia will one day end up like the Middle East just for the sheer desperation to win. Politics should be mature just like the US, you win OK, the losers will just close rank and join the winning administration. Something ought to be done before politician lose their sanity.

  2. When UMNO has a ceramah, I never see PR supporters coming in big groups to distrupt the ceramah. In fact PR supporters stay away and mind their own business. But in … PR ceramah, …. gangsters … create trouble and violence. This clearly shows that UMNO can only rule with … trouble, they are not peaceful people. And yet that stupid old man has the cheek to claim that PR will be violent. It is clear now that (someone) has given instructions to these UMNO gangsters and mat rempits to create trouble as he has not said a word despite this happening repeatedly. I wonder if those people who support BN want (someone) who supports violence and encourages it. Shame on UMNO, shame on BN and shame of MIC, MCA, Gerakan and all those other mosquito parties in BN that has just kept quiet and not said a word. When you keep quiet, that means you condorn such behavior.

  3. When Saiful failed…

    When the 3 datuks with their sex video also failed…

    When the defamation by Nalla, Chandra, Wee Ka Siong, etc etc etc all failed, now, they resorted to violence !!!

    ABU ABU ABU !!!

  4. This is the culture of Malaysia? Do Malaysia still have hope? Do we want our future generation to learn and inherit this culture? Let us stay calm and God will always protect the right against the might.

  5. Crush bones, lost lives, these were the war cries to win at all cost, war against whom? against m’sian whom don’t support them. This is the best democracy’s effort, product of 1 malaysia, great!.

    M’sians should have not booed him in London! huh!, “show some repects, wei!” shouted an idiot, during the booing.

    We were readfully wrong to expect soemthing from them on free and fair election. The way these guys behave, we worry not only free and fair election, we worry what will happen if they somehow lose their putrajaya or maybe, there will be no GE13 all togather?

  6. The more stones, eggs and other missiles these imbeciles supporting UMNO/BN use to disrupt peaceful ceramahs by the Opposition the more hatred they are sowing against the government of the day for allowing thugs, hooligans, ruffians and hoodlums to hurt the people.

    PDRM lost its credibility long ago. Now they have become so incompetent and directionless in discharging their duties, that they too are showing their desperation in keeping IPCMC at bay.

    UMNO/BN will be obliterated if they cannot curb the excesses that these unruly, uneducated and misfit lowlifes who have nothing better to do than be the running dogs of their paymasters.

    Ordinary Malays are not amused by the antics of these morons because they are bringing disrepute (to themselves). UMNOputras as usual can claim whatever through their MSM mouth pieces but nobody in his right mind believes them.

    The PM and his cousin are to be blamed for all the desperate actions of their followers for not instilling in them simple lessons in decency and the rights to agree or disagree in a democratic system.

    It is never too late to rein in the mad … before they set upon their masters in retaliation for not giving more room to create havoc and mayhem.

  7. How are they going to report it? Probably that old folks should stay at home, like students should concentrate on their studies.

  8. Anwar & Nurul at Lembah Pantai – doing their job is wrong?? Seriously screwed up in the head by entitlement these people..

  9. If pakatan home ground ceramah is greeted with eggs and stones, then you know the rakyat wishes. Rakyat is angry with BERSIH 3.0. By the way, Anwar kena sue again !!! PKR better sack anwar because he is court-man. Yeah, always visit court just like a habit.

    • And the prosecution team leader is now defending Anwar. Doesn’t that just make your day, Gherks? Better visit your 1clinic for more anti depressants and reduce the fried chicken.

    • AMMO, Barang Naik and Ah Cheap Kor are now feeling the heat and they have (condoned) hooliganism and thuggery to prevent the Pakatan from spreading out the truth. The truth has prevailed when the Bukit Jalil gathering could not even fill half the stadium. Its not the people who are angry. Its the Na Cheap cronies who are angry because just like the Geelakan they will lose out big if Pakatan come to power. Using the police, judiciary and the govt machinery to silence Anwar, Ambiga and all peace loving Malaysian will not work. Anwar is a court man but the blind like Geelakan are still in denial that Anwar has been acquitted twice. Even MCA Wee has to beg for an out of court settlement. And also not forgetting that Ah Cheap Kor will be subpoena to testify in the French court on Scorpene or he will be arrested. Malaysian will have to bear the shame for this unfit PM.

      Under Ah Cheap Kor, Malaysian has degenerated to such a low level. The people are angry. 300 over thousand people with the millions who are in silence protest could not be wrong.


    • Yes, we know what you wish for.

      We know what is crushed bones and lost lives, how to launch war against the people, to win the election at all cost!. Utmost honors thing to do!.

      Best democracy in the world!, 1 Malaysia!.

      My pray to your god.

  10. Once again.. a proof that there is something gravely wrong with the way our country is at the moment..

    Thugs rule the land when perpetrators know they can escape and get away with it !!

    This is indeed a VERY VERY SAD day in Malaysia when anybody can condone such incidents, stone-throwing-etc.. till there is shedding of blood.

  11. Is this the ‘???ways’ of Mat Rempits under the tutelage of Khairy Jamaluddin?
    Samseng is the only word I can think of for the whole year 2012.
    Inclusive of some men in blue …

    • Khairy said those umno … racted because they were provoked. If that is true, going by FIFA Fair Play rulings, those retaliated should be given the red card and punished!

  12. LOL, signs, signs more signs of desperation! Surely, these actions are not going to win the hearts of the electorates!

    The magic of Bersih 3.0 is showing. UMNO/BN must be scared? If the actions are not by UMNO/BN? Think about it folks, don’t you think those doing such things have alot to hide?

    Don’t you agree that DSAI had been able to outdo them? The media blitz against DSAI are not working as people just do not believe the medias anymore? They believe DSAI more?

    Whatever they do, the fact is, UMNO/BN may fall anytime come PRU 13! This is a fact, unlike previously, no one ever thought UMNO/BN will fall!

    It will be the closest tussle ever, whatever the UMNO/BN media says, spins or lies, the people have made up their minds, and the youths who are the decisive factor had bangkit! And clearly, it is with Pakatan Rakyat!

    Folks, again and again, we must fancy our chances, it is for real, no more dreams, the longer the PRU is delayed, the more mistakes UMNO/BN will make and they will fall! And the easier they will fall.

    Let us double our efforts folks, Selamatkan Malaysia!


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