Photo of the day: Kota Bharu calling…


Tens of thousands of people packed the Sultan Mohammed IV Stadium for the Pakatan ceramah in Kota Bharu last night. The stadium can normally seat 30000, but this was no ordinary event.

Photograph: Gan Pei Nei
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  1. Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Kedah akan mengadakan Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat pada 7 Disember 2012, bertempat di Stadium Sultan Abdul Halim, Suka Menanti, Alor Setar.

    Himpunan yang dijangkakan menggamit kira-kira 100 ribu hadirin akan menampilkan empat pemidato utama yang terdiri daripada, YAB Dato’Seri DiRaja Ustaz Azizan Abdul Razak, YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Dato’Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang dan Dato’Seri Anwar Ibrahim, di samping ucapan aluan dari pengerusi Jawatankuasa Bersama Pakatan Rakyat Pusat, Saudara Mohamad bin Sabu.

  2. @Batu Ferrhian:

    Hadi for PM and Pas hudud is non-negotiable, fuhyoh. Ini sudah OVER !!! Mari ramai-ramai undi BN kasi pakatan BUNGKUS !!!

    • Dont play fire with … BN UMNO and their sycophants from MCA, Gilakan and MIC. Its too dangerous to take the chances anymore with them

      Ah Cheap will remain dumb while UMNO keep on wanting to implement Hudud for all. From Perlis to their Puteri right down to Johore and now the worst of all worst former PM Mahathir or M… kuttyi.

      And the Cheap will not deny or confirm it. Don’t take the chance with insincerity, lies and half truth

      At least Hadi and PAS are sincere

      Read this in Malaysiakini

      Hadi shoots down Dr M’s ‘hudud for all’ demand
      ‘There is a distinction between fairness for all and rights for all. Non-Muslims have rights to do what is allowed in their own religion,’ he says.

  3. Nothing new there. It’s Kelantan…would you expect less?
    It’s a PAS stronghold 🙂

    It would be new worthy if that happened elsewhere in BN led states.

    Btw, couldn’t help but feel slightly worried that apparently, a majority of PAS members are rooting for Hadi Awang for PM.

    I have to disagree with them

    • It did happen in Johore the stronghold of UMNO. It did happen in N Sembilan. And it will happen on a greater scale.

      Yes on a greater scale with the participation of Malays, Chinese, Indian and Non Muslim throughout Malaysia

      The tsunami is coming. To the Chinese hudud and PAS is not an issue and should not be afraid off. To the Malays, DAP is not an issue. With PKR definitely no issue with all the races.

      The issue is UMNO. Be very afraid as MCA, Gilakan and MIC are now in cahoot with UMNO to make hudud for all.

      Hadi shoots down Dr M’s ‘hudud for all’ demand
      ‘There is a distinction between fairness for all and rights for all. Non-Muslims have rights to do what is allowed in their own religion,’ he says.

      Now this is what we want fairness and not racism or religiousim. Be very afraid of UMNO. To the Chinese and Non Malay they (may) implememnt hudud for all. To the Malay, they will make sure they will still be poor to receive hand out

  4. Now we know why Naj1b is desperately trying to nambikei the Indians to make up for the lost votes among the malays.

  5. This is after all in pas stronghold in Kelantan
    if such a crowd is seen in Johore Pahang Trengganu Sabah Sarawak which are BN strongholds then BN is finished

    • The day of awakening has come. Let us put the final nail into the coffin of … UMNO BN and their sycophants from the MCA, Gilakan, MIC and finish off the fixed deposit of Sabah and Sarawak.

    • When its 500, GK say ha its only 500
      But it stirred the nation.

      When its 50,000 he says its import.
      And it shivered Ah Cheap UMNO BN and their sycophants from MCA. MIC and Gilakan.

      One thing its for sure
      The picture is NOT DOCTORED unlike Ah Cheap Kor BN UMNO

      The day of awakening is getting louder each day. Let us spread the message across from words of mouth and through the internet media from facebook, emails and you tube etc etc

      Lets vote out 53 years of corrupted … UMOO BN and their sycophants

    • Incredible, But Must Be True!
      Can Han Chiang field be expanded for similar event?
      My red T-shirt with a hole is still in my closet.
      (Hope my wife didn’t pack it to Penang Tzu Chi)
      (Hope my father-in-law didn’t instigate my wife about this red T-shirt – an ominous symbol to Boh Hoot & Tak Gerak-kan).

      One day, I will frame this red Tee as a little part of my life legacy.

      • Why not donate your signed T-shirt to Hard Rock Cafe Penang as a token of people’s rally cry for be-end of the corrupted regime ???

        This time the rally can be held at various open fields like at Esplanade, Polo Ground, Riffle Range field, Botanical Garden etc simultaneously !!!!!!

      • Why not a museum with pictures, speeches & Red Tees of Rally 308? Private initiatives?
        Since the Street Food Museum is (but) looking like a mirage at the far end of Ori-Maestro hawker food streets, an alternative museum could be a historic talking point for Penangite generations to come.
        A much better place for sober introspection of decades of ostrich-blindness wasted years than in a rock cafe of shaking heads of either regretfulness or escapade!

      • Good idea to have a museum to remind people of significant heritage treasures n events.

        If you go to South Korea Seoul World Cup football Stadium, they have a football museum dedicated to their semi-final achievement in World Cup 2002 when they hosted the prestigious event. Among the collectibles on showcase are Korean Reds T-shirts to commemorate their cheerings and support. Seeing is believing.

        May be new DAP HQ can dedicate a space as mini museum to display Hang Chiang rally significance (strictly for fans if a state level museum is too sensitive to others who can create troubles).

        I can donate photos taken during 308 tsunami.


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