Nomination day talking points, highlights


Pas’ Khalid Samad refused to shake hands with Zulfikli Noordin in Shah Alam, when the latter offered his hand. This is one of the talking points of nomination day.

I feel Khalid’s decision not to shake hands symbolises his rejection of Zulkifli’s divisive communal politicking and was nothing personal. What do you think of Khalid’s move?

Meanwhile, Mukriz Mahathir was accompanied by daddy Mahathir to the nomination centre. One report said he had 3500 supporters accompanying him while his Pas opponent had double the number.

Ibrahim Ali is standing as an opponent against a son of Nik Aziz after the supposed BN candidate failed to file his papers. Expected, right?

Meanwhile former Teratai assembly member Jenice Lee has been given 24 hours by the DAP to apologise and withdraw of face expulsion from the party after she decided to stand as an independent.

Over in Sungai Siput, the MIC candidate was accompanied by Samy Vellu to face off against PSM’s Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj. Long time no see, Samy.

In Penang, Dr T Jayabalan is expected to contest in Batu Uban under a PKR ticket.

What are the other talking points that I have not mentioned?

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  1. We don’t really care so is PM so long as he or she is honest and govern with integrity and for ALL Malaysians, not just cronies, and playing up the racial game for their own benefit. That’s the criminal legacy of the current and 2 previous PMs.

  2. How is Khalid going to shake hand with Zukiflee Nordin? The fact of the matter is why did he got sent to Shah Alam? Because Khalid Samad is the unshakable, untainted pillar of PAS against UMNO in Selangor and only thing they can do to Khalid Samad is to throw MUD at him.. Zukiflee Nordin is that mud and that shows you what even Najib thinks of him..His own side think he is trash and a low-life, what else can the other side do but stay away from him unless its to throw into the garbage he belongs?

  3. Another talking point:

    Incumbent DAP Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him and his downright brainless standing as Independent in Kota Laksamana state seat.

    Did he ever actually think that just because Pakatan needs every Parliamentary seat, he’d get away with that stunt?

    Some may even have thoughts of whether he has been turned.

    As for Khalid Samad refusing to shake hands with that bigotted low-life, I think I’d have done the same. Despite it being the “right thing” to at least accord your opponent some respect, I’d say no right thinking person can fault Khalid Samad.

  4. one thing you forget to mention is the bicycle assemblyman of tanjung bungah. As expected he was fielded as candidate again for supporting the undersea tunnel while the rest were too stupid don’t know how to bargain for a trade off.

  5. BN Umno’s Ah Cheap & Ah Cheap Pasir Mas BIG 1 Malaysia CHARADE.

    Political observer and author Kee Tuan Chye says the move has proven Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s adeptness at trickery…

    Don’t be deceived and a vote for Ah Cheap BN UMNO and their sycophants from Gerakan, MCA and MIC will be a vote

    (For calls to) burn the Bible
    Belittle the Hindu and Chinese Culture
    Condone Racism
    Condone thuggery, violence and mob rule
    Condone corruption
    And many more

    Vote Pakatan Rakyat : The Rocket (DAP, The Moon (PAS) and Double Crescent (PKR)

  6. The sons of Abdul Samad are principled politicians, I am proud and supportive of both of Sharir and Khalid even tho both are from opposing parties. I still remembered Sharir when he stood and won against UMNo as an independent & he stood up to TDM….

    If only Malaysia more of these politicians, we woul be a much better country.

  7. Hi Yang,

    You are right! There is one other point to note – who is the PM behind the PM, or rather the caretaker PM! (Perhaps) just one word from the de facto PM, the caretaker PM sheepishly and quietly directed his winnable BN nominee to withdraw in Pasir Mas!! It seems that the BN nominee was around at the nomination centre, but as directed did not submit his nomination papers!!

  8. Janice Lee is an idiot, as an independent, she has absolute no chance at all, most probably will lose her deposit.
    She thinks she inherited the seat from her grandfather or what ?
    She is still young ,she will have chance to be nominated again in the future if she remains royal to DAP but she blew it !

    • Yes she blew it due to her ego!She must understand what she can do for the country and rakyaat!Egoistic moroon.

  9. YB Khalid, thanks for not becoming a hypocrite. Many of the white man’s customs are sheer hypocrisy. E.g. they smile and say “How are you” even when they are working to conquer your land or misappropriate your resources.

  10. Yes Khalid action is right.
    Shaking hand with a racist, one who belittle the Hindu religion, a turncoat would be like condoning these acts of Noordin and a disrespect to all rightful thinking citizen such as the Hindu whose religions have been belittled.

    As for Mukriz the baby boy who still need the racist father daddy for the spoon feeding.

  11. When I called him Ah Cheat, yes he is really Ah Cheat.
    Look at how Ibrahim was field as a candidate although BN UMNO did not field him
    He deceived all of you. Everybody thought that BN UMNO would not field Ibrahim the extremist who call for burning of the Bible.

    He use back door tactic. Now BN UMNO in Pasir Mas withdraw and Ibrahim is in.

    See the lies and deceit of BN UMNO Ah Cheat and their sycophants.

    That is why I say never believe in their lies and deceit especially the Monorail, the free port and the double you will get. IT IS ALL A BIG LIE.

    Repost again the lies of 2.5% for low cost house when in fact they are charging the poor at 6.5%. Even commercial bank only charge 4.2 – 4.4%. Below 100k the interest is 5%. Don`t believe, go to any commercial bank such as Public Bank, Hong Leong bank to name a few




    ( X ) Rocket or
    ( X ) Moon (PAS) or
    ( X ) Double Crescent (PKR)

    • BN is making way for Ibrahim Ali. Must be under the pressure of Tun M. Time to bury him (in the elections) for good.

  12. Shaking hands is a sign of acceptance and respect. There is certainly no respect for a racist and a bigot. Well done, Khalid. By this simple gesture you have communicated volumes of what that man means to you.


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