Penang BN dangles monorail carrot in Malaysiakini ad

Penang BN dangles monorail carrot in Malaysiakini ad

The Penang BN is dangling a RM30bn public transport (including monorail) carrot as part of its “state key results area”.

In the first place, why monorail – which is hardly the preferred option in many advanced cities around the world? Is it because some crony company is involved in building monorail systems?

It is a shame that the Penang BN FAILED to implement a decent public transport system during the four decades it ruled Penang. This is why Pakatan has to pledge it can improve public transport (and NOT by monorail) and reduce the dependency on private motor vehicles to show that it is different from the BN.

And to think that the Penang BN now has to resort to paying Malaysiakini for an ad to publicise its monorail carrot when the BN government used to give Malaysiakini a hard time in the past. How the mighty (BN) have fallen and now have to eat humble (Malaysiakini) pie. But then again, the BN is obviously trying to reach out to the ‘unconverted’ among Malaysiakini readers instead of ‘preaching to the choir’ over TV3, RTM and Utusan.

The ad in Malaysiakini links to this Penang BN website.

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