Live – Sibu by-election polling and results


Live updates on polling day for the Sibu by-election and results as they come in.

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  1. As a voter in Sibu, I am very happy with the result, almost lost to the postal vote, just found out that they change the turn-out from 59.86% to 70%, if calculate the vote, the postal votes are almost 2x. From 2500 register voters to 5100 votes. If not we won by more than 5000 votes. I just found out that my past away grand parents still can vote. So to PM, I like to meet them again, and I think BN can arrange every.

    …you people put too many ghost people in the ballots, now them come back to haunt you, sleep well, do want to see someone you don’t want to see.

      • REGISTER VOTER : 54695
        VOTER TURNOUT: 32742 VOTES

        BN : 18447 VOTES
        DAP: 18845 VOTES

        TOTAL: 37524 VOTES

        TOTAL COUNT: 37919 VOTES

        EXTRA VOTES: 5177 VOTES.


  2. As a Sabahan we like to congratulate the Sibu people for
    showing their true feeling and need.We in Sabah shared the
    same sentiments.Hope the Sibu Tsunami will travel to Sabah
    in the coming 13 General election.It nice also if SAPP dare
    to vacant their MP seat to test the BN strength and let the SABAH people to decide.

  3. I only saw you wrote twice “Comments have been enabled” and immediately, I reload the page but still see the same message “Comments have been disabled…” and then reload a few times to no avail. I even refresh the Internet page. Anil, you don’t have to say sorry. I just wanted to know whether it’s my computer problem or other viewers have the same problem.

    Hmm, you will check that out the next time?? In another by-election? It’s so ironic that because of these ‘buy-elections’ some people have become wicked and wished that their ADUN would resign ,etc, in order to receive $$$$ benefits !!!

    • It’s not your computer problem.
      A few times, after I wrote comments enabled, and before I could enable the feature, I would receive a phone call and so that could have taken me a few minutes to enable. And within 3-4 minutes I would have to disable the feature because of the sheer volume of comments.

  4. Thanks Anil for the LIVE coverage yesterday. I’m sure many Malaysians from around the world was following the by-election LIVE from your site.

    I have no problem with the speed but however, I was unable to submit any comment despite you enabling it. I still see the word “Comments have been disabled …(or something like that)” on the screen. Why is that so?

    You’re the BEST when it comes to LIVE coverage, and of course, I never fail to log-in to your site every morning before I start my day.

    Thanks again, Anil.

    • You are welcome.

      The problem is that when I enabled the comments, in just a minute, dozens of comments would appear, and I had to quickly disable the feature to catch up with going through the comments (they are moderated); a few people complain when they don’t see their comments appearing after they had posted them.

      So I am sorry if you were unable to comment.

      I am not sure if you have to reload the page to see the comments feature enabled. I will check that out next time.

  5. It is unbelievable that Pakatan cybertroopers and DAP/Pakatan leaders are running amok with delirious joy as though they have won the World Cup.

    LKS is even calling it historic. I wonder what is so historic about DAP winning in Sarawak. I didnt hear Najib calling HS as historic even when they won by a bigger majority.

    The fact is that this is just a temporary respite for Pakatan and DAP. The end is near and nothing can stop Pakatan from imploding with their MPs and ADUNs jumping off the Titanic that Pakatan has become.

    • DAP regained this parliamentary constituency after 26 years, so there is reason for them to celebrate. BN regained the Hulu Selangor seat after 2 years, so…what do you think?

  6. Happy to see this result. The slim margin of victory should be viewed taking into account the gross and blatant bribery involved from one side. It is therefore a GOOD win, a Drift in a Good Direction towards the CHANGE that Malaysia n M’sians NEED!

  7. …to jerry chin (with due respect to any person of reasonable stature)…when you wrote …”i believe there are many people who already know who i am and how PRECISE and INTELLIGENT i am in political predictions”……..when i read your despicable renderings, my stomach and my bile almost coughed out off my mouth……such arrogrance uttered,,,it seems you are bn inclined….but please lah, if you ARE really a chinese, you like anyone else CAN predict BUT dont BOOAST that you are an INTELIGENT ‘soothsayer’ ….you ARE not…….you sound so very naive, behaving like a spoilt child that knows no HUMILITY, something very virtous that most parents teach their young when they are growing up ….or ARE you already a full grown adult with demented mind???????………i also agree with one commentator, with your kind of mentality, you should go eat … now that dap has won……asap

  8. Anil, you ought to try Chromium Browser’s ‘Timeline’ feature while loading your site. Clear your cache first, load your web on, right click the page, ‘Inspect Element’, clicking ‘Timeline’ should get you a page prompting you to enable profiling. Enable it, and click the ‘refresh’ button for

    This morning (while I guess celebrations have kept many of your readers’ heads on their pillows), your site takes over 30 seconds to load (I notice loading this page to comment took 1.5 minutes!). You only host (almost all your content is from other hosts, such as FB, CIL, Google etc) two entities of any size: the page source and your header image. Everything else loads at around what I’d expect for my 1Mbit/s Streamyx connection. The two hosted at load at around 2kilobytes per second, needing nearly 20 seconds each! I tried the same with (on the same server), and got similar results. I tried the same with (look up your IP, add 1 to the last part, do a reverse lookup) – a server on the same network, probably owned by your hosting provider, got a similar result.

    Double-checking those sites on a server in the UK, the entities load at several hundred kilobytes per second, so we can rule out server sloth (you can check for yourself using websitepulse’s free website checking tool for page transfer times to US/DE/AU and possibly others). Double-checking using a DiGi EDGE adapter (my only other option in PD), those entities load SEVERAL TIMES FASTER, around 12kilobytes per second. EDGE is a slow technology, with max at around 25kilobytes per second, and 12kilobytes not unusual.

    Having a few servers dotted around the world, I notice that the deals that networks sign with each other (I think it’s called ‘peering’) to transfer data for each other’s networks makes a huge difference in terms of website performance for visitors from different networks. It might be worth asking your hosting provider why data from your web arrives at such a trickle in Malaysia, and it may be worth double-checking with readers who have access to other networks in Malaysia and the near region. ‘wget’ is the tool I use to check how fast a single entity arrives from different servers, but for graphical awesomeness, chromium browser’s resource timeline is hard to beat.

    If it is a peering issue, excruciating page load times is not something you could solve by optimising your site. It’d be interesting to know what experience your other readers have, and how it varies from network to network.

    • Thanks, Sean, for that technical analysis. Much appreciated.

      I experienced the same slow download speed over the last two days. Took off a couple of widgets linked to external sources and that may have helped. (But then again, all the other news portals were also really slow last night.)

      Anyway, it seems almost back to normal service now. Let me know if you still find it slow. Whatever it was, I hope it’s gone.


  9. yes… a inspiring win for PR in Sibu… time now for the CHANGE!!! BeNd time-up and u better b prepare for the major landslide fall come next election, state and general.

    People’s voices have raisen and bye bye for BeNd…

    kakakka… nice Monday morning, kampua for everyone… yeah!!! …

  10. Actually this election was very similar to the hulu selangor election. even in hulu selangor pakatan was leading well until the postal votes and the (alleged) pengundi hantu kicked in.

    Even in Sibu last night when the postal votes and the other assorted pengundi votes kicked in Pakatan was struggling and won very narrowly.

    The strongest message we got from this by-election is that the Sarawakians especially the Sarawak Bumiputras have woken up to certain realities.

    Pakatan Rakyat is now a Government in waiting.

  11. So what now? This does not represent a march to Putrajaya nor is it even a march to Kuching/Petrajaya. Its a moral victory and lease of life for PR.

    This country is being tested in what it truly believes in. What it really mean to be a Malaysian nation. The truth is we are not deciding. We are divided, we are jaded and cynical and we don’t trust each other. Non-Malays believe that not reforming will destroy the nation but the Malays don’t trust the non-Malays to take care of them if there is reform and have no confidence in reform.

    The politicians are not going to solve this problem not quickly anyway. In history, such change usually are done by the most marginalised – the Indians, the Sarawakians and Sabahan but sometimes the students. Its seldom done by the middle class, the intellectuals and the opposition politicians.

    All that can be done is stay in the game and wait for the system to collapse. Its really the only way..THAT PR and DAP achieved in Sibu.

  12. I watched the result announcement by the Returning Officer. He was absolutely hostile to the DAP candidate. Would he be above any sheningans in the process? …

  13. Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆
    😆 MAlaysians the WINNER and CONGRATULATION to PR DAP 😆

  14. Good Morning, Sibu. Have Sweet Dream last night, didn’t ye?
    And to Anil, you are fabulous! Great Job well done!
    The road to Putrajaya is getting shorter!

  15. Congratulations Pakatan/DAP !!! Ha ha ha !!!

    I got up this morning a happy man !!!

    Miracles can still happen and are happening …

    Cheers to all Pakatan supporters !!!

    Thank God really, Amen !!!

  16. Congrats SIBU! You have demonstrated Money is not everything and made the right choice. You definitely have sturdier sets of spine than those in Hulu Selangor!

  17. Even with a handicap of more than 2000 postal votes, BN still fail to retain its Sarawak stronghold in this first by-election in east Malaysia. Guess the politicians from BN can now go back to their kampong to tanah janggong.

  18. I have being waiting for results and last last frined tell me to go to web. Through Anil channel of information is so much faster than our TV news and Radios. This tell us our freedom of information is not what Rais Yatim claim to be effective. Free kam pua for RY pls. Sarawak and Sabah have hope now with PR to transform the TRUE 1Malaysia.

  19. First Najib… tried to bribe the people with money. Then… ADUN … jump party in order to sway the election.

    He thought he could could buy us with money. What he don`t realise is that he can buy some but not all. Congratulation to the people of Sibu & Sarawak for standing up to money politics and buy election. As what I have said 99% DAP PR.

    • Thanks Yang for mentioning PR. From now on, we should only mention PR against BN instead of DAP/PKR/PAS.

      Everyone did their job well, without PKR or PAS, DAP would not have won. It is team work that matters.

      Rememember when they were counting the last few boxes of votes from the Malay area and DAP was shocked to receive an extra 600 votes compared to 2008 from the Melanaus? This shows that PR as a team is really giving a strong challenge to BN in every constituency now!

      Congratulations! Cheers! Salam Reformasi!

  20. NO PAIN! NO GAIN!Congratulation! U show good example to lead the other state to Vote for change, DAP(Discount & Promotiom! BN(Barang Naik), hehe,cheers!

  21. Congratulations to DAP Wong Ho Leng for successfully wresting the MP seat from BN.

    The delay of the EC to announce the by-election results was most disappointing.

    I wish to opine that postal votes should not be allowed in future elections – by election or general election as the case may be.

    All policemen and servicemen who have been transferred out of any constituency must change their addresses to where they are transferred.

    Postal votes must be abolished in order to make any election transparent and to possible foul play and poll rigging.

    Viva la DAP in Sarawak

  22. PKR MPs/councillors especially needs to wake up in Damansara areas. A lot of ppl feels being sidelined in favour of corporations…. What’s happening to Jalan Tanjung?

  23. 1M just refuses to accept the verdict of the ppl of Sibu. What a sore loser. EC in cahoot with the rotten BN…(?) More magical votes for BN coming from postal voters(?) Delaying tactic to announce the result while buying time…(?) Show them the exit door at the next GE13 all true Malaysians who have the dignity and respect for yourselves. All peninsular malaysians pls follow the ppl of Sibu.

  24. Uh why the specific hate on Postal votes? It’s not postal votes that are the problem, but the electoral system – isn’t it? I’m assuming you wouldn’t be so quick to deny overseas Malaysians the prospect of a postal vote?

    I don’t doubt that ‘Academic’ may have derived a conclusion on the reality of Malaysian postal voting from research done earlier, but I’m wondering what extra data she has access to that would allow her to choose ‘obviously broken’ rather than ‘all natural BN voters’ as the reason for the apparent discrepancy in today’s ratios. It just strikes me as a little early for an academic conclusion, albeit bang on time for pub philosophy.

  25. …it IS understandable that postal votes were NOT in favour of the winning party…….BUT what is sad to read, is that DAP won by a majority of only 398 votes……one wonder WHY, knowing that BN is deemed as corrupted and ‘play dirty’ by offering goodies here and there and the meagre 5 million checque to be signed by the ruling party top hooncho on monday if BN wins/won, that still alot of people like the sibu chinese still want to vote against the dap, a truly altruisic, but mainly chinese domiciled part???????were they so short sighted/threatened or like the ex pm said that malaysians soon forget easily, especially about the trumped up ‘suicide’ of teoh beng hock and called all of us malaysians, but of chinese descent “IMMIGRANTS and PROSTITUDES?”…..have they the anti dap voters got no shame/intergrity at all????????…….nevertheless, a vey SMALL margin win of ONLY 398 votes IS still a GLORIOUS win for the DAP and its allies…..Tahniah!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Big THANK YOU Anil.

    Your ‘live’ feed was the best – most complete and fastest – source of Sibu by-election news I could find on the Net.

    Beat even Sibu4Change on Twitter and M’kini.

  27. To Jerry Chin and K, both of your prediction is wrong, people do see and judge and they clearly know its time to change. You two BN supporter can shut your mouth up and keep quiet. Its time for BN to go down!!!!!!

  28. Congrats on the victory! But please, can DAP please investigate why the weird behavior of EC! And also, start serving people at the grassroot level! Don’t wait til next election to promise this and that.

  29. I don’t suppose we can equate this with the U.K election, where the BN can actually manipulate the tally. Maybe Zimbabwe.

  30. no just one or two ppls waiting the result, now is whole Malaysia citizen waiting the resultfrom EC officially ok.

  31. DAP has won the Sibu by-election where they are leading with 2,590 votes. Only the postal votes are left to be counted which contains 2,571 votes.

  32. Whatever, Sibuans have shown the way forward for change. Malaysians are experiencing the tsunami of 0516! DAP/PK need not even win this P212 buy-elections, just by reducing the BN majority will indicate that the BN lure/bribe of development and money will no longer succeed. What the rakyat need to do is to keep other rakyat especially those in the rural areas that there is a need for change and for new hope there must be change. Berubah, berubah, berubah untuk a Greater Malaysia!!

  33. Anil, will anyone gonna lodge a report against Najib? He’ss handing out money in exchange of votes! All recorded in video!

  34. It is 8.15 now, the fourth referee is looking at his watch and the bookies are busy packing their bags!

    Salam Reformasi!

  35. Careful.with the report that DAP is leading..please remind the Pakatan to get ready the generator/ candles etc…Blackout / no electricity on the way…Sarawak’s style…

  36. Salam, watever the result. Please, I hope Pakatan won’t give up. We in Sarawak need changes….not YES Sir.

  37. 6:07pm: Where is Najib? In Sibu? Or back in Putrajaya, with exec.jet on standby in Subang? If he is so sure his Santa act + blantant beli-undi ala RM5m Rejang Park deal will work, he should be in Sibu already, no?

  38. Before the disappointing results, for PR that is, you were praying for the Churches to encourage votes for DAP. Now that the extent of BN’s success is apparent, the Churches are now part of the ‘GRAND CORRUPTION’ for accepting the Government’s Grants?? Learn to take defeat GRACIOUSLY,- ‘we don’t plan to fail, but fail to plan’

  39. From the outcome of pooling stations at rural area and the low turn-up, DAP would required at least 85% of Chinese votes to secure the victory.

  40. If it is true that the Catholic Churches are really and truly and openly involved in Corruption and if this can be proved then the Pope should sack the (pastor concerned).

  41. Last min ditch by PM, Rm5 mil for 52,158 folks in Sibu. Rm95.85 for each soul since Merdeka. What a deal or One little bangalow from Toyol equals entrie Sibu folks. What a deal.Ppl need to wake up.


    Without any further INTRODUCTION, I believe there are many people who already know who I am & how PRECISE & INTELLIGENT I am in POLITICAL PREDICTIONS. You may click the below link as PROOF for my GREAT PREDICTION for the recent HULU SELANGOR By-Election.

    Pls. click the below link to for CONCRETE EVIDENCE (from NAT. TAN blog)

    I “FORESEE & PREDICT” SUPP to WIN hands down with a MAJORITY of 2000-2500 votes!!!

    One may NOT like my prediction but I must first WARN you that NEVER to take my PREDICTIONS lightly. I had time & time PROVED my PREDICTIONS CORRECT & I had successfully put many Political Analysts including the FUGITIVE BLOGGER name ‘Raja Petra’ to SHAME.

    Why would I say SUPP will win??? Here I go…….>>>

    1) DAP’s presence is NOT STRONG enough in SIBU. The kind of political perception DAP is trying to play (Ultra Chinese) is of NO MATCH to SUPP as 80%-90% Sibu Chinese still thinks SUPP is the representative party for the Chinese community in SIBU.

    2) DAP alliance with PAS to form PAKATAN RAKYAT had brought more DAMAGE than BENEFIT in the Sibu By-Election. Most Sibu Chinese perceive PAS as a HARDCORE ISLAMIC party (or you may also feel free to call it the TALIBANS). The recent CHURCHES ATTACKS in Peninsula Malaysia had put FEARS into many Sibu Chinese to vote for Pakatan Rakyat as most Chinese in Sibu are mainly Christians….

    3) DAP were NOT able to penetrate many IBAN majority areas in Sibu during campaigning period. DAP blames it on SABOTAGE (boat NOT available to reach their targeted destinations) but I call it … EXCUSES….

    4) DAP had NOT shown to SIBU voters they are a PARTY of which can bring CHANGES & DEVELOPMENTS. All DAP had been preaching & talking during their campaigning period is just KUTUK, KUTUK & COMPLAIN. What’s the … difference between DAP & a OLD AUNTY in PASAR, correct???…

    5) TAIB MAHMUD leadership in Sarawak is way TOO STRONG to be challenged. TAIB MAHMUD had been Sarawak CM for so many glory years & it just DOESN’T take some silly KUTUK CAMPAIGNING to bring him down. DAP needs to adopt a more CONSTRUCTIVE APPROACH to even start dreaming of a Sibu VICTORY.

    6) Most Chinese TYCOONS in Sibu have STRONG CONNECTIONS with Taib Mahmud & the BN. These TYCOONS’ MONEY & INFLUENCE is enough to help SUPP win by at least 70%-80% of SUPP’s targeted votes. Pls. remember these TYCOONS are BUSINESSMEN & there are many, many SMALLER BUSINESSMEN in Sibu who depends on these BIG TYCOONS for a living.

    7) 60% of Sibu Chinese are somehow related to the TRIADS or have TRIADS connection. Triads members goes by THOUSANDS & the DRAGON HEAD (leader) of these TRIADS are usually (alleged to be on the BN’s) side. Their activities & businesses are dependent on it. There are (believed to be) at least 2 MAIN TRIAD groups in Sibu with at least 8 Sub-branches from these 2 main Triad groups.

    8) BN under the leadership of NAJIB had been giving INCENTIVES to Sibu of late. DAP are crying FOUL but I reckon DAP should just “Shut … up” & concentrate of coming-up with BETTER WAYS to WIN instead of just COMPLAINING like a CRY BABY.

    ***BOOKMARK this message!!!***

    By the evening of 16th May 2010, The Election Commission will announce SUPP to be the WINNER with at least 2000 votes majority.

    Nevertheless, “Happy Voting” to all Sibu voters!!!

      • Sorry TAN to disappoint you.

        However, I reckon it’s BETTER for you to GET REAL than to live in FANTASY. Some DREAMS will just NEVER come true.

        Get real…please, will ya???

      • I can’t help but to agree with JERRY CHIN.

        DAP have a long way to go to even smell the East Malaysia air.

    • At least some people actually talking some sense. I am sick of the same old tiresome routine of Pakatan. The same big shots and their broken records like cheap accusations that just doesnt resonate with the locals, the same KUTUK and KUTUK strategy, the last minute ceramah raksaksa and finally after the result, claim money politics, phantom voters and unfair tactics of BN.

      Oh please Pakatan grow up lah !

      To add these points, I may add the comments from PAS President and O’s idol Hadi Awang’s terrible insult Sarawakian with his labelling them as “loin clothes people” will surely have an impact.

      One aspect that the pro-Pakatan media and even people like Anil had failed to highlight and question is how come a party that claims lacking in fund seems to have unlimited money in running such a huge campaign in a place far away from its main base in Peninsular ?

      DAP and Pakatan had adopted BN’s tactic of having dinners cum ceramah to draw voters. Can you count the number of mega dinner DAP had and how much it would have cost them to fund the entire campaign in Sibu ? I would estimate it would run in at least a few millions ? Where the money came from ? From the states they administer (Selangor and Penang) ??

      I wonder how much DAP spent for last night’s ceramah raksaksa alone since they wheeled in people from all around the state and even from Peninsular. If you believe me, read some nuetral journos’ account and they will tell you about the presence of outsiders just like the trick they pulled at HS on the eve of voting.

      While you may question the same for BN, it is rather easy to answer if you know Sarawak politics. The CM is a very wealthy man and his supporters are the rich towkeys who will provide any funds that are needed without asking.

      • Spot on K !!!

        DAP is … trying to fool FARMERS (Sibu folks) they can bring MORE ADVANTAGES than DISADVATANGES to Sibu.

        Now DAP….go back to Peninsula M’sia & fly your won STUPID RED ROCKET

    • Oh gosh O

      I thought you were just gone bonkers but now I know I was wrong.

      Your loving words just made me realise that you do share the same preference as … when it comes to men.

      It is so sick…

      Islam forbids one from consuming SODOMEE you know. So please bertaubat now..

      TakBEER !

      • My dear K,

        Please do not think the other way round ok?

        No doubt we may have differing political opinions, but we can always spread love.

        Cheers my dear one.

  43. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim!

    Whatever the predictions, whatever the odds, you cannot beat the dirty tactics employed by the BN. Let us just wait for the GE to teach this rotten administration a lesson! No problem, they can buy back the 2/3 majority without shame, come the next GE we will vote them out again no matter how they gerrymander!

    To win, the Chinese must vote overwhelmingly for PR. 70% support from the Chinese voters is necessary to keep PR in contention! Otherwise it is going to be a BN win, with a smaller majority. Just how low will Malaysian politics stoop? I think it is about time we pack our bags if we lose the next GE!

    In Allah we trust!

    • I’m DAP supporter since 12 years ago. Nevertheless, I can not tolerate your … attitude of religion supremacy….

      You said. ‘In Allah we trust!’ I’m Buddhist. Allah has nothing to do with me….

      You the … beer drinker @ kaki botol go repent now. Thanks that … gerakan k aka k aka iron for this piece of information. Pakatan lost many votes for previous election just because of such rubbisht like you O….

      • Thank you Mr. Tan,

        Please continue to support DAP for a better future.

        I am just saying my prayers without any offense meant to anyone.

        Please do not accuse me as a beer drinker or kaki botol, but, I think you are not a DAP supporter, only BN folks accused people of beer drinker, kaki botol, nor do we use religion against one another!

        Salam Reformasi, Mr. Tan! PAS for all!

  44. Anil,

    How come you site loads so slow one?

    Sometimes it takes like 15 minutes to load something!

    And I am using Streamyx’s 2mbps line !

    Or am I the only one experience the slowness?


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