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According to a note on Sarawak Report’s Facebook page, its reports can now be found on the premier third-party blog hosting site WordPress.

The new site can be found here.

Now let’s see them try and knock out!

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  1. The MCLM president Haris Ibrahim was told that he is blacklisted and cannot enter Sarawak, with no reason given. Pek Moh and Najib is getting desperate now!

  2. This is a wakeup call for non-MSM. It clearly proves that (they) have the technology to cyber-attack your sites…

  3. Thousand are still without clean water and electricty in Sarawak.
    … rakyat money (being used) to bring down independent websites(?)

    • Don’t forget about the Video DAP took about the women and the ballot boxes.

      Sorry to say, opposition sure to lose lah as there will be big time cheating.

    • ha ha ha ha. I can’t stop laughing whenever I drop by this site once a while and see some comments so badly rated. Ha Ha Ha


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