Information Dept vehicles spotted near large MCA-Gerakan dinner venue


Several Information Department vehicles were spotted near the venue of a dinner tonight organised by the MCA and Gerakan in Butterworth.

An Information Department vehicle parked near the venue of the dinner while preparations were ongoing this afternoon.

Four Information Department vehicles were spotted parked within 100 metres of the venue, where some 200 tables had been laid out for the dinner tonight. The sides of the vehicles had the words “Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia”. So did their number-plates.

What are these Information Department vehicles – government machinery belonging to the people – doing there at the venue for an event organised by political parties? Is this going to be a trend in the coming general election?

Election Commission, would you care to comment?

I would urge everyone to keep an eye out for government machinery being used at political party events. We have to make a clear demarcation.

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  1. No doubt Ministers and govt officers attending such events also claim for their travel from the govt. but in the guise of other official duties!

  2. THIS is nothing. They use planes,hellicopters, entire fleet of govt vehicles and buildings, money etc.for their campaign..

    Each time there is an election here even Indonesian and Bangladeshi workers remarked to me how corrupt the govt here in abusing govt resources. In their ‘undeveloped’ countries – elected officials have been kicked out of office because of even just using a govt car.

  3. Anil’s communication with Zorro unmasked opens up more cans in the worms besides consolidating the fans from both sides into a strong entity for sustainable justice in the nation ???
    ALL THE BEST !!!!

  4. Do you think they will answer your quiries? Only option you guy have to use your vote wise.. Either you vote in the Most Corrupted Party in Malaysia back to Power or strip them off Powers.

  5. Using of public resource for private events is plain corruption. Oh wait,we live in Bolehland, where “corruption” does not exist in Bolehland … vocabulary.

  6. Nothing new what. This has been going since that fellow made RTM as _Rancangan Tok Mat. There are recording everywhere!!PAS fellows won´t bat an eye.

  7. Dear Anil, this is normal as they usually do when a federal minister is present at the event. In this case in Bagan, Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen was there. But it’s good to keep a monitor on how government machinery is being used to advance their political agenda.

    • Well, this is a party function, so government machinery should not be used. Have to make the distinction between government function and party event.

      • Anil is right, Susan! This is a MCA-Gerakan party function. Ng Yen Yen should not even use her official car but her privately-owned vehicle.

      • Agree 100% !! My colleague is going for a Rais Yatim function tomorrow (today!) and will ask him about this with your post as proof 🙂 Thanks Anil!

      • Saw the queen mother at queensbay mall yesterday. She was giving a lengthy explanation on something.

      • Rais’ response? Something like this perhaps?

        “Which media are you from? You only tahu cakap Orang Putih? Herrrnh! OK… I have changed my mode. Why do you want to know about Information Department van? UMNO led Barisan Nasional is the government you know! KE-RAJA-AN! You paham? Or in ‘cah-kep Or-rang poo-teh’ – You understand?”

    • Ha ? Could it be Yennie’s RM150/head free dinner being compromised to become RM15/head with the rest of RM to be spent on Jabatan Penerangan’s expenses like printed BTN’s brochures ?

  8. I cannot think of any legitimate reason “Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia”(Dept of Information) could have, to be involved in MCA-Gerakan dinner function tonight, other than misuse and abuse of government vehicle, property and machinery.

    Can JPM care to explain why at least 4 FWD vehicles belonging to Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia that’s maintained by tax-payers’ money, were found in the vicinity?


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