Has Pakatan done enough to persuade rural voters to ditch Umno?


Most people realise that the only way Pakatan Harapan can reach Putrajaya is if there is a swing among rural voters – and voters in Sabah and Sarawak – from Umno-BN-Pas to the opposition.

But have the opposition parties done enough to reach out and persuade these voters that they would be better off with a new government in power?

Yes, there is no doubt the 1MDB scandal, kleptocracy, rising national debt, corruption scandals and questionable mega projects have weighed down heavily on the nation – but will this be enough to convince rural voters to ditch Najib’s Umno-BN? Do voters know clearly what the opposition parties stand for, what kind of change they will be bring – in terms of public healthcare, public education, affordable housing, food security, climate change, sustainable transport, workers’ rights and a social security net?

Have the opposition parties done enough to convince rural Umno supporters that they would be better off outside Umno’s patronage and ‘protection’ – under which the cost of living has been rising with GST and the removal of subsidies.

We need change – away from the old politics or race and religion to a new politics of issues and reforms. But are enough voters out there convinced they will be better off?

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  1. Bersatu and DAP are actively having ceramah nationwide.
    But PKR is not doing so, busy negotiating with PAS to safeguard their positions in Selangor.
    PKR need to buck up!

    • Tian Chua no appeal prefer in jail one month to bring along religious books to enlighten himself PASsing hours in confinement. A lot of soul searching with PKR either being absorbed into Bersatu or UmNo paving ways for Tian Chua to go elsewhere?

  2. Dr Mahathir pointed out that Najib was not as confident as before, and was even afraid.

    “I am glad to say that up until now, PH has been seeing Malaysians of different races, communities and tribes who have shown us great support.

    “In the past, Najib believed that he had Sabah and Sarawak as fixed deposits. Now he is not so confident. He’s afraid.

    “This man, he always smiles. But behind that smile, his heart is beating very, very fast.

    “That is why he has no courage to call for the general election. PH is ready to beat BN,” he said to the cheering crowd.

    Dr Mahathir suggested that Najib would wait until next year to call for the polls, but added Najib may not even hold the polls, something that could be could easily accomplished by the prime minister who had the power to have emergency declared.

    “It is very easy. All he has to do is to ask Ali Tinju (army veteran and Malay NGO leader Mohd Ali Baharom), or some other ‘pengganas’ (terrorist) to throw some chairs.

    “When chairs are tossed around, Najib can declare an emergency because there is a riot. So no election. If he loses (the election), he can also declare an emergency to prevent the change of government,” he said.

    Dr Mahathir was making a reference to the fracas that disrupted the Nothing to Hide 2.0 forum in Shah Alam last month when he spoke about the 1MDB scandal. He was taking questions from the floor when shoes and chairs were thrown in his direction while two flares were also lit.

    • Another trump card for Najib to increase bumiputra support is to raise or give an artificial but very favourable dividend payments for the unit trusts like ASB, ASB2 and the ASN including the EPF to make the bumi voters feel good.

      Yesterday, possibly as part of BN psy war to win their hearts and minds, community leaders from the Rejang basin in Sarawak were said to have been flown by the Malaysian Airforce plane to Kuala Lumpur probably to give them a guided tour of “development projects” in West Malaysia and Najib will promise and announce similar projects in Sarawak during the campaign period in the G14. Sarawakians should ask why they are deprived such developments despite having oil and timber resources.

      • Newly launched AHB – Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera, almost all Anil readers, except Zain and Rajraman, are not eligible to invest.

      • Why Zain ( his name sound like Malay Muslim ) can’t invest in Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera Jerome?
        For sure I can’t because I am not Malay and doesn’t carry the title “BIN”.

        Well, I got a courtesy RM60k plus from my investment for this year from Amanah Saham 1Malaysia where it’s open for all races but a bit suspicious since MO1 said Malaysia economy doing well but every year my investment return getting less dividend.

        rajraman. Comment session closed. I am tired of this topic but you can reply why Zain not eligible?

  3. Kutty Party – Malay based Party.
    DAP – namesake multi-racial but calling the shot the Deity and his Father.
    PKR – Anwar Party with few Chinese and Indians.
    Amanah – Malay based Party.

    rajraman. Anil you should join Haris Ibrahim to set up a Party purely on to champion all Malaysian regardless race, religion, and colors.Then I will believe there will be no race-based Party but can you be a Politician?

    • and can someone from here gives some moral support to Haris Ibrahim since the comment section drops drastically.

      rajraman. https://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/
      The Speaker his nice guy but a bit arrogant.He doesn’t like you, your comment will be deleted not like Anil who still gives some face to me.

      • Yes, you can’t be a Politician because you have conscious to answer to your soul.

        rajraman. Meanwhile, Haris can’t be one because he wants to be King Maker without standing for election.
        The DEVIL returns for how long I don’t know.I might disappear again or get hook again to blogging.Race-based Politics will remain.

    • Individual parties are race-based but ROS is very reluctant to recognise Pakatan Harapan as a muti-racial coalition like the 1Malaysia BN.

      • ROS belong to MO1. What MO1 say they follow like their master want.

        rajraman. Race base Politics will stay, I can’t predict until when since I am not a fortune teller.

      • You want to Go and ask help for one colour race only? Or ask help for malaysisns multi colour race?

      • Well [email protected]
        Your Deity Party swallows all for 2 races, without asking one he gave all the top position in GLC like MO1.
        When he needs minorities votes he outsources to Charles and Ramasamy.
        One person has no identity, are you. Whack through…

        I thought you just say PSM color blind Party but now you whack them behalf your Deity.

        rajraman. Get a life Zoro, Get an identity where pasar malam goods are better than someone no identity crisis like you.

      • Zorro morphed into Zoro, Shrek into Shriek. By nature of evolution,The species gain strength from morphing like power rangers. Likewise for 666 to become 777

    • Pasar mlm traders trade and sell every thing. Pasar Mlm trader has been selling PSM goodies and talk about Indian race.

      • Zoro,
        Then you admit your Deity Party is python? Swallowing without thinking others also need to eat a bit.
        Greediness of your Political Traders no boundaries.

        rajraman. Make a big mistake entertain this Shriek without knowing first the Shriek is Zoro.
        Keep squawking Zoro.Eating too much dedak from Deity or brainwash by Deity like UMNO using BTN.
        I rest my case.
        Comment section closed for Zoro,Squak,Shriek and python.

  4. “…. they would be better off with a new government in power?”
    Very simple 3 questions that need an honest single answer which will in turn answer the pertinent question above. Just look at Penang, the fading “Pearl of Orient” will do:-

    1. Has Penang become a better place after it is governed by D(amn) A(arrogant) P(arty) for almost a decade? Big NO.
    2. Is there no more flood problem after D(evelopers) A(bove) P(arty) rule Penang for almost a decade, which sanctioned all the big developments by greedy developers? Big NO.
    3. Is there really zero corruption after D(addy) A(nak) P(arty) bermaharajarela in Penang for almost chap ni? Again, a big NO.

    It’s all big NO for the three questions above, so in conclusion, no way this country will be better off by putting Pakatan Clowns at Putrajaya.

    • Hindraf and PSM play hard balls to catch, still bargaining at this moment of time neglecting the welfare of the minorities? Need more time to engineer right strategies?

      • My dear Heng and Jerome,
        PSM is registered Political Parties championing the poor regardless race.

        Hindraf is fighting for the Indians minorities sweep under the carpet by your Political Traders.The Chinese get economic benefits from front, behind and under the table with Alibaba.
        The Malays get compulsory 30% free jobs and economics pies from MO1 and also from PKR and DAP.
        PAS nothing to gives the Malays other than 72 virgins.

        rajraman. The Indians had to beg for crumbs from your Political Traders either from MO1 or Pakatan (I don’t even remember Pakatan or Pakatan Harapan since they change too many times their slogan). Begging time over, Hindraf asking and demanding and I don’t see anything wrong because MO1 and whatever Pakatan Party just talk bull….
        If anyone not interested to works with Hindraf demand than forget them and continue without talking to HINDRAF.
        Leave PSM alone since they champion all the poor people’s regardless race.

      • “The Indians had to beg for crumbs?”

        To improve oneself, drop the ‘begging’ mentality, and restore your dignity by recognising the importance of education and personal achievement.

      • The Chinese and Malays were given free hands including feeding into their mouth by DAP and UMNO since they hold the power.
        Indians not begging anymore, We are demanding now. Every election UMNO and Opposition sells their saliva to Indians and after Election even their saliva dries up.Don’t tell me all Indians are stupid. Even the clever one can’t get jobs or promotion on merits at State Level GLC.

        What is the point having hopeless Indians MP – to champion dead Indians in Police Custody, Temple Demolition, and body snatching? DAP and PKR appoint this Indians MP to fight UMNO and MIC only? Why DAP and PKR never take the trouble to allocate some $$$ and resources to educate the poor minorities group? The Political Power in hand of Chinese and Malays since Politically and economically control by them. Any minorities group if left behind by this majority race then Race-Based Politics will remain.

        rajraman. HINDRAF is asking and if DAP and PKR want votes from this minorities group give them or just say goodbye as gentlemen. Don’t lie like the “The Father of Indians Development”.
        Najib gives blue, Lim Kit Siang gives Gelang Patah Declaration.
        Think about it Jerome

      • Successful Indians in Malaysia eg. professionals like doctors and lawyers should form clans/associations like Chinese to help their less fortunate counterparts. But they must first put aside the caste mentality to empatise with the less fortunates. This is the blueprint MIC can initiate.

      • I am pondering this for years, Jerome, the Chinese did it but the Indians DNA seems still creating caste-based Association like the Ceylonese Indians ( doing well ), Malayalee Indians ( doing well ) and they support they caste or ethnic group by giving a scholarship to their own but not the Tamilian.This group brought in by British as Mandore to squeeze dry the Tamil speaking Indians.

        rajraman. Not MIC please, I rather invest in a quick rich scheme where I might get some gains from the pyramid scheme but MIC (might allegedly) take the lock, stock and Barrel and sell cheaply to a Port Operator and the balance profitable Insurance company to Tony.

    • Mira? Who are they?How many members they have.Are they Malaysia Indian or from Modi Country.Why he wear turban?Even Gobind don’t wear turban.

      rajraman.Well i going to open NGO call Meena and join kutty,Anwar and Deity to sell Indians votes for free.Will get some $$$ and publicity.If Kutty,Anwar and Deity win i hope i can get some position .
      Why you never ask chinese and Malays NGOs to join too Jerome? Why all the time point fingers to Indians only.
      Ooops – how about the minority Son of the Soil ” the orang asli”.

      • You are right. Most Indian voters will cast their vote for BN, after MO1 has declared himself as father of Indian development. No need to think far, or near.

      • MO1 is the father of Indian development? Since when? What does he develop? Only mentally … people will believe him, but I believed MO1 when he said Kutty neglected Indians since he adopted another race as his. Only in Malaysia with Indian DNA can change their race.

        rajraman. My NGO calls Meena only for sale to Pakatan. I think ahead of my time like Anil and Haris Ibrahim but more practical. I don’t require dead man champion and body snatching Indians Politician in Pakatan. I want $$$ and economic benefits for Indians but I outsource it to HINDRAF.

      • “The Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB) was merely a paper that holds no weight as it is not policy,” said Malaysian Indian group Rapat’s president, A. Rajaretinam.

        “The blueprint was not endorsed in Parliament. The funds given can be cut anytime if the government does not have the money to execute the plan. To me, it is just a piece of paper,” he said, adding that the MIB was just to fish for votes.

      • Too many Indians groups popping up after HINDRAF.
        rajraman. Najib Blue prints as equal as Blue M…e. ( just add in the words Jerome ).
        Lim Kit Siang also have blue Print for Indians call Gelang Patah Declaration – HOT AIR as NAJIB.

    • PSM and Haris all colour blind. Here pasar mlm trader business on Indian rights. Opposition can do what? State gomen can do what? Only federal has real power

      • Haris, anil, and PSM color blind but Deity Party still one want the single Sungai Siput Seat currently under PSM.Greediness no boundaries and they bully the small color blind Party.

        rajraman. Only one person used Pasar Malam Trader – Zoro.Are you Zoro? At least Pasar Malam Trader sells goods that are visible and if you don’t like the item you don’t have to buy it, but Political Traders sell Saliva and empty promises.

      • Pasar mlm trader is registered trade mark and infringe copyright? Anyone uses have to pay royalty?
        Mosquito party also want to bully big brother and python to swallow big? Wants to grab kg simee state seat. Pasar mlm Goods visible but tidak boleh tahan.

      • Pasar malam traders now getting more from Indo n Bangla, as their extra hours working to raise more ringgit to be sent back to home countries.

        BJ Komplex and Komtar 1st phase vicinity dominated by foreign workforce. Even now Africans are threatening traditional Indian barbers by providing haircuts to the community.

        Malaysian pasar malam traders need to reinvent their ways of operation.

  5. Dr Mahathir dalam ucapannya di Selama, Perak malam tadi berkata jika penduduk kawasan luar bandar itu terus menyokong BN, dan kemudiannya negara ini hancur, ia akibat salah pengundi sendiri.

    Bercakap kepada kira-kira 1,000 orang dari kawasan dari kawasan sekitar ladang kelapa sawit, Dr Mahathir berkata penduduk luar bandar tidak boleh lagi terus bersembunyi di sebalik kejahilan tentang skandal kewangan yang merosakkan negara.

    Dr Mahathir berkata beliau percaya penduduk luar bandar faham yang sejumlah besar wang pembayar cukai dicuri dan mereka patut memainkan peranan masing-masing untuk menolak rejim sedia ada pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

    “Ada kata orang kampung ni tak peduli. Orang kampung ni tak faham berapa banyak satu bilion tu.

    “Saya tak fikir orang kampung ni bodoh. Mereka kena bayar GST, Mereka tahu kerajaan dah tak ada duit,” katanya di depan orang ramai yang hadir program ceramah perdana malam tadi.

    “Macam mana kerajaan tak ada duit? Kerana dibelanjakan semuanya. Kemudian curi duit rakyat. Saya fikir orang kampung boleh faham benda ni.”

  6. Closer to GE14, a bag of 5kg rice bearing the face of Umno candidate (deemed OK by EC) to each rural household will do the trick for BN, as always.

  7. Malaysians live in comfort zone too long to become over complacent less competitive,over reliant on government handouts especially a certain segment of population be it “dedak” or not..
    Malaysians can only wake up from racial stigma when as a whole suffer very tough economic hardships.


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