Himpunan Barisan 1Malaysia in Permatang Pauh tomorrow


A gathering dubbed ‘Himpunan Barisan 1Malaysia Pulau Pinang’ is scheduled for tomorrow at the UiTM hall in Permatang Pauh beginning at 8.00am. But who is organising it?

A source in Penang associated with an NGO received a letter inviting groups to send representatives to the event.

The letter was from the ‘Secretariat’ for the event. The address given was c/o Aras 3, Anjung B, Wisma Perseketuan, Jalan Bertam. A phone number was provided.

A call to the number revealed that it was the Biro Tatanegara, Penang branch. The person answering the phone confirmed there was such an event and it would begin at 8.00am. The programme includes talks by several speakers and lunch.

When asked who was organising the event, he said it was the Jabatan Perdana Menteri. (BTN comes under the Prime Minister’s Department.)

Last month, the UiTM hall was used as the venue for a Perkasa gathering, which Mahathir attended.

Meanwhile, the Chief Secretary to the government was scheduled to hold an interactive session with USM folks on 19 February. Earlier, in December, Prime Minister Najib had a large 1Malaysia gathering at USM.

Of course, the Penang BN held its Chinese New Year Open House gathering featuring Najib, Rosmah, Yen Yen and Psy at the Han Chiang College.

So is it open season for our institutions of higher learning to be used for pro-BN/pro-government events?

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  1. Will Najib be teh Selangor MB should BN lose the general election but win the Selangor state election?

  2. Chronic Political Fatigue Syndrome has started to appear in this CNY celebration. Suffering the most is no other than Pakatan, with almost majority of the ceramahs suffied from poor turn.
    According to wikipedia, in politics, voter fatigue is the apathy that the electorate can experience under certain circumstances, one of which could be (in exceptional circumstances) that they are required to vote too often. Voter fatigue and voter apathy should be distinguished from what arises when voters are not allowed or unable to vote, or when Disenfranchisement occurs.
    Voter fatigue can be used as a criticism of the direct democracy system, in those specific situations in which voters are constantly asked to decide on policy via referenda (though it should be borne in mind that such situations may be practically rare). However, proponents often counter that voter fatigue may be lessened by direct democracy as voters will feel their vote has more effect.
    Voter fatigue can cause notoriously low voter turnout rates, and potentially more protest vote, and supposedly occurs for a variety of reasons:
    -voters are not interested in the issue.
    -voters are bothered by the inconvenience of physically voting.
    -voters feel their vote will not count / the election has “already been won” by one side.
    – voters feel that it is not worth their while to educate themselves as to the issues and hence
    – their vote would not be worth making. This is related to the concept of rational ignorance.
    – voters have to vote for too many institutions (too often).

    If this is to happen, it will cost us the chances for voting for change.
    Time to wake up and do some soul searching before it is too late. We need to focus more on issues affecting the people not mere rhetoric. If this turn of tides happen, you will regret for the rest of your life.

  3. Penang MCA is upbeat with the 5000 strong crowds in it’s CNY open house celebration at han chiang. This style of competition for crowds has deprived the people the occasion for celebration and turn it into another occasion for stupid and dumb politicking. The Barisan Himpunan 1 Malaysia will not be spare as well, it is the time to showcase the political muscle. This year CNY celebration is really suck with all the politicking going on non-stop. Wonder is there anyone who is sensitive to the CNY celebration? Should we send delegates to handover protest memorandum to all the political parties in Malaysia urging them to be more sensitive to Chinese’s culture?

  4. How about this idea

    Ask recipients of kleptocratic UMNO-BN vote-buying to keep half the money and donate the other half to political parties that are working for true reform?
    This would really choke up the shameless vote-buyers, as they would be,in effect, transferring money to opposition parties!


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