Pas’ Khalid Samad refused to shake hands with Zulfikli Noordin in Shah Alam, when the latter offered his hand. This is one of the talking points of nomination day.

I feel Khalid’s decision not to shake hands symbolises his rejection of Zulkifli’s divisive communal politicking and was nothing personal. What do you think of Khalid’s move?

Meanwhile, Mukriz Mahathir was accompanied by daddy Mahathir to the nomination centre. One report said he had 3500 supporters accompanying him while his Pas opponent had double the number.

Ibrahim Ali is standing as an opponent against a son of Nik Aziz after the supposed BN candidate failed to file his papers. Expected, right?

Meanwhile former Teratai assembly member Jenice Lee has been given 24 hours by the DAP to apologise and withdraw of face expulsion from the party after she decided to stand as an independent.

Over in Sungai Siput, the MIC candidate was accompanied by Samy Vellu to face off against PSM’s Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj. Long time no see, Samy.

In Penang, Dr T Jayabalan is expected to contest in Batu Uban under a PKR ticket.

What are the other talking points that I have not mentioned?